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10 Top Real Estate Applications that Really Work in 2021

Real estate marketing/advertising is now on the rise, and as you know, marketing is meaningless without suitable tools.

Fortunately, there are countless useful applications in the market that can simplify tasks for both realtors and customers.

Whether you’re a business owner or a person looking for condos in your city, you need to use these applications. That’s why we tried to gather a list of top real estate apps that can really help you in 2021.


When it comes to real estate, Zillow is by far the best-known app. It is a pioneer in the online estimation of home value. It provides you with the most accurate estimated home values history of sale prices.

It is virtually useful for any type of home in the United States. If you own a home, you can easily create a free account on this site to track changes in the estimated value of your home over time. If you decide to move, it’s best for insights into a potential price for selling your home.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a suitable home to buy, Zillow is a must. You can either bookmark the website or download its application to your smartphone to use its features.

The Zillow app provides you with home prices in different locations and also suitable filters for choosing the best options.


Redfin is a real estate brokerage company. They’ve created an application at a national scale in order to revolutionize the purchasing and selling processes in real estate.

The app is one of the best options for home purchases because it provides a service with a combination of smart technologies and real estate agents and other RedFin employees to support you in both ways.

One of the best features of the application is the ability to draw a radius on the map to customize your searching region.

Another advantage of using this is also the accurate estimation of home values. The reason is much of its data is driven by realtor listings.

Additionally, with the application, you can customize and calculate mortgages, property taxes, and insurance rates.

Redfin’s interface is really simple and easy to use. If you’re looking for a user-friend real estate app, you can’t find a better option.


Realvolve can be considered the standard CRM software for real estate businesses. It’s more than just a tool. It is a perfect platform for agents who like to grow their teams and embark on their real estate careers.

It was founded in 2011 by a broker in Colorado. Since then, Realvolve has become one of the fastest-growing companies in the country.

You just need to open the app to see why. This application offers almost all the features a real estate agent needs for automation and workflow in CRM.

To create applicable workflows for managing new contacts, Realvolve has gained information from the most successful real estate experts in the country.

Using this tool, you can easily manage text and email communications, calendars and events, files, and folders. The visual dashboard of the software makes it easy for you to manage your priorities and upcoming loads.

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Propertybase is another CRM software suitable for real estate agents. Managing drip campaigns, easy-to-use text messaging, a user-friend mobile app, call logging, detailed pipelines, a dialer, and many other features are all offered by this customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

This is a must for all real estate agents and brokerage if they want to get ahead of the competition, especially in the aftermath of the global pandemic.

Propertybase also has a unique and powerful website builder site that helps real estate marketers in digital marketing.

LoopNet is another useful real estate app. It covers commercial properties, so it is best for entrepreneurs. This is very helpful for investors because they don’t need to sort and filter among homes and individual condos for sale and rent.

It provides users with in-depth insights into the properties using photos, video clips, neighborhood statistics, street views, investment highlights by the broker, and also other property facts.

It also lets you define alerts to tell you when there are any updates on your favorite properties.

You can search 12 different property types, including retail, office, restaurant, healthcare, and multifamily buildings. There are useful filters such as price, year built, size, and capitalization rate. is one of the most famous sites and apps in the world of real estate, founded in 1996. Real estate agents can easily and freely update their listings each day. So it is one of the best apps for rentals because people are willing to check data every day. When human agents update their listings each day, landlords can find prospective tenants faster, which is a great benefit for them.

Users can easily search rentals in a certain area with a single click. It also shows users the last update for each listing.

This app shows lots of insights into the properties, even the noise assessment for the area. Using high-quality pictures and video tours, the owner can highlight the best features of their home and give a realistic view to prospective tenants. This gives tenants a good feel before they even walk in the door.


If you want a perfect app for home values, Trulia is an unrivaled tool. It offers more information about anything related to a home value than any other applications.

50% of home values on Trulia are usually within 5% of the final selling price, which is a great record for a tool. It’s also good to know that more than 80% of home values on this app were within 20% of the final selling price.

Another feature the Trulia app offers is local info like neighborhoods, shops, and schools. You can easily get notifications that tell you about new homes added to the market according to your customized criteria. This platform also provides pre-qualified financing and calculator features to help beginners.

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One of the most fantastic features of the app is that its demographics show you the number of single people or even graduated people from college living around your selected area. 


Today’s marketing industry requires nearly instant reaction to prospects’ online inquiries. Fortunately, there is a useful app for every need out there. Chatbots, for example, can be of great use to instant response to audiences’ inquiries. 

Freshchat is one of the most useful chatbots for your real estate website. Freshchat offers Live chat as one of the best lead generation options. As you might know, Live chat is the most transparent way to engage with audiences and convert them into loyal customers.


Homesnap is another famous app that is useful for both home buyers and real estate agents.

Its search feature is MLS-powered like most real estate apps. However, Homesnap offers several messaging and sharing options that make the process of home buying much simpler.

This app provides you with real-time updates on MLS, and subsequently, quick access to new and updated listings. This feature is really important in big home-buying markets such as Denver and Portland because the competition is so fierce.


Xome is a bit different real estate app because it offers access to auctions in the real estate industry, apart from search options similar to many other real estate tools.

Some of these auctions are from the MLS, but others are exclusive to this application. The “Homes Only” section on this app provides you with options to nab a deal on listings such as bank-owned, foreclosed, and short-sale.

This feature is a great option to choose a property before it hits the market at lower rates. As you know, the lower price paid is equal to the higher profit when you sell the property. So Xome is great for real estate investing.


Last but not least, we have to mention CINC as one of the real real estate applications you need to use in 2021.

CINC can track your leads and get them on your phone. It can also analyze them and then connect them to your smartphone without needing any email or text messaging. It can save you a ton of time and increase your conversion rate. So if you’re a real estate agent who wants to manage leads, CINC is a must-use application.


Using real estate apps can greatly reduce the time and energy you need to consume to find a suitable option. Try to study all the features of these apps to be able to make the most out of them. Of course, none of these tools are complete, and you have to use several of them to cover all your requirements.


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