9 Social Media Marketing Platforms That Can Help You Sky Rocket Your Business in 2021

Nowadays, a huge number of people are spending their time on social media. Well, it is not an exaggeration in today’s trend. Social media has now become an essential part of everyone’s life and daily routine. For once, they can forget to have their brunch, lunch, and dinner but will not forget to use social media. People get very addicted to it that they even brush their teeth only after checking their social media feeds.

As it is becoming the most attention-seeking in customers life; the businessman and marketers are taking advantage of this thing. They are targeting relevant audiences by showcasing their products or services on social media. The content is uploading in a huge amount on social media, and in today’s scenario, the competition is quite tough. So, it is now becoming a challenging task to stand out among the competitors. It is only possible when you have some unique and user-friendly content and marketing strategy. To be in the race, you have to be updated at every point in time. Check out the new and latest Google and social media trends to make a new strategy to target the relevant audience. This post contains nine unique and emerging social media platforms where you can stand out from the crowd and do marketing to gain relevant and targeted traffic.

Let’s have a look.

  • Caffeine

It is a platform build by the ex-apple designer. This social media platform allows you to create a live broadcast with your friends and followers. The broadcast is shown in your feed, and you can react by posting various comments and emoji reactions. Apart from the live video broadcast, you can also stream your computer or TV screen to play video games. Businessmen and marketers are using this app to display their brand image by applying various strategies such as; polls, question and answers with people, likes and dislikes of audiences, live videos, etc. If you want to promote an industry like news, entertainment, gaming, or sports, you have the biggest perk of this platform to gain a lot of traffic from a relevant audience. Live streaming can help your brand or company to introduce yourself to the people in the world. It is a new platform, and there are no strict norms related to content. So, you can gather the traffic smoothly.

  • Lasso

This social media platform was launched in 2018 by Facebook. It is similar to Tik Tok. You can use this platform to make short videos with unique and attractive filters and choral overlays. Many people find this platform promising, as it was owned by Facebook. The app consists of various perks such as user base, technology, resources, and finance. The user base of the Lasso is small – the younger audiences and teenagers. The demographics of this app are not specified yet.

Significant brands and companies use this app to target the younger generation. They are publishing thrilling content on the platforms to gather the gen-z or millennials. It is a platform where the younger generation can find visuals and creative fields like publishing, entertainment, fashion, glamour, etc.

  • Houseparty

It is a group-video messaging app that allows eight users at a time. People can also play in-app games with each other in this app. It is especially for the people who are not at one place because of their jobs or other responsibilities. No matter where you are, you can easily connect with your group to remove the social distancing gap. To make it more fun, you can use video filters, stickers, emoticons, and other effects in a live session.

Marketers or companies can have a marketing event or session in a creative way on the particular niche with their targeting audience. They can have a questionnaire and tell them how to use their product effectively. It is a great app for marketing events with influencers, especially when the whole world was shut. There’s also ad space available for the marketers that they can use to promote their product or service in a better manner.

  • Steemit

It is a platform similar to Reddit. It has cryptocurrency instead of upvotes. It is a new social media site with more than 1.2 million users. This app is for people with an age group of 25-34. It gives you a ‘steem’ coin if your post goes well on the platform. You can engage with the post by sharing and commenting on them. This platform is for the users who aim to earn, use or sell the steem coin. This app has an interface that includes a sidebar that displays cryptocurrency live session about the value is increasing or decreasing like bitcoin. In a very short time, this app claims over more than one million users and gain more than fifty thousand active users. It is a leading platform in the world of cryptocurrency. Steemit is a good example of how cryptocurrency and social media can create an alliance in the future. This app encourages people to stay on the particular watchlist in a very creative way. As it is new and unique, this is why marketers are not investing time and money in a very huge amount. It is the only flaw of the app, and it relies on a steady and stable cryptocurrency market to succeed.

