11 Best Online Logo Making Tools

The logo is regarded as a recognition for the Brand of your business. You will discover a lot of logo making tools and sites available online which assists you to generate and edit professional-looking logo online. I will discuss the 11 best online logo making tools in this Post.

1. VistaCretae


Today creating company logos should not require hiring a professional designer or studying tons of educational resources. The logo maker by VistaCreate gets to the very essence of this idea giving everyone access to the no-brainer user experience of building studio-level designs in clicks.

There are numerous ready-made logo templates for businesses, such as music, sports, clothing, fashion, and many more. All of them come in different shapes, color schemes, typography, and overall design solutions. You can add stickers, icons, images, and tons of other objects to brand your company logo in seconds. Resize, change shapes, and save your logo design on a desktop or in a preferable iOS or Android app.

#2. DesignImo

DesignImo is one of the best and intuitive logo maker tools available on the market. You can make an amazing and professional looking logo in just a few steps. You can design your own logo by utilizing multiple colors and texts. It does have more than five thousand professional designs. You can simply select any of them as per your choice and customize it as per your requirements. Simply make your own logo and download it for free. I also utilize it for making professional-looking logos.

#3. Wix Logo Maker

Wix is one of the popular website developing platform. But it does have a free logo maker online that assists you to create awesome logos in just a few steps as well. You can generate your own logo and customize or edit it. You can change the font size, colors, and text as per your requirements. You will also have full commercial rights to use.

#4. LogoMaker

LogoMaker gives you more than 10 thousand free logo designs. They have multiple options for every business category, agriculture, including finance, entertainment, education, media, sport, food, fashion, shopping, travel, music, wellness, and a lot more others. Select the option that compliments your business best and edits it as you desire.

LogoMaker is well-known for its simplicity. Its logo name maker works on various kinds of devices, including MAC, PC, smartphones, tablets and so that you can design your free logo at any time.

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#5. LogoGarden

LogoGarden is another fantastic online tool to create stunning looking logos in just a few minutes. You do not require any expertise to make a professional-looking logo. LogoGarden’s comprehensive and easy to manage logo designing tool assists you to make a logo for your brand with just a few steps. Simply type your company name and they will display you many logos for you. Select any of them that best suits your brand recognition.

#6. LogoWizPro

LogoWizPro is really a free logo maker online tool and has an easy-to-use interface. It allows you to design your own logo for free and offers multiple categories with thousands of logo templates. You just need to sign up to access your dashboard. Choose the logo design according to your niche, type in your company name and its slogan. You can change the font and color as per your desire and save it into the “My Logos” folder where you can download it from.

#7. Designmantic

This is one of the oldest and famous online logo creating websites. Simply enter the name of your company into the logo maker and choose your industry from the given list. Click “Show My Designs” to get a lot of free logo design themes. Select one from the list of symbols and now you are all set to customize your logo. Utilizing their design studio, you can customize your company logo with colors, tagline, additional text or shapes. You can even change the position of the shape and text as you need and click “Continue” to log in for check out and download. It is as easy as that!

#8. Graphicsprings

Graphicsprings is a free logo generator to make a professional logo design in just a few steps. Whether you are a graphic designer or have never utilized a logo maker before you will love the logo design you are going to create with this tool. Check out this free logo creator now and know why they are the #1 logo solution particularly developed for small business owners and entrepreneurs. To get started, just type your company name and tagline.

 #9. Canva

Canva is also one of the popular websites for webmasters to generate and edit logos online. Select from many of logo templates to make your ideal logo with Canvas awesomely easy design tool. It predefined online design tools and templates, like font combination and color palettes tools, are all free to utilize! Additionally, there are a lot of free graphics and images from our amazing media library. Even paid images are a steal at only $1 per one-time utilization.

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You can create or edit your logo wherever inspiration strikes by adding Canva to your iPad, iPhone or Android devices. The applications are free to download from the App Store and Google Play.

#10. Adobe Logo Maker

Adobe spark is a famous Brand for developers and designers. It is another great tool design for making commercial looking logos in just a few steps. With this powerful tool, you can design your own logo easily to transfer the personality of your organization and immediately place that logo on your website and in advertising or email.

When you utilize the logo maker of Adobe Spark, you can easily transform your own uploaded image into an attractive new format or browse for an entirely different design concept. Its inspiration gallery gives a free portfolio of professionally crafted templates to select from, so you are bound to discover something that expresses the ideal meaning of your firm, group, team or project.

#11. TailorBrands

Tailor Brands assists you to make the ideal logo for your business in seconds! It is the best in a class of online logo makers trusted by more than one million brands. Unlike, other logo generators that utilize pre-made logo themes our platform is powered by AI to craft a logo that’s ideally yours.

You can change the color, fonts, text to have an ultimate design that’s just right. You also have full usage and commercial rights for any logo crafted.

#12. Ucaft

This is another brilliant tool to make a logo for your brand or website easily. It is easy-to-use and lets you have complete customization to get the logo you desire. The tool is free to utilize. Browse unlimited multiple logo designs, edit and save as many as you like. Choose a design you love and start editing it. In a few steps, you will make a logo you will adore.


The logo is very crucial for any business. The first thing that comes to consumers’ minds about your brand is its logo. They are some of the top logo making tools that assist you to generate an awesome and commercial looking logos in just a few steps. I hope you will discover these websites assist to design your own logo.

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