Guide to begin your entrepreneurial journey with on-demand services

Nowadays everything becomes mobile right from shopping, traveling, eating, etc as we step into the digital era and we can get anything at our doorsteps.

There are a lot of separate applications providing on-demand services that are available right at your fingertips which means we don’t have to wait for anything. 

On-demand applications are exclusively developed for delivering foods, groceries, and also for booking a taxi, laundry services, and so on which we order/book online. It helps in satisfying every individual’s needs in minimum time. 

If you are willing to be an entrepreneur, there is an option for you to develop on-demand applications to meet the demand and needs of the customers.

This post’s gonna help startup/entrepreneurs to begin their own on-demand journey with the complete guide of various types of on-demand services and some necessary steps to be involved while developing an on-demand application.  

What are the on-demand applications?

On-demand application is a platform that acts as an intermediary between service providers and customers.

It has the ability to fulfill all the customer needs and demands at one place via one app. The features, functionalities of the app are configured as per the target audience. 

On-demand services differ by categories and there are many types of services. Let me tell you in detail one by one, 

Most popular on-demand applications idea

The on-demand industry is all set for a shining future with many trending ideas includes, 

  • Food delivery
  • Taxi booking
  • Grocery delivery
  • Laundry services
  • Fitness & health
  • Alcohol delivery

On-demand application for fitness and health

In every human life, health and fitness play a vital role as it’s a good way. But in this competitive world, each and every individual hardly finds time to keep themselves fit by the way of physical exercise or by using any health equipment. 

Due to this reason, technology provides us with fitness apps to track and measure health. The fitness tracking apps have contributed to a large extent in people’s health and it also helps save time and also money. 

“The fitness app usage is growing at a faster rate of 87%”. 

Just tap the fitness app that meets your needs, install it, and start pumping. 

On-demand application for food delivery 

Here comes the trending business idea for startups, which is a Food delivery app.  

The need and demand are growing at a faster pace as most of the customers are looking for everything in a convenient way even in getting foods. To meet the expectations of the customers, the food delivery apps are becoming an instant gateway.

Hence, the growth of the food delivery app is increasing day by day with a huge profit in the market and expected to grow with an annual growth rate of USD 90.95 billion by 2023. 

For similar reasons, entrepreneurs are adapting themselves to the online food delivery platform that helps them to keep track of their target customers.  

All you need to do is download the food delivery apps, choose your selection, place an order, and make payment via card, or cash on delivery.

On-demand application for Grocery delivery

Have you ever thought of vegetables being delivered to you via one single tap on your mobile app? Here comes the reason for developing a grocery delivery app,  

The reason for launching the concept of the grocery delivery app is mainly for convenience. It transforms the way people shop in the past days and get delivered straight away to your place. 

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Some of the valuable reasons that satisfy the customer include speed, convenience, saves time, avoid impulsive shopping, easily manageable, hassle-free transactions, affordable and risk-free applications. 

Hence, the success of a grocery delivery application hinges on many factors with loads of innovation and provides a unique and enriching experience to the users.  

These reasons pushed startups to start their own profitable grocery delivery applications to satisfy the needs and requirements of their customers.

On-demand application for traveling 

The foremost choice of choosing your on-demand venture is mainly for traveling. In this digital era, technology has changed our way of traveling. Everything is possible from the palm of our hands. 

The taxi industry is gaining popularity beyond our expectations. Millions and millions of people are using on-demand services for traveling. The reason behind the growth is due to its flexible rates, features available, etc. 

The innovation in creating a taxi booking app becomes a blessing for both service providers and consumers. 

Starting a taxi booking business with an on-demand app provides surplus benefits. 

  • Attract a large customer base
  • One-time investment
  • Huge profit 
  • Satisfactory experience to users
  • Boosts rapid business growth 
  • Stay ahead in the curve

Hence, on-demand for traveling is the best startup idea for entrepreneurs. 

On-demand application for laundry services 

In today’s fast pacing scenario, on-demand laundry becomes a necessary thing as people don’t want to indulge in washing clothes by figuring precious time out of their busy schedules. It helps in saving their lot of time.

