What is data recovery and how it saved my business?

I am an entrepreneur. Last year, I had a great idea of starting a new business that was based in Miami and I was so excited about it that I started collecting data related to. After two months of extensive research, I gathered around 5 GB of market research data, that cost me $15,000.

I worked hard setting up my business so that it becomes client-friendly and can meet the demand of every customer. Every work was analyzed and was done by doing research; especially using that 5GB of data. I thought this data should be kept secure. I downloaded free software over the internet and used the software to block my data. But that was the beginning of my bad luck.

On the day next, I unlocked the folder and found that all of the data files is corrupted. I did everything in the home to recover the data, but all was in vain! I was so worried because I can’t quit. I already spent $15,000 that was my ultimate savings and I can’t let it go in the trash.

To recover my lost data, I started reading about data recovery in depth. I will share the basic. On the following, I will also share, how my business survived from a data loss crisis.

What is data recovery?

Data recovery is the process by which any type of file, folder, images, videos or files with any type of extension that has been corrupted, deleted, lost or somehow become inaccessible can be recovered. So, simply it means gaining access to lost data in a form that it would be usable again like before.

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How did I recover my business data?

Already mentioned, that data was everything I had and I did not want to lose it. While studying about data recovery online, not sure how I landed data recovery Miami website and I got an assurance of getting my data back.

First, I called them and explained the situation. They offered a free consultation and evaluation of my PC and data condition. They came to my office as their office was near to mine. After investigating a couple of hours, they claimed that they can guarantee recovery. I was confused because I tried many ways and failed to recover. The most important part is that, for hard drive recovery Miami, what they asked to recover in full that was pretty much affordable for me. I assigned the work to them and told, if I lose any other data or if they fail to recover data, I am not going to pay a cent. They agreed.

They took away the hard drive. I patiently waited for three days. After three days, they came again with the hard drive. I felt curious and finally all the ‘IMPORTANT BUSINESS DATA’ has been recovered. I felt relieved.

I started doing my business again and within six months my net profit per month crossed $8,000 and now it is around $11,500.

So, it was a tense situation and finally, I have been able to get back all the data that saved my business.

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