Best G Suite Alternatives for Professionals Users

As well, On August 28, 2006, Google launched “Google Apps for Your Domain,” commonly known as the G Suite.

It is a Google-provided cloud-based enterprise solution that entrusts companies with the assistance of enterprise-based products such as Gmail, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drive, and many more to connect, build monitor, and access.

Most organizations use G-Suite to build their venture needs on a wide scale. But it isn’t always possible to drop $12 per user per month when it comes to small industrial solutions.

But, at this juncture, many users are sneaking for an Alternative to G Suite to consider in their professional daily activities. In addition, some of the pursuits are actually not restricted to what Google offers. They have their specifications beyond that.

Anyone can opt for G Suite’s Alternative free option available on the market instead of using paid models. Therefore, to simplify your disabled workstation, below are some fantastic Google Suite Alternatives. 

G Suite Alternatives for Professionals Users

1. ProtonMail
2. SamePage
3. Zoho
4. Microsoft Office 365
5. Bitrix24
6. RackSpace
7. OnlyOffice


G Suite

Would you like to safeguard your data in the Swiss Data Center, deep underground with very strict laws on data protection? Who hasn’t! The best choice for you to start with is ProtonMail. Compared to the G Suite, it’s a little pricey, but it’s worth it.

ProtonMail grants its users an end-to-end encrypted email service. Business protection, after all, is the chief concept in any word. To get 1 Custom Domain, 5 GB of storage, 5 email addresses per user, and so on, all you have to shed is $5.00 per month and $48.00 per year.

In addition, ProtonMail gives access to its free edition of 500.00 MB if you are searching for a free G Suite option for minimal use. Take a closer step to learn more about ProtonMail


G Suite


If you are searching for free alternatives to G Suite, then Samepage is an excellent option. Samepage is an advanced business tool for elite collaboration that includes instant messaging, screen sharing, timestamps, cloud file integration, voice calls, and more.

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You may also invite as many community members as to participate and connect with them at no cost. If you wish to update it, this business tool also offers several paid versions. Samepage is a free alternative to G Suite that provides a wide variety of interactive business resources for deciphering teamwork. To find more exciting features on Samepage, click on this link


G Suite

Zoho could be the answer if your organization is going with a measly budget or you’re peering out with the best G Suite option.

It is an online-based office suite that provides all the business solutions under one operation. It is one of its kind: Zoho Novel, Zoho campaign, Zoho citizens, Zoho sales IQ, Zoho CRM, Zoho Founder, Zoho project, and many more.

Mailing assistance, which will cost $1 a month per member, is the best aspect of this online office suite. You can take advantage of 5 GB of user storage and 25 MB of email attachments, add storage upgrade options, and Zoho Cliq is also available. Besides, to communicate with the email clients, get access to IMAP/ POP. Eager to know more about Zoho? 

Microsoft Office 365

G Suite

Every one of us is familiar with office products from Microsoft. Whether it’s a painting tool or a note, we’ve all used it once. Microsoft has taken a step towards enterprise strategies, so Microsoft Office 365 has been launched.

It is an intelligent phase of collaboration that extends all tools such as Business Skype, Outlook, Access, Microsoft MyAnalytics, Microsoft Business Center, and much more. It is easy to navigate and costs $7.60 per person per month for this instrument.

You will get 50 GB of the mailbox, 1 TB of Microsoft OneDrive file storage, online meetings/video conferences, round-the-clock customer service, Microsoft Exchange mail server, Microsoft Teams networking portal, collaboration/planning tools for the Microsoft SharePoint team and much more by just paying $7.60. Click to take advantage of numerous Microsoft Office 365 features

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G Suite

Here is one of the most favorable free alternatives to the G suite, known as Bitrix24. This software is a tailor-made business system that has community chats, schedules, workgroups, time tracking, scheduling of workloads, and lots of nice features. It will certainly give your business needs an end-to-end solution. Far more about Bitrix24 is here.


G Suite

Looking for a sleek alternative with the central pillar of emails to conduct business modestly? The best option for getting started with emails is Rackspace. It is a multinational enterprise that is widely distributed across 150 nations.

It provides full Microsoft Outlook compatibility, up to 50 MB attachments, big 25 GB mailboxes, and you can recover deleted messages as well. And the best thing is that it makes customer service for only $3 around the clock, which covers everything. With this fine instrument, conquer the email service and know more about it.


G Suite

Looking for another free option to the G Suite? Harmonize your business work with TeamLab, officially known as OnlyOffice.

OnlyOffice is an open-source productivity suite for offices that contributes to various supporting tools for businesses, such as presentation makers, spreadsheet programs, and word processors. There are many features that OnlyOffice has, such as files that anyone, including non-users, can easily access.

For records, sheets, and presentations, there is plenty of room. Often, you can download several files in the ZIP format as well. In addition, it also makes it possible to download files from various websites, such as Dropbox, Zoho, and Box. In this great Goggle Substitute, you will find more eye-catching features.

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Final Words:

Above is the complete list of the best alternatives for Google Suite to engage the company in large panels without any problems.  Go ahead with the best alternative to G Suite, or let us know under the comment section if we missed anything. 

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