Best Apps For First-Time Movers: Make Your House Move Successful

If you’re moving for the first time, then congratulations to you! Moving can be such a fun experience, as it’s also a great way for you to enter a new chapter in your life in a new location where you can be whoever you want to be. Unfortunately, before you enjoy that delightful sunset from your new home, you also need to make sure you’ve properly moved to your new house. However, this can be tricky for first-time movers, as there are things you might need to consider. Thankfully, you can conduct your house to move successfully with the help of just a few apps. Here are some of the best you should watch out for: 

  • Google Keep for the organization. If you have a lot of lists to keep in mind when conducting your move, then Google Keep can be a great way to manage notes and to-do lists for your moving timeline in just one handy place. Moreover, as all your data is stored over the cloud, you can grab your to-do list from virtually anywhere and follow everything you need to do to pull off your move. In turn, you can create reminders and location-based notes for when you have to submit documents or even meet with your NYC movers.
  • Magicplan creates floor plans for you. If you’re moving to a new home, you’re likely interested in making sure everything fits together nicely. WIth Magicplan, you can do just that with your camera. Thanks to Magicplan, you can scan and measure rooms with your camera. In turn, you can then start dragging and dropping various objects to your floor plan to imagine just how things would look like in your room. This eliminates the need for trial and error and ensures you only get the best furniture or accessories for your home.
  • Shortly keeps your inventory organized. If you’re having a hard time keeping track of things you own, Sortly is definitely the application for you. After all, packing and sorting out boxes can be quite a hassle – and Sortly has features designed specifically to make packing as convenient as possible. With Sortly, you can create a visual inventory of your belongings, allowing you to arrange them depending on condition, value, location, or even category. In turn, you won’t have to open all your boxes just to locate a particular item as it’s already in your Sortly inventory!
  • Letgo lets you use items you don’t want. If you’ve made an inventory, you’ll likely notice that you have items you’re interested in selling and letting go. Unfortunately, making separate listings for these items in other buy-and-sell sites can be stressful. With Letgo, this process becomes extremely easy. Moreover, Letgo is specifically designed to help you get rid of unwanted items before you move. Thanks to its robust community, Letgo lets you access people interested in buying second-hand or pre-loved items, making sure you immediately have the right audience for your items before you proceed with your move.
  • Moved can handle logistics. If you’re having a bit of trouble with regards to keeping everything together, Moved can help you keep your moving timeline organized without too much of a hassle. Moved acts like a digital concierge, where the app assigns you a real person to act as a personal moving assistant that can coordinate various aspects of the move for you. That way, they can help you get access to piano movers New York, find various related services, or even order your needed packaging supplies.
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Pull Off Your House Move With These Apps!

With the above apps in mind, it’s important to remember that you can actually facilitate your entire move from your smartphone or trusty gadget! It’s interesting to see how you can actually be capable of applying various apps and programs designed for productivity into robust moving organizers. Moreover, other apps have been made specifically to cater to conducting house moves properly. With the above apps in mind, you may simply need to find an app that works best for your needs and have a blast with your move!

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