Are Chromebooks as effective as laptops?

Nowadays More and more people have started using Chromebooks or Chrome Laptops. A key reason for this trend is the user-friendliness of Google’s Chrome OS. Anyone who can use a web browser can use it. Chromebooks are also very affordable and come in prices as low as $179 USD. Microsoft is countering this revolution by updating Windows 10 with new features. These features complement the continually evolving Start menu and the user-friendly Cortana assistant. It is natural for you to wonder which the best computing platform is. The best way to arrive at a definite answer is by doing a thorough comparison of Windows and Chrome OS.

Simplicity and versatility of user Interface

Chrome OS has a simpler interface though Microsoft Windows 10 is better for multitasking. However, Windows 10 is more versatile. Why? Both Windows 10’s Cortana and Chrome’s Google offer useful information on weather, calendar appointments, and local bistros. Nevertheless, Cortana has more functions than Google Now. Only Chromebooks that support Google Assistant can compete with Cortana. The sad fact is that a few Chromebooks support Android instead of Assistant, and are without Google Now.

The use of Apps & Software

A laptop is fully functional when it has some basic programs. They include ones for photo and video editing, productivity, video and music playback, and a web browser. While all this is possible in Windows and Chromebooks, work is in progress for Google’s Operating System. Windows is more likely to support a program, including games.

Chrome OS is getting even as there are Chromebooks that offer Android apps also. However, considering the Chromebooks that cannot run them, Windows 10 is a better choice.

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Windows 10 is a better bet for browsing the World Wide Web

Chrome is a branded browser with reliable good performance, a user friendly interface, and numerous extensions. In contrast, Flash and vital plugins that include Java are not compatible with the Chrome browser of Chrome OS. Thus, there is the possibility of compatibility problems when viewing select websites and select extensions.

Besides Chrome Windows 10 runs almost all browsers and thus you can surf the World Wide Web just as you wish to. Microsoft Edge is equipped with some great features that are absent in Chrome. It allows you to write directly on a website and send your notes to pals and has a reading mode without any distracting elements.

A few other features of a PC

There are several more considerations to arrive at Laptops vs Chromebooks decision. Windows can access more storage space via OneDrive online storage. Windows is better for productivity needs with its software that can run without Google Drive.

Windows is spot on for hard core gaming. It’s better for Media Playback as it lets you download codecs for playing some files that it does not support. However, Chrome Operating System scores over Windows 10 in Security. As for Prices, both are almost the same. While Machines with windows 10 have more configurations, the free add-ons of Google are enticing.

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