Top 7 Best Live Streaming WordPress Plugins In 2022

This post will explain Best live streaming wordpress plugins. Live streaming is a popular approach to keep your audience interested and grow your audience. However, when you go live, you must ensure that your audience’s experience is as seamless as possible, or they will quickly abandon you.

Top 7 Best WordPress Video Live Streaming Plugins In 2022

In this article, you can know about Best live streaming wordpress plugins here are the details below;

We’ve hand-picked the best live video streaming plugins in this article to handle the backend operations so you can focus on presenting yourself and your brand in the best possible light.

Let’s discover how to find the best live streaming WordPress plugin for your site before we go into the list.

What is the Finest WordPress Plugin for Live Streaming?

When you stream videos/tapes in real time, you can reach-out to a wider audience and communicate with them directly. Live announcements, events, and competitions help you capture your visitors’ interest and enhance conversions.

However, providing a smooth experience is critical. Viewers can be turned off by glitches and pauses. Instead, invest in a professional setup that allows you to increase engagement and conversions.

You no longer need to make a large investment or hire a developer because there are numerous tools available online. However, you must choose the correct live streaming WordPress plugin to acquire the capabilities you require.

When selecting the best live video streaming plugin for your WordPress site, keep the following factors in mind:

  • Simple user interface: Plugins should make it simple for anyone to go live, post movies, and edit them while on the move.
  • Responsive: Viewers can join you from a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. You’ll need a completely responsive live stream plugin for this, so your video changes to their screen size automatically.
  • Site speed: Videos and live streaming might place a strain on your server, causing it to slow down. A good plugin will guarantee that your videos do not slow down your website.
  • Social media integration: The finest live streaming WordPress plugin will allow you to stream live videos from your Facebook and YouTube accounts. This increases engagement while also saving storage space on your site.

Let’s take a glimpse at some of the best live streaming WordPress plugins available.

The Best WordPress Plugins for Live Streaming

We chose plugins that are beginner-friendly, inexpensive, and feature-rich from the market. Plugins that allow you to live stream videos directly on your WordPress site as well as connect to sites like Facebook, Youtube, and Instagram are available. Let’s get going. Also check Instapage alternatives

1. Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon

Smash Balloon is the best WordPress live streaming plugin, allowing you to stream live videos on your site in only a few clicks. It’s a strong yet easy-to-use plugin that even non-programmers can utilise.

You’ll get a feeds editor with Smash Balloon, which you can use to customise the layout and styling of your live stream videos. Your live stream page might have a light, dark, or custom theme. The plugin also allows you to save these movies to your website so that viewers who missed the live stream can watch them later.

Smash Balloon is also fully responsive, so your live streams will look great on any device. Your social media feeds will be optimised for the best user experience, which is also beneficial to SEO results.

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You may use Smash Balloon to generate automated social network feeds to exhibit your posts, photographs, albums, and videos on your website in addition to livestreaming.

All major social networking channels, such as Facebook and YouTube, are supported by Smash Balloon. It actually has five separate social feed plugins for various social media platforms. They’re as follows:

  • Facebook Feeds Pro: Broadcast live videos, display statuses, posts, images, and albums from your Facebook page or group • Instagram Feeds Pro: Add Instagram stories, tagged feeds, & more to your website • Twitter Feeds Pro: Showcase your tweets, create Twitter cards, and multiple feeds according to your preferences • YouTube Feeds Pro: Display YouTube videos, feeds, and live streams on your WordPress site

You can pay for just the platform you need with single plugins, or you can pay for all of them with an all-access package deal.

  • No coding required to set up and use • Secure and dependable • Fully responsive and SEO friendly • Compatible with Gutenberg editor • Customization options to change the look and feel of your live streaming events
  • Add many videos and feeds to your social media platforms • Intelligent feed caching and backup mechanism ensures fast site speed and performance

Pricing: Starts at $49 per year for one social feed plugin. The all-access package is $299 and includes one year of support and updates.

2. WpStream


WpStream is another excellent live streaming WordPress plugin. It enables you to easily broadcast live videos on your website.

You can select a monthly streaming pro plan that is affordable for you. These options allow you to customise services like video on demand and pay per view to meet your specific needs.

WpStream’s official website and YouTube channel both have well-documented guides and video tutorials. You may also monetize your content by integrating WooCommerce with your live feeds.

