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10 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing That Delivers Double ROI

10 Tips for Successful Social Media Marketing That Delivers Double ROI

With the increasing digital space and growing online competition, both small businesses and established brands are making use of social media to enhance their following, generate a higher number of leads, and subsequently drive sales. There are a number of social media platforms where you can connect with people and enhance your business organically.

Whether you have been on social media for a number of years or have just started a new venture, there are always new social media strategies that can be tried out to improve your ROI. The following are some social media tips in 2020 to help you get started and boost your ROI:

  • Define Your Goals

Setting your goals is a smart business practice, and the same goes for social media marketing. The SMART goal setting strategy can be used for creating a foundation for effective social media marketing:

  • Specific: The goals should nail down the exact figures or outcome that is expected out of a campaign.
  • Measurable: You should be able to measure the goal so that you know what are your weak areas.
  • Attainable: It is good to set a high goal; however, the goals should be achievable within the time period defined.
  • Relevant: The goal of social media marketing should be relevant to the overall marketing goal of your business.
  • Timely: The goals also need to be time defined. A large project can be broken down into small mini-goals to keep a check.
  • Identify Your Audience

The content that you create and the efforts that you put towards social media marketing would not yield results if you do not have a defined target audience. Ensure that you develop a suitable buyer persona for your social media marketing campaign. To get an insight into your audience, the first step is to review happy clients and find out their details such as industry, demography, etc. 

The second step involves finding out the pain points of the user and developing your social media strategy around it. Lastly, you can talk to your customer support team and find what interests the users the most.

  • Choose the Best Social Media Platforms
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With a large number of social media platforms, it might become difficult to manage these different platforms, and if you’re not getting enough output from a particular platform, then it’s not a good idea to channelize your social media marketing efforts in that direction. 

For example, if you’re into a photography business, Instagram would yield better results for you that other social media giants. It is best to choose one or two platforms to invest initially and then move onto others.

  • Hire a Qualified Social Media Manager

In case you do not have time to delve into the details of social media marketing or if you want expert help, you can hire a social media manager for your business. Ensure that the person that you hire can think strategically and concentrate on both short- and long-term goals. The manager should be able to layout an effective strategy to approach social media and gain more customers for your business.

  • Update on a Consistent Basis

One of the best social media marketing tips for a small business is to update the social media profile on a continuous basis. This includes sharing relevant content while keeping the target audience in mind as well as sharing articles written by others that are relevant to your industry. Keep a check on what the target audience and competitors are talking about and accordingly keep on updating on a regular basis.

  • Pursue Influencers

According to a study, around 50% of online buyers seek reviews from influencers before buying a product. This is because influencers have established credibility and their recommendations matter to the users. Find out the experts in your industry or area and approach them to promote your products and services in your social media profile. This will help you in gaining more customers and ultimately increasing the ROI.

  • Work on Growing Your Audience

The strategy followed by your business for social media marketing should focus on increasing the number of followers across different social media platforms that are relevant to your product or service. This can be done by ensuring that your current customers follow your social media profile. A good way to increase followers is by conducting contests. You can also run paid campaigns to increase the volume of your buyers.

  • Engage Your Target Audience
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To successfully conduct social media marketing, businesses need to find new ways to increase engagement and increase their following. You should respond immediately once a customer posts a question or query to your social media profile. This will increase the trust of your followers in your business. One can also include links to the business website, blogs or any call to action (CTA). 

  • Evaluate Your Results

Measuring the results of your social media marketing campaign is one of the most basic social media marketing tips in 2020. You should evaluate the results on a regular basis to find out where you stand and which of your social media marketing strategies are paying off the most. 

This will not only help you in finding out the best strategies of social media marketing for your business but it will also help in reducing investment in strategies that are not generating results. This will give a big boost to your ROI.

  • Join Forums and Communities

With a rise in large social networks, small communities and forums are gaining importance. These communities and forums provide a number of opportunities to connect with like-minded people and businesses within your niche and engage with them. This way, you can add more followers to your social media profile and increase the ROI.


Social media marketing comes with a number of challenges for businesses, especially the new ones. The above 10 points are the best social media marketing tips in 2020 that will help you garner a higher number of followers and boost your ROI.

Author Bio: Shreoshe has been writing professionally for more than three years. She has experience in guest posting service and enjoys learning new technologies. She’s also a movie buff and an amazing cook. She plans to start an animal shelter someday to work for the welfare of street animals.

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