Best Places To Nurture Yourself In Tagaytay

There is a new concentrated emphasis people have been putting on self-care and development. And as it should be for visible reasons. There are a lot of sources of toxicity present in our environment and the society that a great majority of the working and studying class are seeking reprieve from their stressful surroundings for a breath of fresh air.

If it’s fresh air and a place to do self-care that you desire then you need not look far, because you can find it in Tagaytay. A city with a fitting atmosphere for relaxation and places to feel one step closer to a better self. Below are the best places to nurture yourself in Tagaytay:

Tierra de Maria

For those whose go-to stress reliever is their strong religious foundation, Tierra de Maria should be at the top of your itineraries. One of the best places to visit for calming your mind and “finding yourself” is the quaint church of Tierra de Maria, which is famously known for granting wishes and prayers. Its quiet atmosphere gives will calm you down in a jiffy and take your mind to that place where you can find some inner peace.

Tagaytay Highlands

Tagaytay Highlands’ properties are built for rest and recreation and they also serve good food. Just the beautiful mountain ridge surrounding around the property itself is enticing for those that are looking for some solid me-time. A community of ergonomically laid out log cabins, golf courses, and a scenic countryside await your nurture-seeking presence.

Bodhi Mind and Body Shop

A perfect one-stop-shop for retreat and enlightenment, Bodhi Mind and Body Shop got all your meditation needs on deck. They have a public library that is also classified as an antiquarian bookstore, with almost a thousand books from the owner’s own personal collection on hand for your food-for-thought needs, some are rare whose publication dates back to the 1900s. The library also showcases beautiful artworks made by different artists.

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Nurture Wellness Village

Detox your body and release all your physical stress in this hidden garden at Tagaytay. Nurture Wellness offers three packages that consist of an overnight stay with a garden view, breakfast for two, with detox drinks, a Tai Chi Gong session, plus a demo on how to make a healthy juice. Nurture Wellness is equipped to help you with your nurturing stress-free journey.


Fostering yourself is a vital cog in reaching your potential so better approach it with the mindset of growth in order to be the best you can be for yourself and for the important people in your life. Now you are aware that there are numerous means out there that can help you do just that, plan the trip that has the possibility to change yourself for the better.


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Angelo Castelda is a known feature writer and contributor for a news magazine in Asia. One of his most featured articles talks about the beauty of the Philippines. On his free days, he loves to travel around the country and wishes to explore all 7,641 islands on all 81 provinces.

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