10 Best Marketing Podcasts to Help You Grow Your Business

Marketing in today’s world is way more complex than it used to be. Every day there are new features introduced and as a marketer, it is your job to incorporate them into your organization. As the owner of a business or an organization you often undergo certain challenges, there are tons of deadlines to meet. Among the hustle and bustle, it becomes impossible to enhance your skillset and take on new ventures. There is a need to find a simple way to untangle the complexities in the marketing world.

This is exactly why podcasts are an incredible way to learn new skills. You can wear your earphones on the way to work, during lunch breaks or even during exercising. At work, there are plenty of tasks that do not require your undivided attention. Pop in those earplugs and hit play during these times. You are bound to absorb more information and enhance your skillset as well.

Benefits of using Podcasts for your business:

There are countless benefit of using podcast for growth of your business, some of which are listed below:

  • They are a great alternative to video. Watching a video would require you to give your undivided attention to the screen. Whereas, you can listen to a podcast while you perform another activity as well.
  • You can carry your podcast with you anywhere. They are the best way to learn especially if you travel a lot.
  • If you feel that reading is a better way of enhancing your skillset and knowledge – you are wrong. Listening is equivalent to reading and helps you absorb information is a similar way.
  • The greatest benefit that podcasts have for people in almost any field is that there is a huge variety available on the internet and in the market as well.

Below we have compiled for you ten of the best marketing podcasts that will help you grow your business in no time!

#1 – Marketing Over Coffee:

“Marketing Over Coffee” is one of the greatest podcasts to have been introduced for marketers. Hosted by John Wall and Christopher Penn, this podcast was shot at a coffee shop in Boston. The two have taken on a relaxed and informal tone in their podcasts.

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However, the content is highly knowledgeable and effective if applied to one’s own business. Perhaps the best thing about this 20-minute podcast is that they are welcome queries regarding the subject and answer the relevant one’s on-air!

#2 – TED Talks Daily 

Most of us are probably aware of what TED Talks are. However, did you know that TED Talks has its series of podcasts? Not only that, they are considered to be one of the best podcasts to have been introduced to marketers. Several renowned digital marketing service providers are taking help from the TED Talks Daily.

The series of podcasts are extremely informative and entertaining at the same time. Although they are not just specific to marketing – the podcasts exhibit the stories of the world’s greatest leaders. For those who are into podcasts, the TED Talks page would be a treat for them!

#3 – Success Made Simple 

As the name suggests, Dr. Dave Martin has indeed made success simpler. The podcasts offer interviews from top marketers and professionals from all over the world. These people share insights over how they became successful over time and are a great way to recognize your brand identity and develop a marketing strategy that will work.

#4 – CopyBlogger FM 

Are you looking for a podcast to help improve your content marketing strategy? If yes, then CopyBlogger FM is the perfect podcast for you to listen to. Sonia Simone along with her team of experts give insights into the most complex tools of marketing. They cover topics regarding email marketing, search engine optimization, copywriting and so much more!

#5 – The Smart Passive Income Podcast 

Hosted by the marketing guru, Pat Flynn – “The Smart Passive Income Podcast” is all that you need if you are a blogger. The award-winning podcast covers the tools and techniques that are required if you are earning an income through blogging.

The blogger is himself an entrepreneur and is committed to sharing his experience to help out those who are struggling. Every week, the podcasts have a new range of exciting pieces of information which are gold for you if you want to be a successful blogger.

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#6 – Social Media Marketing

The series of podcasts that come under “Social Media Marketing” is hosted by Micheal Stelzner. He invites people from different backgrounds to share their marketing experience with people. This podcast will help you understand global marketing trends and market your business in a better way.

#7 – Call to Action

This podcast is not hosted by an individual, the podcast is owned by a company – Unbounce which is one of the best digital marketing companies. The company is primarily responsible for creating and generating landing pages for different websites. Since they are already in the marketing business their opinion and say has great weight in the marketing community.

Additionally, they invite well-known guest speakers who are experts in the field of marketing. These experts give advice that could help improve the ROI of your business or start-up.

#8 – Perpetual Traffic 

Probably one of the most challenging aspects of digital marketing is generating leads and eventually boost sales. Listening to “Perpetual Traffic” can help you improve your brand recognition and enhance your social media presence. Perpetual Traffic unveils all the factors which would help boost your social media campaign and generate leads.

# 9 – Mad Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is extremely important to enhance your social media presence and generate traffic on your website. This is exactly what Marcus Sheridan covers in his podcasts – Mad Marketing. The host is all about helping the listeners understand the changing algorithms and all the new tips and tricks which could help their website be ranked higher on the SERPs.

# 10 – Duct Tape Marketing

This podcast is great for those who are new in the field of marketing. The host, John Jantsch is a great marketing influencer who has the experience and the expertise which you could benefit from, as a newbie. Moreover, he invites renowned marketing gurus to his podcasts which could help you establish your business in the greatest possible way.  

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