4 Moroccan Chicken Dishes to Try in the Your Next African Vacation

If you are heading Morocco on your fam-jam vacation or business trip, then never miss to thrill your taste buds with the country’s amazing cultural food scene.  We are dead sure that at every Morocco tourist attraction, you will find a different taste, aroma and flavor.

The succulent Moroccan cuisine proudly exudes the tastiest combination of Arabic, Jewish, Berber, Sub-Saharan and Roman influences. So if you are an exciting combo of “a Wanderlust plus a crazy foodie” then never ever devoid your taste buds with ecstatic Moroccan culinary

Another most striking fact of Moroccan food scene is that it varies from region to region. It means that every Moroccan city has its own specialty to offer-Pastila in Fes, Medfloun in the Sahara region, sardines in Coast

So it’s advisable to thoroughly browse the Moroccan regional specialties prior to satiating your hunger after a daylong rambling in the country. If you were busy in travel preparation and couldn’t find an enough scroll time, then rush into any of your nearby regional food code and pick up the Cookbook or restaurant’s menu card to pick any of the Moroccan specialty that looks mouth-watering to you.

If you still vacillate on which dish to try your hands on, then we really recommend you to taste some Moroccan special Chicken dishes. You will surely be surprised when you discover many different ways/forms in which chicken is prepared

Best 4 Must Try Chicken Dishes of Morocco

Here are the four succulent Chicken dishes of Morocco with splendid country’s flavor.

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Moroccan Chicken Coucous

This is the lip-smacking Moroccan dish that is prepared in many Moroccan homes on special gatherings and family occasions.  It is widely prepared with chicken, lamb or beef. If you are a Chicken lover, then you must never miss the Coucous with Chicken flavor.

It is also abundantly prepared in Moroccan’s city of Casablanca with a peculiar taste.  Another most popular Coucous form is with the assortment of seven tasty vegetables or with the garnish of caramelized onion and raisin

Moroccan Chicken Pie

This famous Moroccan dish is the tastiest combo of Saffron flavored chicken, an omelet in filled with onion-herb sauce and sweetened fried almonds. All these extremely delicious ingredients are then baked to give a final Pie or pastry like shape.  You can also find this dish with the name of Chicken Bastilla. This pastry is further flavored Cinnamon and powdered sugar, that are garnished on the pastry.

Chicken stewed with Olives and Lemons

It is a simple and easy to made Moroccan dish with two main ingredients such as lemon and olives. Interestingly it is prepared in many different ways stewed/cooked in conventional pot, in a ceramic tagine or roasted in the oven.

It is made further tastier with the onion sauce prepared separately to add in it. In offices or workplaces the roasted chicken is mostly preferred on other forms.


If you are sweet tooth and a crazy chicken lover  like two in one, then go grab this unusual sweet-savory Moroccan delish to amaze your taste buds. It is as unusually amazing in taste as its unusual name.

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Seffa means broken Vermicelli noodles and Medfouna refers to none other than chicken, which is stewed, savory, and flavored with saffron and sauce. The tender vermicelli are topped with cooked chicken to give it a Moroccan pasta like form.

Taste anyone or have all these, the choice is yours.

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