5 Ways LED Signs Help You to Improve Your ROI

Proper visibility is probably the most important thing when it comes to achieving success in business. Signs may be simple but they are still an effective way of increasing a store’s physical awareness, lets customers know about the products or services you offer, and also informs them of any product promotions you currently run. A sign for open, for instance, communicates to passersby that you are working and so customers can come in. When it is done professionally, it sends the right message from the get-go. LED signs give you great control in the way to make your signs. This means you can use the plethora of design options to a unique sign that makes you stand out. This article discusses the various ways LED signs can help you increase your ROI.

It Helps you to Attract more customers 

The day of the grand opening has arrived. You’ve put a big LED sign at the front part of your store, and so customers can start walking in. But it is rarely as simple as this. While not all people will be interested in your products or services, there is a good chance that those who haven’t walked in didn’t do so purely because they didn’t need your services or products. One of these could be the quality of your signage.

According to research, 20% of consumers confess to being attracted to get into a store because of the quality of the signage of a storefront. Therefore, using a good business sign could lead to as much as 20% extra sales. When buying a sign, ensure that you always insist on quality signs. In terms of quality, it’s hard to beat LED signs. While they may cost a little more to buy and install than other signs but this cost pales in comparison with the potential increase in ROI.

Before you say that they are too expensive, you just have to think about the potential 20% boost in sales that signs can bring.

It Helps Set Consistent Expectations

People are generally quicker to share negative experiences of service than positive ones, which underlines the importance of excellent customer experience. 42% of customers come back again to an establishment because of good customer experiences.

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While it’s okay to always seek to exceed the customer expectations, it’s just as important to remain consistent even after meeting these expectations. When you use LED signs that conform to your brand will enable your patrons to know just what If your business can be one of these then it is a great benefit as it fosters repeat business. You could do your business the world of good in retaining customers if you are consistent with your interior/exterior branding.

 Increase Store Value

Proper signage can increase your store value faster than your competition. Your storefront sign is probably the first thing that customers will identify immediately. A good sign does much more than only show your company name or describe the services and products to the public. Your signage isn’t just there to show prospects where you are located or to draw their attention. Rather, it is your brand. It contains your team colors, message, logo, and voice just to mention but a few. A sign for open is the physical representation of the personality of your voice. You may have known people who used tattoos, hair color, or a particular choice of clothing to express their individualism. This is called a personal brand, and it applies to business as well. The same applies to your interior and exterior sign packages. For more on how you can change your business fortunes, you can contact Green Light Innovations.

Gain Important Customer Feedback

 Every consumer has an opinion and a story. Here your customers out. It will help you to see what you are doing right and learn what you can improve. In this era of social media, people are ever sharing their experiences. Others also share their experiences through word of mouth.

But the problem is that an average American consumer will tell 15 people about a poor service experience. On the flip side, they will only tell 11 other people about good service.

To ensure that you are not being talked about in negative light by your customers, do customer feedback surveys, or even engage a third-party company to give you data about what customers deem most important. Another way is to simply find out from the customers themselves. You want to know whether they found it difficult or easy to locate your business or navigating your facility or store etc.

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If you have an online business, take advantage of the digital social spaces. Engage and chat with the customers and know what they feel about your business. Getting customer feedback is vital and will help you know whether you are on the right track or not.

Increase in Sales

Either you’ve read all the tips above up to this point. Another possible option is that you scrolled down straight to the “Increase in Sales” point because everyone wants to increase their bottom line. But I will disappoint you a little because there is just no magic formula for increasing ROI overnight. However, you will find tips and tricks for impacting your business sales daily.

Sometimes, we overlook these tips, and sometimes there is not just enough time to think over every element of a business that helps to boost sales. Most business owners find themselves engrossed in getting new business and retaining clients that we don’t find time to make the small upgrades needed for growing sales.


Whether interior or exterior LED signs to play a vital role in driving growth. The tips above will help in accelerating that growth, and the best part is that they are either cost-effective or even free. While LED signs will no doubt cost you when starting over, they will repay for itself multiple times and in a short period. A study by Sign Research Foundation shows that 60% of businesses will realize a 10% increase in revenue after installing proper signage. A sign can be so powerful even if it’s just a simple sign for open. The above tips will help you to improve sales and your bottom line. For more information, check out

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