  • Data encryption feature • Cross-browser compatibility • Connect with broadcasting software such as OBS, Wirecast, Larix, and others • Each live video event is displayed on a separate page

Prices begin at $19 per year. There is a trial period available.

3. WebinarPress


WebinarPress is a good alternative if you want to host live webinars on your WordPress site. It allows you to customise the look of your webinar pages using customization choices.

It is simple to use, so anyone may hold live webinars without having to hire a professional developer. This plugin does not mandate any technical knowledge.

WebinarPress makes it simple to communicate with your audience. They can then use the question and answer feature to communicate with you. Also check activecampaign alternatives

The plugin also lets you ask your readers to sign up for your email list and send email reminders.

  • Fully responsive • Export attendees as a CSV file • Compatible with the majority of WordPress themes • Option to replay video after the live webinar has concluded • Add live webinars from Youtube, Vimeo, and other sources

The annual fee starts at $197. offers a free version.

4. Embed Plus.

Embed Plus

Embed Plus for YouTube is a simple WordPress plugin that allows you to embed live YouTube videos on your blog.

All you ought to do is add a YouTube channel link. If a live stream is available, it will appear on your site automatically. While a preset style is available, you may also personalise the appearance of your YouTube live streams on your website.

This plugin is amazing since it allows you to hide the YouTube logo and player controls on your videos. It even allows you to choose between light and dark themes for your live feeds.

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One thing to bear in mind is that, while there is a free version, it only has very limited functionality. This may work for novices, but if you want true live streaming on your site, you’ll need to subscribe to the premium version.

Features: • Fully responsive • Compatible with Gutenberg editor • YouTube video playlist autoplay option • Showcase YouTube premieres on your site • Customize videos to match your site layout

The annual fee starts at $39.99. offers a free version.

5. Free Livestreaming

Free Livestreaming

Free Livestream is a free WordPress plugin for live streaming. It is simple to set up and use, making it an excellent choice for novices. In fact, there’s a one-click broadcast feature that allows anyone to rapidly stream live footage.

With only one click, you can stream live videos on your WordPress site and share them on social media sites.

The best feature about Free Livestream is that it will host your live streams for free on its Hapity cloud storage. Furthermore, because the plugin is lightweight, it will not slow down your website while it is live.

The disadvantage is that it lacks support and documentation because it is a free plugin. It also makes use of Flash, which may cause issues for certain of your live stream users.

  • Go live from your WordPress site in 5 minutes
  • Simple and lightweight backup generator for your live streams

Free of charge.

6. All-in-One Video Gallery.

All-in-One Video Gallery

The best video-sharing plugin for WordPress sites is All-in-One Video Gallery.

Without any coding skills, you may quickly add live stream movies to your website. This plugin has a free version, but to broadcast live stream videos on your site, you must upgrade to the premium version.

You can then import videos from YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, and other sites. You can also include play/pause, timer, progress bar, volume button, and other player controls. Also check Time saving tips

With a plugin like Smash Balloon, you can have all of the same capabilities and a lot more for a lot less money.

  • Responsive design • Grid and list display options • Social sharing options • Gutenberg editor compatibility

The cost is $47.88 per year. offers a free version.

7. Flow


Finally, Flow-Flow is a social media feed application that allows you to display feeds from many websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Your social media streams will appear beautiful on any device because it is entirely responsive.

You can quickly connect your social network accounts to your WordPress blog and stream videos, pictures, and other posts. You may also customise the look of your feeds by changing the layout.

  • Translation of the plugin into your native language • Responsive galleries and widgets
  • Social sharing possibilities • Compatible with major web browsers
  • Layout and settings can be customised

Prices begin at $39 per year. offers a free version.

Which WordPress Plugin for Live Streaming is the Best?

Now that we’ve examined the best video live streaming WordPress plugins available, we can assist you in determining which one is the best. We looked at which plugin genuinely gives you everything you need to live stream while choosing our top selection.

Our conclusion?

Smash Balloon is a powerful yet simple plugin that allows you to display social media live videos on your website. It’s fairly priced and built using best principles.

You may also add social media feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube, such as posts, videos, photos, and more. It also has a tonne of cool capabilities for customising your live streaming page.

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