Things to Do If You Accidentally Flush Something Valuable

You’re probably thinking it’s nothing but a nightmare, but then you took another look at your finger – your precious diamond ring isn’t there. It means that your nightmare isn’t just a bad dream but an even worse reality. You’ve accidentally flushed your ornament down your toilet! Events like these aren’t rare, and they happen with just about everyone. Most people think that if they flush the toilet after dropping something in the commode, it vanishes for good. You won’t want to believe that, of course, if it’s your ring, necklace, or any other trinket. If you didn’t flush the toilet yet, you can put on a pair of gloves and pull out whatever you dropped. What will you do if you’ve already flushed it, though? The first course of action is to contact a plumber Forest Hills.

Don’t flush it again

If you flushed an item of sentimental and emotional value, apart from monetary value, you shouldn’t hesitate to call a plumber Washington. Indeed, the situation is somewhat embarrassing, but, as already mentioned earlier, it happens to almost everyone at least once in their lifetime. Just make sure you don’t flush the toilet again before the professional arrives. You flushed it before once, and that should be enough. Toilets possess the power to suck jewelry pieces down the bowl during the process of flushing. So, if you do it again, your trinket will go down the pipe to a point where even the best service provider won’t be able to reach without disassembling the pipeline.

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Complete flushing

Exceptions are, of course, always there. An old toilet won’t have as much flushing force as one of the latest models. As a result, you’ll have more chances of finding the item you lose inside the bowl. Or, if you’re fortunate enough, you won’t hit the flush handle or button with full force. A half-flush can save your trinket, but it boils down to luck. As long as the professional service provider doesn’t arrive, you should get a pair of gloves made of rubber and a bit of wire. If the ornament is still visible, you can pull it out. Even if you can’t see it, try to inspect the areas close to the opening at the base of the bowl. Perhaps it’s just out of your line of sight.

The water supply

You won’t have to sit with your hands on your head in despair as you wait for the plumber Forest Hills to arrive. You already know what you can do if you’ve been going through this write-up from the beginning. However, you must turn off your main water supply line before your rendezvous with the toilet. If you turn it off, you won’t have to worry about flooding. Otherwise, there won’t be any other option but to flush the toilet again. You can turn the water supply off if you turn the valve of the toilet counterclockwise. The vale should be right behind the commode. If not, you should look for it in the basement.

Other things to do

There are a few other things you can do before the arrival of a Plumber Washington. For instance, you should take the lid off the water tank of your toilet. Most tanks come with a lid anyone can open. Also called the cistern, you should take off the lid and set it aside. After that, consider draining out the water left in the bowl. For that purpose, a cup you don’t use anymore should do the trick. Otherwise, you can look for a baster-type appliance in the market. Finally, you should loosen the screws connecting the toilet bowl to the floor. After all, once the professional arrives, he/she will start by removing the bowl from the floor.

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