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8 Profitable Benefits of Instagram for Your Business in 2021

Are you still considering adding Instagram to your next business marketing plan? You might want to know what benefits of Instagram make your business more profitable in 2021. If that’s what’s happening in your mind, it’s the right time to unveil details of 8 positive outcomes you can expect by expanding your business horizon at this social platform.

Capitalizing on the Purchasing Power of Instagram User

Do you know one out of three Instagram users uses this platform to buy something? It’s good to know that Instagram has more than one billion active users monthly, while about 500 millions of these users open their accounts daily. If you do the math like, it won’t be wrong to say that more than 150 million users are checking their accounts because they are in a mood of shopping. 

With this much purchasing power, having no-presence on Instagram means lacking a massive share of customers. In simple words, if you have a Instagram on Instagram, you can quickly capitalize on the purchasing power of Insta users. 

Attracting Website Visitors 

According to statistics, 50 percent of Instagram users check your profile and go to your website. That means getting organic traffic, which can convert into business leads sooner or later. On the flip side, when you don’t have an Insta account, you won’t be able to get that much attention and thereby missing a great business potential.

In case an Insta user doesn’t check your profile, then he might like or comment on your post. This like or comment will be saved on the user’s profile as his favorite image or video. Next time, he will be interested in a product related to your business, he will search it through the hashtag, and your business will pop up there in search. So, the user’s Instagram will be turned into an order. 

Doesn’t it sound like a win-win deal?

Whether you make an Instagram account to attract visitors to your website or profile, either way, you will be able to make money from it.

Getting Attention through Visual Marketing

When you are on Instagram, then you don’t have to do much for getting customer attention. Just keep your account active with images, posts, and videos, and that’s how you will flourish your business with time on this platform.

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Your whole focus will be to create a visually appealing image or video of your product or service and then post it on Instagram. You might hear it somewhere that people remember 80 percent of what they see, 10 percent of what they hear, and 20 percent of what they read.  You need to keep this critical information with you, especially when it comes to Instagram.

The more visually appealing your image or video is, the better response rate you will get from your customers. An excellent visual and graphic combo will let you get the attention of your customers; he will like your post, get attracted to your product and services, and finally make an order.

Isn’t that marketing approach pretty simple? It’s worth it to use an auto liker app to increase your engagement.

Knowing Your Customer Base

 You know a little about your customers, like their gender or age. Instagram is one of those powerful platforms where you get to know your customer in the best manner available.

For example, put your new dress collection 2021 on Instagram. Girls will not only check it but also share a comment about it. Once you unlock this collection, you will know three main things.

What product is getting more attention?

What do customers like about this product?

What product doesn’t make any buzz on social media?

Having this knowledge will let you redesign your collection 2021 or launch a collection based on customer likes and dislikes. The more you know your customer’s needs and demands, the better services, and products you will deliver. Isn’t it the right marketing move for your business?

Enjoying Perks of Business Accounts

When you are running a business on Instagram, then you need a business account that has more features than a personal account. The most noteworthy feature is the call to action button- customers can place an order, call you, visit your website, etc. 

The second most amazing option is checking business insights- it’s all about numbers. 

What’s the cost of click?

 How are your ads performing? 

What’s your customer response rate?

Who are your customers? 

Insight is a complete package of business intelligence that you need to boost up your leads.

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Making the Most of Brand Awareness

No one can underestimate the power of word-of-mouth marketing – which is readily available on Instagram. Let’s suppose you are a new business that no one knows about. As a startup, you set up an Instagram account, share your business details, and then keep updating your account. 

Of course, at first, you will put some ads to get attention. Once the business starts flowing, then people get interested in your products. They don’t just buy your product. They purchase and use it and then share it on their Instagram profile.

When you are selling a quality product or services, people will talk about it on Instagram and tag you, and it’s how the network of word of mouth marketing begins. You have already known about those startups that rose to skyrocket success only through Instagram.

So, you need to understand the real potential of this platform for your business. If people like your product, they will likely share and post about it – this is how you will create an organic tunnel of thousands of business leads. 

And it all starts with marketing your business on Instagram. Isn’t that a worthy deal?

Keeping Customer Well-Engaged

It’s not news that everyone has an Instagram account, so if you are not posting your business content there, then you are missing a great deal. Making an account on Instagram to keeping it up-to-date allows you to engage your business audience. 

A high level of customer engagement is essential for business growth and development in the long run. 

Reaching to Untapped Customers

Local marketing is useful for success, but if you want to grow and become more successful, then you need to expand your business wings not only at the local but also at the digital level. Many Instagram users don’t have twitter or Facebook accounts. So, if you are not making an Instagram account, you are entirely missing on a broad audience.

Make an Instagram account, reach an untapped audience, and turn them into your customers. It’s the simplest yet effective formula for business success. What do you think?

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