On-demand laundry app services have reached the success growth that meets the customer’s needs within a fixed time and cost. It becomes the extra bonus for the customers to get everything at their fingertips. 

According to Statista, laundry services will hit 7,660 million Dollars by 2020. Thus, it is a perfect time to meet the consumer’s needs and expectations to emerge as a unique solution in the on-demand laundry services.

Top players of on-demand applications

  • Uber 
  • Lyft 
  • Grab 
  • Instacart
  • Olacabs 
  • Cabify
  • Healthify 
  • Taxify 
  • Swiggy 

Why customers’ prior choice is on-demand applications?

The need for on-demand applications is growing and becomes an essential need for customers. But everyone has a doubt that why customers are mainly preferring on-demand applications. Let me clarify the reasons behind the success of on-demand applications,

  • Convenient
  • Reliability
  • Time savvy
  • Smooth browsing

But still what makes you wait? Using an on-demand app is very easy but developing and managing the app is very tedious. 

Just ready to build your own on-demand applications with the help of below steps, 

Steps to process the on-demand applications 

Step 1: Have a clear idea about your on-demand application

Step 2: Have proper knowledge about the current market scenario 

Step 3: Choose the right set of features

Step 4: Choose the right technology 

Step 5: Find the right set of a developer team

Step 1: Have a clear idea about your on-demand application

The first step in developing on-demand applications is to have a clear vision of your on-demand application that you are going to offer.

There are lots of on-demand applications like laundry apps, health and fitness apps, grocery applications, food delivery applications, and so on. So, be clear in your choice.

Step 2: Have proper knowledge about the current market scenario

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After getting the concept and idea, it’s time to understand the market scenarios. Analyzing markets and competitors is the key to success in on-demand industries.

Conducting market research means the process of collecting information and making an analysis regarding the product/service, also about existing competitors, past, present, potential customers who are using certain applications. 

Proper analysis of the market will help you assess the market to identify key players and gives you the way to stand ahead in the competitions.

This helps to achieve more customers,  gaining profit and as well helps you think more innovative than others. Let me explain to you in detail, 

Types of market research 

Market research can be done in the following ways. Listed below are the types of market research you can do to stand apart from the competitions,

  • Brand research
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Consumer insights
  • Satisfied customer research
  • Development of the applications
  • Usability testing of applications used by customers

Benefits of having a market research

  • Helps in gaining a better understanding of the target audience
  • Gain competitive advantages
  • It assists in identifying the threats and opportunities
  • Facilitates strategic planning and helps achieve your business goals
  • Helps to identify the emerging trends 
  • Makes you stand ahead from the competitions

Step 3: Choose the right set of features


The next step is the most prior one for any application that is selecting the right set of features. Features are the most vital part of on-demand applications. 

But Selecting the features for your on-demand applications is the trickiest part ever. Before choosing the set of features you must know the objectives and how it is useful to the customers.

It’s gonna define you in the market how unique you are.

Listing some of the features most useful for on-demand applications, 

  • Live tracking
  • Push notifications 
  • Social media integration 
  • Multi-payment options

Step 4: Choosing the right tech stack 

Technology is about creating innovation in all applications that provide better solutions and helps provide an improved experience to the customers.

Having the right tech stack will make a real difference and also provides numerous benefits.

Benefits of choosing the right tech stack for your on-demand applications 

  • Helps in faster and better coding 
  • Reduces development cost and time
  • Helps to fix the bugs easily 
  • Performance of the applications will be solid

Step 5: Choosing the right set of developers 

After choosing all the above steps, it’s time to hire the right developer to build your own on-demand applications.

There are many developers in the market to develop the on-demand applications but it’s your choice to think and select the right team wisely.

Take away 

I hope that now you have clear knowledge about on-demand services and developing your own on-demand applications.

Whether it may be ordering food, groceries, booking taxis, and so on, people are finding it more affordable, convenient, and easier too. 

By seeing the above guide and the reason behind the success of the on-demand applications, it is much clear that the on-demand industry gonna be the future. 

So its time for entrepreneurs to make your idea of starting your own on-demand business into reality and march a step forward to stay ahead in this competitive on-demand industry.

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