5 Tips for Effective Food Packaging Design

How many times have you bought a product from a supermarket just because the food packaging design looked appealing?

Take a look around at your own local supermarket and the number of products that are available on each aisle of the store. When you realise that the choice of the same type of product is overwhelming, you will understand why it’s crucial for a food packaging design to stand out in the crowd.

In a highly competitive space like the food industry, how does your food packaging design make or break the marketplace.

Here are 5 tips for effective food packaging design.

Tip 1 – A design that boosts your brand identity

How do you convey your brand value to your consumers wanting them to invest in your product? Whether you are selling chocolates, scented candles or organic fruit, one of the main principles of food packaging is creating a packaging design that closely aligns with the values of your business.

You wouldn’t want to sell your organic products in an expensive ornate box or market your high-end candy in a packaging made of recycled material. The aim is to create a package that boosts your brand identity.

Tip 2 – Understand your customer

Understanding your customer is another tip towards effective food packaging design.

What are you selling and who is your target customer? Understand your target audience and model your packaging to fit their needs and interests. For instance, if you are marketing a product for children, design it in eye-catching colours and images that kids can relate to. If your target audience is environmentally responsible, look for more eco-conscious recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging.

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Tip 3 – Make your product stand out – shelf impact

When a consumer is looking at rows of products stacked up against one another, there are chances that your product gets lost. So, how can you compete with a multitude of products, from both large and small brands?

Try to make your food packaging design stand out enough to get the consumer to pick it up. The idea is to understand how people process information, make decisions and take action.

For instance, with hundreds of brands selling bottled water, the shape and colour of the bottle, label, and other factors make us think that some bottled water products are better than others.

Tip 4 – Convey your story

The best global brands have a beautiful story behind their sweat and blood. These stories are used to build emotional connections and trust with their customers.

An authentic story should be the foundation of building your food packaging design. Answers to the questions like, who you are, what made you be in the food business, where your passion for food comes from, etc.

Tip 5 – Connect on an emotive level

Does you food packaging design evoke any feelings and emotions in your customer? If it does, then half the battle is won.

If not, get your marketing team to conduct research and analyse the required target market data and revamp your food packaging design.

Successive food packaging design is all about originality, a great design and usability. It needs to lure your customers through the form, function, imagery, colours, fonts, and information you present to them.

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