A Simple Guide to SEO for your Landing Pages

Websites are considered as the face of a business or organization. Hence, it is important for any business to design their own site to be it for selling their products or for providing services. However, there is a lot of competition in the online market which is significantly higher when considered the local traditional market.

Therefore, it is important to implement search engine optimization practices for your landing page and overall website. This is necessary to increase conversion rates and for generating higher internet traffic to the website. Eventually, this will result in higher sales and revenue for the organization.

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization helps to optimize a website or a web page to rank higher in search results. For instance, it is implemented so that your website can appear on the first page of any search engine. You can apply this strategy for your landing page or for the entire whole website.

Do you know what a Landing Page is?

The Landing Page is the first page that a user can view when he visits your website. It is responsible for generating conversion rates by providing enhanced user experience.

Hence, it is important that it is optimized with the help of SEO. This will guarantee website traffic and urge more visitors to view your website.

Will SEO benefit Landing Pages?

SEO can benefit any web page to a large extent. Your website may have amazing content but it may not generate any conversion rates. This is because it has not been optimized through search engine optimization.

Considering Google’s algorithm it is evolving with each passing second and the aspects are getting updated on a daily basis. Thus, it is hard to gain the best outcome in search results without proper implementation of SEO.

Hence, adopting SEO strategies for your landing page will help to rank the website on Google search results. Thus, it will help to increase website traffic from targeted consumers.

6 Effective Strategies to Apply SEO for Landing Pages

Here are 6 simple and basic SEO practices that you can start implementing right away. These will help you to easily rank higher in Google search results whenever people search for related products or services. Go through these points in the exact sequence given below.

1.  Use Your Own Domain

Incidentally, you should never use third-party services for publishing your landing pages. A custom URL or your own domain should be bought if you are actively trying to increase conversion rates.

Thus, you can get a custom domain reflecting the name of your organization to increase your brand image in the future. Make sure that your domain name is unique and not being taken by anyone.

Currently, the prices of domains have reduced to a great extent due to increasing competition. Hence, you can get your own custom domain at a good price.

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2.  Optimize Landing Page

Thereafter, you need to optimize the landing page itself. Make sure that the URL reflects the content of the landing page. You should never use random text or numbers in the URL.

It should be readable so that the users, as well as the search engines, can understand it without any hassle. Do not forget to use the main keywords in the URL itself.

Optimize the Speed of Landing Page

Also, your landing page should be able to load faster. This will encourage users to browse your site with ease and thus, increasing conversion rates. You can easily increase your website’s speed by approaching a minimalist view.

Thus, you will be forced to use fewer elements that can increase the speed of the website. Other ways of doing this are by compressing high-quality images and embedding videos from video streaming sites like YouTube. You can also maintain this by reworking your website code.

Use SSL Security for Landing Page

Accordingly, make sure that your website uses a secure SSL certificate with an HTTPS connection. Currently, popular search engines like Google absolutely ignore HTTP sites as they have less security. Moreover, it will allow users to trust your website or brand and encourage them to interact with your page.

3.  Optimize your Landing Page Content

Subsequently, you need to optimize the content of your landing page as well. Primarily, search engines will focus on detailed and lengthy content. However, you can create content according to your own needs.

Keyword Analysis and Usage

This focuses on the volume of your primary, secondary and LSI keywords throughout the content. You can use a good keyword research tool to analyze which keywords you need to target.

It will display the most used keywords related to the content of your landing page. Thereafter, you can use these keywords to optimize the page according to SEO.

Usage of Keywords in Title, Headings, and Metadata

As stated earlier, you need to use the primary keyword in the URL of the landing page. Thereafter, make sure to use it in the title, meta description and the headings of your content. Thus, you can use it in H1, H2 and so forth.

Metadata refers to a short description of the landing page which will not be displayed in the site itself. This is displayed in the search results.

Do not forget to naturally use this keyword throughout the article. However, you should not overdo this as it will be considered as stuffing and it will be considered as spam by the search engines.

Subsequently, it will not rank higher in search results. Additionally, do not forget to use secondary and LSI keywords in your content.

Usage of Keywords in Image Alt Text

You should also use the primary keywords in image alt texts and captions. This will help the search engine to know that your landing page has relevant information regarding the content.

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Accordingly, use proper schemas to display the content in a better way. Make sure that the layout is precise and easily readable. Also, you should create internal links to enhance the user experience of your visitors. This will help to increase website engagement as well.

4.  Make your Web Page Mobile Friendly

According to a recent study, the majority of the users prefer to browse information through their Smartphones. Hence, Google has started giving priority to mobile-friendly websites. As a result, they appear higher in the search results as compared to non-friendly ones. Hence, you need to make sure that your website is easily accessible on a phone as well.

However, there are a few important things that you need to consider for mobile optimization. Make sure that you cover the following points.

  • It has all the content that is available on the desktop version.
  • The site has only vertical scrolling.
  • It is fast to load with much fewer elements as compared to the desktop page.
  • There are no annoying redirects or pop-ups.
  • It can automatically adjust the different screen resolutions and sizes.

5.  Promote your Landing Page to Earn Backlinks

Lastly, make sure that you promote your landing page on various social media platforms and other websites. Also, add an element to enable others to share your web pages. This will help you to earn quality backlinks. For backlink opportunity visit Guest Post Marketplace.

Generally, search engines will prioritize web pages with more backlinks to rank them higher. You can either earn backlinks through paid promotion or through organic methods. Hence, you should work on creating quality content for your landing pages.

6.  Use Redirect 301

Redirect 301 is an element that helps to redirect your old landing page to your new one. Therefore, it helps to retain the original backlinks and other SEO efforts on the page. You can do this by easily adding a line in the .htaccess file of your website folder.

The format for adding this is as follows –

  • Redirect 301 “Old landing page URL” “New landing page URL”

For instance, the old URL is and the new URL is Then, you have to add the following line in the file –

  • Redirect 301 /landing-page

Wrapping Up…

The strategies provided above should serve as an effective and simple guide for implementing SEO to your landing pages. Make sure that you go through all these points carefully and follow them accordingly. Also, practicing on-page SEO and mobile optimization should be your main area of concern.

These are the main factors regarding high conversion rates and generating website traffic. Hence, you should focus on creating quality content fused with effective SEO practices.

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