COVID-19: What Steps Your Business Should Take During Coronavirus Pandemic

COVID-19 is a worldwide pandemic that is affecting millions of people across the globe. Businesses of all types and sizes are facing a challenging time because of coronavirus pandemic. Businesses are shutting down and are shifting to remote work during this challenging time. No matter what type of products or services offer, creating a new working model and social distancing is the only possible solution to prevent the spread of this infection.

Coronavirus is significantly impacting the economy and many small businesses are uncertain about their future. Many companies have started working from home, canceled meetings, conferences, and other business events. It’s high time for businesses to protect their business, their employees, and their customers by taking some preventive actions. They need to revise their sales and revenue goals, product strategies and timelines, and operating plans so that everyone is on the same page.

If you are a marketer and thinking of minimizing the loss due to coronavirus pandemic, here are some marketing strategies every business should implement.

Implement Work from Home Model

To stop the spread of coronavirus, businesses all over the globe have started working from home. Your business should also focus on this working model until the pandemic comes to an end. Not only does this strategy will save you, your company, your employees, but it also keeps you from becoming the cause of this fatal virus spread.

Don’t Panic

People these days are panicking. It’s the right time to focus on your audience’s needs and put your maximum efforts to address their needs. For instance, if you are a healthcare business providing informative articles and tips, you might produce content for your audience that guide them on how they can prevent themselves from coronavirus pandemic. Similarly, if you are a marketing agency, your main focus is to help your clients how to save them during this hard time and how to come up with a marketing strategy to meet the specific purchasing needs of your customers.

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Cancel Product Launch and Other Business Events

If your corporate dinner, annual picnic, conference, or any other business event is scheduled, postpone all your activities. It’s not the time for gathering your audience and releasing your new product. It’s the time of social distancing. During this stressful time, no one cares about your product release or business event. So, put off all of your corporate events until things settle down.

Work on Other Projects

Though it’s not the right time for releasing new products, you can work on other projects that can strengthen your branding efforts. If your company offers services such as website design in Dubai, web development, and mobile app development services, your team can invest their time and efforts on some important projects. For instance, you can create a new website, revamp your existing business website, create an ebook, improve your branding message, gather material for a webinar, create a new offer, or develop an effective business strategy. No matter what type of your project is, now is the time to work on it.

Engage Your Audience on Social Media

Due to coronavirus pandemic, you can’t attend business events and conferences, but you can harness the power of social media and do things online to strengthen your marketing efforts. For instance, you can go live on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter and discuss some important topics that your audience wants to learn. Whether you are a fashion website, Dubai logo design company, real estate company, or financial institute, you can take time to come up with video tutorials to engage your audience and solve their problems. Besides creating informative videos, also upload relevant content on your social media profiles that speak to the needs of your audience.

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Refine Your SEO Strategy

It’s a great time to optimize your website by improving its content and SEO strategy and come up with more effective marketing solutions. Carefully review your website to check what areas such as content, keywords, and graphics of your website need your attention. Update the most popular blogs by adding valuable information to provide more value to your customers and improve your rankings in the search engines. Start collecting data and ideas for your next content marketing plan. Check what is not working and what works well within your strategy and then adjust your budget accordingly.

Help Your Community

During this hard time, help your employees, customers, and everyone who has been infected by the virus. Try to help your community with available resources, technology, services, skillset, and everything that you can do to help humanity during this stressful time. Though it’s not an effective business strategy, it is the right thing that you can do for your audience.


The conscious shutdown due to COVID-19 is affecting our lives and day to day business. This pandemic is changing the way we work and shop, so companies need to revamp their business model. Companies are advised to work smarter and come up with an effective marketing plan to deliver the products and services during this coronavirus downturn. Following these tips and taking preventive actions to control the spread of the coronavirus can help you save lives and your business.

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