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5 Catchy Logo Designing Tips that every Designer should know!

How you design a logo says a lot about your brand, a logo design is a gateway to your organization. You cannot let a lousy logo determine your brand reputation. Business firms often take logo designing carelessly and do not invest much in them. First of all, do not depend on the standard templates if you can afford to create a logo from scratch. Your organization’s logo is not just another pictorial form that promotes your business. You promote your business through various other ways, such as social media pages, business cards, brochures, and much more marketing material.

All these promotional materials are essential to take your business to the new height of success. However, all of these materials will only identify the business goals when your logo is eye-catching and would stand out. There is no denying to the fact; a logo has a tremendous impact on our buying behavior. If it is attractive, it compels us to think if the logo is so enticing how unique the product would be. It’s human nature and comes in pretty naturally.

While designing a logo, you have to at your toes literally, one wrong move, and your logo would give an entirely different meaning to your brand. Do not risk it; there is a comprehensive thought process that is behind the logo designing. Your organization’s logo design should subtly explain what your business is and how it will help your customer.

Following are a few things that you MUST consider while designing a logo. A little shift from these things can put your brand image in jeopardy, and you do not want that, right?

1.    The face of your organization

As I have said above, your logo is your organization’s face; you may not realize it much but your logo tells a lot about your brand. You do not want a messy and crummy logo to ruin your brand image. As a consumer, we tend to picture a specific brand relevant to your connection and experience with the organization. Whenever you come across a brand logo you have had an interaction with; you cannot help but recall all the dealings you have had with a particular brand.

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2.    Helps in decision making

The logo helps a regular customer make a decision about a brand’s products and services; just a mere glance at the logo decides the brand’s future. Logo design is interlinked with the previous experience a customer has had with the brand along with the visual itself. If the logo coordinates with your perception about the company type, it can further impact your decision-making and your expectations from the brand.

3.    Immediate brand recognition

Sometimes words do not suffice while explaining the brand’s purpose, an image is essential. Apart from it, you cannot expect a customer to memorize everything written on your logo or image copy. Make the logo attractive enough that it forces and lures the customer into giving them another look. It is pretty actual and real saying, “a picture is worth 1000 words”. You do not need to add up long details about your product; a clear and direct image is sufficient. However, you must ensure the brand’s visual identity is one of its kind and can easily be identified even from afar.

4.    Sets your brand apart

You do not want your brand to lie in the same line as the other brands, right? If your brand logo stands out in the market, it will automatically attract massive attention and getting good attention is every brand’s goal, right? This is what a creative and enticing brand logo does. Remember, you do not want to put off your customers with a tacky logo, your aim should be to pull the customers towards your brand, and the right logo does just that.

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Your logo is directly linked with the business and other products and services are. There are countless organizations out in the market offering the same products and services you are offering, but why should your customer choose you? What sets your brand apart from the other brands entirely depends on your brand and your logo. With the logo design, you can create an everlasting impression on your customers; you do not want to mess that up.

5.    Budgeting is important

Before you get on the job of designing a logo, make sure you have set a budget for yourself. Brands dedicate a specific budget for all the marketing purposes; know about your share in it. If you are quite tight on budget, you can rely on the regular templates, and with a little tweak, you can create your own. However, if you have a bigger budget, you can design from A to Z while keeping all the above tips in mind.


Logo designing is a critical aspect of creating brand identity and brand image. A wrong logo can take your brand down the hill; therefore, you have to be pretty careful while designing the logo. The key to having a perfect logo design is to find a moderate fusion of both the cliché and out of box designs and you are good to go!

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