Is Subaru WRX Reliable?

At A Glance

The WRX Series has caused a stir of excitement among car enthusiasts, Subaru owners, and potential Subaru car buyers.

Subaru has mentioned that the WRX will be the highest-performance WRX sold in the market. This car model comes with a turbocharged 2.0-liter flat-four engine that provides a 268 horsepower and 258 lb-ft of torque.

How Reliable Is the Subaru WRX?

We can establish the level of reliability of Subaru’s WRX by looking at each vital aspect closely.


Here’s a rundown on the WRX’s sporty exterior. By far, the exterior is the best characteristic of the car. The WRX embodies a sporty look that artfully blends with elegance. The enlarged tail mufflers of the WRX’s Rear Diffuser and Twin Dual Tail Muffler hint at the sporty performance within.

The redesigned LED fog lamps accent the wide and low stance of the WRX’s aggressive front look.

Subaru WRX


As for the WRX’s interior, it features a mix of quality materials. The leather seats provide lumbar support to avoid back fatigue in long drives.

Simple controls laid out in a way that helps the driver to maintain focus on the road. These include keyless access to start the car without the hassle of starting your engine up with a key. You can just press the button to start the engine, and when exiting the vehicle, the design allows you to key in the 5-digit PIN to unlock the doors.


The seats are designed to give lumbar support and are comfortable to use. The back seat is roomy with decent legroom.

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Climate Control System

WRX’s dual-zone automatic climate control system is standardized. The black leather interior heats up like an oven during colder seasons. While the air conditioning cool’s the car cabin with ease during the summer. This climate control system is operated using only three knobs on the WRX’s dashboard.

Infotainment System and Storage

The 2019 WRX now comes with a more intuitive infotainment system. The new features of the 2019 edition have a built-in Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. The system also includes a near-field communication capability with Bluetooth pairing.

The WRX’s trunk is designed to handle the needs of a group or a family.

Visibility and Safety

EyeSight Technology is the WRX’s edge from within. The car enables blind-spot monitoring with the said system and makes use of a reversing camera that allows the driver to see any danger. The system also notifies the driver on any form of potential collision perceived by the technology and has an option to activate an SOS Emergency Assistance should anything occur. These safety features already give us an idea of how reliable the WRX is.

Engine/Transmission and Fuel Economy

The compact Subaru WRX for sale Perth has a powerful engine that comes with the standard all-wheel-drive. It offers a lot of driver assistance features. WRX is powered by a 268-horsepower, turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine.

The Environmental Protection Agency provides the 2019 WRX, a 27 highway, 21 mpg city, 23 combined ratings.

How Car Maintenance Prevent Your Subaru from Having Problems?

New cars can be tempting to ignore any type of maintenance and wait until something goes wrong with our car. When that happens, we usually spend more than our budget could cover. We can avoid these scenarios when we start doing preventive maintenance. When you wait until something wrong happens to your car, repairing those damages can get more expensive than when you take the initiative to do the necessary checks and changes.

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The car maintenance that prevents your Subaru from encountering problems and helps you save thousands worth of maintenance costs are the basics. These basics include checking your tire pressure, schedule regular inspections, and changing your oil.

Final Thoughts On How Reliable The Subaru WRX Is

All in all, the Subaru WRX provides comfort and convenience for your family. It gives a seamless and unique car experience, ensuring overall safety which your family can entirely rely on.

Find more information about the Subaru WRX or visit us on our City Subaru website.

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