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It’s one of the Famous and widely used apps for scanning physical documents is CamScanner. But, it has been in the news due to the wrong reasons. It’s Around mid-2019, it was removed from Google Play Store for not complying with its policies. This was reinstated after CamScanner made significant changes and met all the Play Store requirements.

Currently, CamScanner was banned by the Ministry of Information Technology of India along with 58 other applications that were found comprising user’s data resulting in Security and Privacy breaches. So, These sorts of controversies affect the users, & people start searching for the Best Alternatives to Camscanner.


Best Camscanner Alternatives In 2020

This is a compiled list of 10 best alternatives to CamScanner with almost the same features, and others are even better. Well, Rest assured that these apps are from well-known publishers and developers, which means you can select one and relax without having to look for another substitute.

Google Drive


Numerous of you would consider this entry to be an error as Google Drive is online cloud storage. Yet did you know that it has a fantastic Plus button that can be tapped to locate the option of scanning any document or click an image from within the app? Well, The Google Drive app built-in scanner is not very powerful or feature-packed, but it can act as a Camscanner alternative. Now, you have to do is click the snap of any document, receipts, notes, and work with the auto crop detection and edit the image. Here, For those looking to scan any document and convenience, Google Drive is the best alternative to CamScanner.

Microsoft Office Lens


After Adobe, the next most favored CamScanner Alternative is from the Software giant Microsoft. This is well known as Microsoft Office Lens and provides an ultimate experience, especially for Microsoft products. So, You can use Microsoft Office Lens to scan whiteboard tables, diagrams, and even handwritten notes and import them straight into MS Word or other Office products in more descriptive words.

Additional features of this best alternative to CamScanner include OCR, auto edge cropping, scanning ID cards, etc. Full integration of Microsoft products allows the users to access previously scanned documents through OneNote and export the new records either to the cloud directly or save on a local drive as PDF or image.

Adobe Scan


Adobe, the producer of PDF document type, is the best-known brand name for anything with documents. The application has many features like scanning documents, Notes, ID cards, and receipts with our smartphone. So, Adobe Scan also identified the type of paper and cut out the unimportant part, giving the required image only with enhanced quality.

Well, One of the crucial reasons why Adobe scan is the perfect alternative to CamScanner is that it can scan texts from documents and convert them into an editable format. This can also scan documents as JPEG or PDF. Again, the Camscanner alternative does not apply any watermark, which makes a clean scan.

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Suppose you are looking for an identical best alternative to CamScanner, then Notebloc is the right application for you. Here, the features are similar to CamScanner, like smart edge detection, auto trimming of borders, and support for all document types with the best-scanned images. However, it allows users to browse with OCR features, upload and share directly via the cloud, and even edit the documents. This only difference, which is a positive one, is that it does not leave a watermark like CamScanner.



TurboScan is a scanner application that can scan different types of documents like printed pages, handwritten notes, whiteboards, etc. These scanned documents can be saved in PDF, PNG, and JPG and sent directly with your email or stored in Dropbox. Additional features include multipage scanning and auto edge detection to crop the unwanted parts. This app is convenient and straightforward to use but lacks OCR functionality.



This next app in the list of CamScanner alternatives is TapScanner, which includes taking three accompanying photos with one click and creating a single image with perfect details. So, Users can use filters and edit images immediately after scanning them if needed as the auto-detection of borders and auto trimming of edges fix the image on its own. The TapScanner supports OCR, cloud backup, and saves scanned documents as PDF, JPG, and PNG. Well, Another feature unique to TapScanner is that it allows users to digitally sign a PDF file like DocuSign, which is another third party application.

Fast Scanner


It’s Another one on the list of best alternatives to CamScanner is Fast Scanner, capable of scanning multiple pages at once. Plus, with that, this is the fastest CamScanner alternative on the list without compromising on quality. This auto edge detection does not work very well but can be managed manually. So, Fast Scanner supports cloud services like Google Drive and Evernote and local disk storage as a JPG or PDF file. Aside from other essential features, the speed of scanning is genuinely remarkable.

Evernote Scannable


As a great user experience on Apple devices like iPhone or iPad, Evernote Scannable is the best recommended CamScanner alternative that you can use. The application is also available on Android as a built-in feature with the Evernote app that is generally preinstalled. At iOS, you can click the link given below and install it for free. The Evernote Scannable allows the users to scan any documents from simple notes to business cards, from receipts to ID cards and any other document type. So, Intelligent edge and auto trimming features are present, along with support for saving files as PDF or JPG. Users can now email the scanned documents from within the app or store them on cloud service after integrating it with Evernote. There is no OCR support, which undoubtedly acts as a drawback if you want to edit the documents you scanned.

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The best alternatives to CamScanner is PhotoScan by Google. The application is different from all the other apps listed here but does share specific capabilities that Camscanner possessed and was often used for. So, I am talking about scanning photos printed on paper and accurate color and astonishing clarity. Well, Google has taught a robust algorithm that converts a printer photo into a digital image just the way it is supposed to be without missing on the minute details. The algorithm works on the concept of post-processing and does not leave any glares or blemishes. This auto edge detection leads to an auto-crop of very accurate photos, and there is no need for manual intervention.

ScanPro App


However, CamScanner is a prevalent software, and the ScanPro App is a CamScanner alternative that has been underrated even though it had a unique feature of searching the scanned files by a text written in the file. That way, you could type in a phrase or sentence you remembered reading in the document, and the ScanPro App would locate them for you in the scanned copy. Additional power-packed features include scan all types of documents like receipts, QR codes, ID cards, Whiteboards, and many different documents types. So, Auto crop and Edge detection are similar to that of the Camscanner, but the document editing feature is better as you can add annotations.

Some common scanning app features present in other apps are also present in the ScanPro App, like OCR text scanning and multipage scan in batch mode. These scanned documents can be saved in PDF or JPG file formats, and the scanned output can be directly uploaded to cloud services.

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Final Words:

These comprised the ten best alternatives to CamScanner that have the same features or even more to offer. Well, I prefer using Microsoft Office Lens as I have been using Microsoft products for a long time now. Amongst others, TapScanner and Scanbot were quite similar and can be termed as closest Camscanner alternatives. So, Do try them and tell us which one you choose and why.

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