7 Tips to Write a Blockbuster Script in 2020

Lights! Camera And Action, these are probably the words you hear on a set, in the making of a blockbuster film. But have you ever wondered what makes a movie a great hit? Let me answer that. Apart from an incredible screenplay, prodigious selection of cast, outclass production and even a sensational soundtrack, it is the script that holds all the components of a film together. The audience doesn’t give attention to graphics, customers or story if the script is strong. So, it will be safe to say screenwriters are the unsung heroes’ behind every hit movie. And why wouldn’t they be? Isn’t script the first thing that’s required to make a movie? Isn’t it the first thing that’s given to cast members to read to see if they understand the role? To write a blockbuster script is both challenging and exciting.

A powerful script is the only crucial element that adds life into a movie. Nobody remembers the fancy songs or groovy soundtracks or a fervent screenplay; they are only going to remember the dialogues, the story, the plot and twists. Unfortunately, all amateur movie makers don’t clearly understand the importance of curating a robust script. Luckily, this blog is crafted to steer you in the direction, so read on as I have shared some pro tips that will help you write a blockbuster script for your upcoming project.

  • Focus on the Outline

Whenever we think of creating something unique, we should always invest time in planning it out properly. Good planning gives us room for improvement, eradication of errors and keeps us organized. If you don’t have a proper plan in your head, then you might go through mental fatigue and stress. Therefore, create an outline first and then get on with your story writing. A well-thought framework works like a road map that tells you where you are and where you are headed.

An American Screenwriter, Tony Gilroy who wrote the script for the terrific Borne Identity series love outlining his work before he starts writing. He says “I have to work from an outline. Every time I’ve not worked from an outline I’ve been completely burned”. So, if famous big screenwriters follow this trick, then I suggest you should too.

  • Get to know your Characters

Your characters are equally as important as your audience. It’s evident to have a clear understanding of your characters. After all the entire script is going be revolving around your character. Try getting knowing them inside and out. If it’s a fictional character, then make it look different towards the end. However, if it’s not fictional then be a little observant around your surroundings, you can get a lot of ideas just by observing people in their daily walks of life. Try observing their style of talking, do some people watching, get to know how they dress up, what they eat, what they watch etc.

  • Conduct Research

Don’t ever write a blockbuster script in a hurry, trust me it’s a big no-no! Always spare some time to conduct proper research about the setting and occupation of your character. It will add confidence in your script and will make it stand out. The more hours you put in, in your research, the more amazing your script will turn out to be. It not only comes in handy in the beginning but also if you get stuck between your manuscript.

  • Don’t Let Go of Your Unique Voice

Always write a blockbuster script from a unique style and voice; it’s not completely necessary to always reflect your original tone. This might sound a little absurd, but trust me, this is what screenwriting is all about. Writing on different stories from different angles. Speaking if you write from one angle that is going to bore your audience and increase the chances of your script not getting accepted at all. Hence, try playing with words and get mastery on as much as genres as you can. Believe me; this will make you diverse.

  • Master your Chosen Genre

If you have decided to write a blockbuster script for a thriller, then watch as many movies as you can in this genre. This will give you a perspective on how and where to add jump scares differently. Plus, all thriller movies have similar stories; it would be great if you can come up with a unique story of your own. Having mastery over the genre, you love writing will keep you motivated to write in the future as well.

  • Dumb the Garbage

It’s a harsh reality that not everything you write will get accepted. Once, you are done with your script, read it thoroughly. Get rid of any subject matter that is irrelevant or useless; the ideal page count for a screenplay should be 105-110. According to one survey, the industry claims that around 95 per cent of scriptwriters fail to meet the mark. Some famous personalities also follow this advice, like Jonathan Ames, say, “The best information a writer can get is ‘Cut, Cut, Cut,’ so that you can get to the good stuff. Hence, dumping trash in garbage is always a good thing to do.

  • Be Persistent

If you are amateur screenwriters, then for you persistence is the key. Don’t ever give up, don’t ever stop learning, keep chasing your passion and success will find you in its all glory. Also, don’t ever stop.  Studies have proven that only 20 per cent of scriptwriters maintain their careers. Screenwriting can be very exhausting sometimes, and writers may give up as soon as they get very close to finishing it. But I would suggest, not to lose hope at this very moment, understand why you started it in the first place, what your goal is and what you aim to achieve.

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Take Away

Scriptwriting can be very daunting, being honest! It takes great patience, hard work and tireless efforts to craft a unique script. One can expect a lot of burnouts and feelings of anxiety, stress and tension to spring up leading towards just giving up. But there is no need to worry; if you are passionate about something, then odds will turn in your favour. And you can always hire professional content writing services provide article writers for this job.

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