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7 Reasons Why Future of Digital Marketing in India is Very Bright

With a country as densely populated as India, opportunities are generated for each person every minute. One such field where possibilities are endless & opportunities are vast is digital marketing! The future of digital marketing & its scope can be seen getting brighter in the coming years. In metropolitan cities like Mumbai, digital marketing agencies are growing at a fast pace.

To emphasize on how digital marketing has become a huge part of our lives, let us take our mobile phones for example. Mobile phones have become a basic need for everyone. When it comes to the older generation like our parents, mobile phones have become an integral part of their lives too. We come across many online advertisements on our phone & that is how we become its consumers.

Businesses have recognized the power of digital marketing & are reaching out to digital marketing agencies for curating digital content. The rise in the number of internet users in India can create fascinating business opportunities.

Here is a list of top 7 reasons why the future of digital marketing in India is very bright:

  1. Development in traditional marketing techniques

Initially, traditional marketing techniques were limited to door-to-door sales and word-of-mouth publicity. The physical manpower used for these techniques is quite high which as a result increases the expenditures. The trend of digital marketing took off a few years ago as its highlight of customer convenience. With everything available at the tip of their fingers, customers now prefer internet sales over traditional ones.

  1. The government’s back up through ‘Digital India
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With the vision to transform the nation into a digitally empowered society, the Government of India launched the ‘Digital India’ program. This has created job opportunities in digital marketing agencies not only in metro cities like Mumbai but also in small towns of the country.

  1. Increase in the number of internet users

Take a look around. 70% of people are hooked to their phones or other technological devices. Nowadays, all kinds of communication take place over the internet. The nation predicts a rise in dependency on the internet with every passing year.

  1. The ability to reach global markets

This is one of the major reasons why even small-scale businesses are going digital. With digitization, it is easier to reach the audience no matter where in the world at a low cost. Digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are the common modes used to achieve this. No matter the country in which a digital marketing agency is located, it can easily communicate to its target audience in other countries. This has increased the scope of digital marketing in India drastically.

  1. Growth of specialized digital marketing courses

Focusing on a practical approach towards digital marketing, there has been a significant increase in institutions for this segment. Institutes now provide certified programs in digital marketing. Digital marketing agencies also have their own academies where students are trained for the practical application of digital marketing.

  1. Affordable marketing practice

Compared to traditional marketing practices, digital marketing is one of the most affordable media platforms for promotions. The medium provides a higher reach at a lower price. Not surprisingly, Indian brands are shifting to this medium gradually. Proper, distributed investment in digital marketing activities can yield great results The medium is a boon for start-ups that do not have high investing power for commercials & print media.

  1. Higher online engagement rate
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Today’s audience is a heavy consumer of online content on social media ONMA. Refreshing & quality content gets instant engagement that helps the brand to grow at a fast pace. Brands get to interact with the audience directly & get responses from them first-hand.

Digital marketing is evidently the future of advertising & promotion with great scope in the future. This is only the budding stage of the segment in India with wider opportunities & possibilities in the years to come. If you are still thinking about giving digital marketing a shot, it is indeed the perfect time to start now!

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