An Outline of the Main Reasons Vaping Is Growing in Popularity

Just take a moment and look around you when you’re taking a walk. You’ll undoubtedly notice that there are more vapers around you now than in the past couple of years. This widespread use of vapes leads us to conclude that there’s an increased demand for vapes among the younger and the older generation alike.

Have you ever stopped to wonder why this is so? Why are there more and more people interested in vaping? Are there some important benefits to vaping, or is it just cool? Let’s have a look. We’ve composed a list of the top three reasons why there’s a great increase in the popularity of vaping nowadays.

The Top three Reasons Vaping is Growing in popularity

Here’s a list of the three most prominent reasons vaping is growing in popularity on a global scale:

1. Vaping is potentially less harmful to our health

We’ve gone through a couple of trustworthy studies and have concluded that vaping is potentially far less harmful to human health than traditional cigarettes. Additionally, many avid smokers have quit smoking by switching to vapes. Take a nicotine free vape as an example. You can still get the satisfaction of inhaling without letting toxic ingredients enter your system.

2. Vaping doesn’t cause fires

If you look at the statistics, you’ll find that the cause of at least 11% of fires was a cigarette left unattended. As opposed to cigarettes, vapes turn of themselves when you don’t use them and lower the risk of causing fires when left unattended to an even zero.

3. It’s a fashion trend of the millennial generation

If you observe the newly-emerged millennial generation, you’ll notice that the greatest majority of them use vapes. Indeed, vapes come in different shapes and sizes, colors, and designs, making them look modern. They’re a very popular accessory among youngsters and have become somewhat of a fashion trend nowadays.

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Closing remarks

That’s about it. We hope you now have a better insight into why vaping is growing in popularity on a global and rapid note. The millennial generation and that vaping is now a fashion trend certainly brought about its popularity. Also, the fact that vapes never caused a fire, as opposed to active cigarette butts, and that vaping is potentially better for our health are equal factors to greater interest in vapes on the market.

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