5 Common Myths About Women’s Hair

Hair is often an important part of a woman’s identity. It can shape females’ self-perception and confidence, and a new hairstyle can even make them feel empowered. Yet, many misconceptions are circulating about female hair, from the development of grays to hair thinning, which may shape people’s routine or self-esteem. Here are five common myths about women’s hair.

Myth #1: Stress Can Cause Gray Hairs

Contrary to popular belief, stress cannot cause gray hairs. As everyone’s hair will experience a rest period, which is when the follicles stop growing, higher stress levels can move the growth phase ahead and result in an unusual amount of hair falling out. The hairs that regrow in the next phase could be gray, but it won’t be due to stress.

Myth #2: Color Lasts Longer When Applied to Dirty Hair

Do you often go to a salon with dirty hair? It might surprise you to learn that it won’t result in long-lasting color. If anything, hair dye will stick best on fresh, clean hair that doesn’t have any residue or hair product build-up. Also, you must wait for 72 hours before washing your locks after a color, as it can help trap it in your hair cuticles.

Myth #3: Hair Loss Doesn’t Affect Many Women

Hair loss and thinning aren’t male problems, and they happen to more women than you might think. According to the American Academy of Dermatology, approximately 30 million women across the United States have endured hair thinning. Also, the number might be much higher, as females are less likely to report hair thinning due to embarrassment and social stigma.

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Hair thinning is a real problem for millions of females of all ages, and it is important to seek help for the problem. For example, hair loss or thinning could be caused by hormonal changes, medication side effects, or an underlying health issue. Also, Harley Street Hair Clinic has helped both male and female patients restore their lost locks with an FUE hair transplant.

Myth #4: Excessive Sun Exposure Causes Hair Thinning

Sun exposure without sunscreen can lead to a burnt scalp, but it won’t result in hair loss or thinning. If anything, the sun can improve the health of your hair, as it can increase Vitamin D absorption. In addition, it will help hair transition from the resting phase to its growing phase at a faster rate, which can prevent hair loss.

As a lack of Vitamin D can reportedly result in female pattern hair loss, it would be wise to spend some time in the sunshine to increase your nutrient levels. However, don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your scalp to prevent sunburn.

Myth #5: Your Hair Gets Used to the Same Products

Your hair doesn’t stop performing because it is used to the same shampoo or conditioner. However, it is likely not working because your hair requirements have changed. For example, if you have recently cut, straightened, or colored your hair, or you have grown out your locks, it may have changed in texture and need a new product to restore it to its former glory. Also, you might have skipped a deep condition, become lazy with the shampoo, or failed to apply the right level of product.

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