What Seeds are Best for Growing Marijuanas?

In many countries, cannabis is included in the list of narcotic and psychotropic substances and is subject to a ban. However, not all so simple. The seeds do not contain psychotropic substances. Moreover, they are sold in health food stores and are recognized as one of the best superfoods. A complete picture of the effect of marijuana on the body can only be formed by analyzing the pros and cons in the long term, comparing the facts and existing practical experience.

One thing is for sure – the study of the benefits of cannabis is a promising and quite progressive area, especially in medicine. For those who want to try themselves in the field of cannabis cultivation, it is necessary to anticipate in advance possible problems in specific growing conditions. A good solution would be to first find a suitable place to buy pot seeds and get the right advice.

Features of growing marijuana

The value of a cannabis plant, medicinal or otherwise, depends largely on what is done with it – how and when it is grown, how it is cured for one’s consumption and other features. One of the important conditions for successful cultivation is the correct choice of the right seed variety. There are a wide variety of cannabis varieties for beginners, but in addition to being easy to grow, these strains also have their unique characteristics. The most common types to choose from are:

  • Feminized Cannabis Varieties

High immunity. Most known feminized cannabis varieties are less prone to mold epidemics than their counterparts and do not attract various pests.

  • Autoflowering Cannabis Varieties

Autoflowering representatives of cannabis will not require constant care and attention, and strong immunity will help to resist fungi and mold.

  • Regular varieties of cannabis

The genetics of regular cannabis strains are more stable and reliable.

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When choosing marijuana seeds, a beginner should consider the following aspects:

  • Desired effect;
  • plant size;
  • Type (auto/photo);
  • Time to harvest;
  • Site security (outdoor) and odor control (indoor).

If there are difficulties with the choice of ganja seeds for the first time, it is best to contact Herbies specialists for advice and also pay attention to the recommendations. Here you can find not only the most desirable and high-quality varieties of marijuana, but also get help on their practical application.

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