Why Backup is Still a Good Bet for Keeping Data Safe

The modern business with data stands still, and few things can hurt as much as losing them. Because data is, next to qualified employees and specialists, the greatest treasure of a corporation, or for an individual, it requires special attention and protection.

The most common way of backing up important data is to do a backup with commonly available software and simply duplicate the most important resources within one local computer. However, this solution is not advisable, because any computer can be hacked and lost because of theft, or your computer is low on memory to hold stacked backup files.

Have you noticed that the amount of important files on your computer is equipped with Windows 10? It expands exponentially, so you are looking for a solution that can keep them safe, perhaps on disk or any other external storage devices, so as not to lose them in case of unforeseen or damaged devices. It seems obvious to me that you need a reservation. Windows 10 offers many solutions in this regard, both standard ones and those released by third parties as standalone programs.

Why MiniTool ShadowMaker?

MiniTool ShadowMaker is used by hundreds of thousands of users and has built a reputation for being “ridiculously simple” backup software. Its latest version combines complete system protection with synchronizing large folders and backups from Shared folder in one simple and complete backup solution for your computer.

For a quick reference, I’d like to list the latest updates revealed by the developer.

  • German & Japanese added.
  • Improve Email Notification.
  • Bug fix for synchronizing large folders.
  • Allow adding backups from Shared folder in Bootable Edition.

Before taking you into the world of backup, it’s a good idea to understand some simple concepts about what types of storage different programs can use. When choosing an external drive, it is worth paying attention to the more expensive models with SSD memory. Magnetic disks are more prone to malfunctions as well as mechanical damage.

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Combined Backup Strategies

The recipe for a perfect backup is a combination of several different backup solutions. Nothing prevents you from simultaneously keeping copies of data locally, in a secure form, on dedicated NAS drives or other storage devices in the local network, and in a cloud service, outside your own server room. It is even recommended to have several backups on different devices and in different locations. This can be done with a simple external hard drive, a more or less advanced network drive, for example Network Attached Storage, supported by long-term backup.

In addition to NAS and servers, which can essentially perform whatever functions their administrator assigns them, there is also a special category of hardware that is designed solely for maintaining backups. This is called Purpose – Built Backup Appliances, or servers optimized for backup, equipped with redundant power and memory systems, ensuring data encryption at rest and automating data backup and recovery processes.

To overcome concerns about data security outside your premises, it is worth encrypting it in advance. Off-site data storage has the advantage that it makes us immune to the effects of failures, catastrophes and other unforeseen events.

Backup to Keep Data Safe in Most Cases

How to say you can’t wait to find out how to backup Windows 10 computer go directly to work? Backup is still the simplest and most effective method to protect your computer data and restore it when needed.

In particular, I just let you know the different types of backups that can be created with the mentioned MiniTool ShadowMaker program, and it can really help achieve your goal by minimal effort. To be free, the range of functions offered by this program is truly remarkable, and with the interface and the presence of several languages, everything is even easier.

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Final Words

Each of the backup methods listed has its own strengths and weaknesses: it is up to you to choose the method that best suits your needs and, on this basis, the most useful backup program for your purposes.

If you’ve come this far, it means you’ve learned the importance of data back and most efficient methods and programs to serve your backup purposes. But if among the solutions I’ve shown you haven’t found what’s right for you yet, I bet you’ll find what you’re looking for with my future posts!

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