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This platform is an exceptional marketing tool for companies that can sell products or services in the cryptocurrency exchange. If the cryptocurrency gains several selections and gets a sense of understanding from the audience, it could be a rising opportunity for the people using it.

  • Twitch

It is a top live streaming gaming social media platform. It was developed in April 2020. You can play games with your friends and followers. Also, you can create a live video broadcast with your computer or TV screen to play video games. It was the source of attraction because of the pandemic. COIVD-19 has ignited the gaming industry in the whole world, Twitch was at the top among the competitors, and that’s why they gain a relevant audience. The base users of Twitch were mostly male, millennials, or the younger generation. Businessmen and marketers are using this app to increase their brand or company image with diverse approaches. They can create polls, questions, and answers, live videos with the audiences to know their likes and dislikes. If you want to promote an industry like media, fashion, or glamour, you have the biggest perk of this platform to gain a lot of traffic from a relevant audience. It can help your brand or company to introduce yourself all over the world. It is a new platform, and there are ample opportunities to grow among the competitors.

  • Goodreads

This social media platform is gaining in popularity. This social media marketing platform has gained the loyalty and faith of the audiences. The base users are those who love to read books. One can rate books, read reviews of other people, and receive recommendations from like-minded people. No matter where you are, you can form an online community with people all over the globe. You can read books, innovate your ideas, also discuss your favorite novels. You can get exciting information about the new releases. It is a trustworthy platform where you can promote your books, and you don’t have to rely on any publisher or author.

Marketers can gain traffic among the people. They can also advertise their e-books to increase their content marketing approach. No matter what the niche is of the business or company, the relevant audience will automatically get attracted to your brand. Marketers can create their group of book suggestions, surveys, polls, blogs, and discussions. In this way, they can know about the taste of the targeted audiences.

  • Vero

It is the social media marketing platform for the users who loves to share content and media regarding the current affair or latest news. If you are a creative writer and have the skills to make the world engage with your post, then vero is for you. One can find the same interest in people who share the content and media with followers. Also, one can gain new and innovative ideas as well. It comes under the category of ad-free social media platforms, but organic marketing has a huge place here. For marketers and businessmen, this is the platform where they can focus on giving a natural and ad-free experience to the public. There is no algorithm or frustrating popups.

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If you are having your online business, no matter what you do, or why you do, the only thing that vero is all about- no ads, no algorithms, no limits, no data mining, no chronological feeds, etc. Marketers have to keep their customers happy and satisfied. You also have to address the complaints of your customers. Every decision, tweak, new feature, any change in design or interface will increase your traffic.

  • Nextdoor

It is a service for the neighborhoods where the locals can have their tea and gossip with each other. It is the social media platform for hyper-local engagement. The main benefit of nextdoor is they can tag or mention their business or brand on posts. They can enhance their products or services by having a good time with lovely people.

Say, if you are running a cafe or restaurant, you can share your popular menu among a group of people. You can cordially invite them to have it with their loved ones. Whatever business you are owning, you can easily promote it and tag it on the posts. It will give you a relevant and trustworthy audience without any extra effort. You can also comment or send a personal message to share your reviews.

  • Medium

Medium is a kind of microblogging platform. You can add new articles and post them daily to share your views and earn money. People who are earning high salaries from this platform are college grads. Anyone who loves writing can share your views with a broad audience.

Marketers and other brands can use this platform for sponsored content. They can publish articles or blogs related to their niche and can build a backlink profile.

Apart from these, there are other social media platforms also such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc which can help you increase the growth of the brand. All you have to do is use the above social media platform to target your relevant audience. Mark my words that social media is the only platform where you have to work smart not hard. If you want to get the ball in your court, then use these platforms to market your brand and get unlimited traffic on your website. No matter what the product or service is. You have to present yourself smartly to the audience and gain the traffic to convert it into leads.

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Darwin Brown is an active social media marketer and is very good at capturing leads for his client. The client that he is dealing with is Instant Assignment Help Australia.

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