20 Best CRM Software For Small Businesses In 2024

This post will explain crm software for small businesses. In the last 20 years, we have actually seen an excellent increase in the whole idea of “comprehending your clients.” This concept completely makes sense. If you comprehend what problems your consumers are facing, you can offer the right solutions. With this idea, businesses comprehended the importance of developing a deeper relationship with customers. Organizations offer ideal solutions, clients can fix their problems, so it’s win-win for both celebrations! In the process of building a much deeper relationship with your clients, CRM software can be a terrific tool.

With unlimited insights on client preferences and purchasing behavior, client relationship management a.k.a. CRM has actually been accepted with open arms by all sort of services. Now, even start-ups and small companies are using CRM to facilitate their marketing and sales procedures.

20 Best CRM Software in 2024 To Scale Up Your Small Businesses

In this article, you can know about crm software for small businesses here are the details below;

Well, my task is to reveal you the best CRM software available right now, especially for small businesses. After scrolling through practically every CRM tool and limitless referrals, I have actually limited 20 CRMs that small businesses can use. All these tools fall under the affordable variety or have some kind of special selling proposition (USP) that could make it best for your service.

Prior to we delve into the list, let’s take a look at these data on the CRM industry. I bumped into these statistics while studying, and I think these numbers will empty the air if you’ve got any distrust on the importance of CRM for your small company.

 Fascinating data on CRM software

– CRM software is among the most significant software markets in the world, anticipated to grow around $49 billion in revenue by 2025.

– Retail, business services, and technology are the three leading industries utilizing CRM software.

– 91 percent of North American companies, with more than 10 employees use a CRM system.

– Lastly, a CRM system can increase sales by 29 percent, sales performance by 34 percent, and sales projection accuracy by 42 percent.

We can all approve that CRM is a necessity for any modern-day company. So, let’s assist you discover the best CRM software for your small company. We didn’t include pricing details here due to the fact that the cost of the software has a tendency to change and some business run periodic specials. Inspect the links to each CRM software for the latest prices.

 Best CRM software for SMBs

1. Salesmate


The first CRM on the list is a perfect option for small companies & startups– Salesmate. This CRM is a budget-friendly choice for growing services with a lot of valuable components that can streamline your deals and transaction processes.  You can get toll-free and virtual telephone digit and start earning calls. Here are some other features you’ll discover in Salesmate:

 Salesmate functions

– Sync with Google apps (G Suite).

– Workflow automation.

– 360-degree client view with clever contact management system.

– Email automation.

– Deal management.

– Shared team inbox

– Product and services management.

– Mobile CRM for Android and iOS.

– Integrations with Gmail, Drive, ClearBit, Zapier, RingCentral, PieSync, Slack, Wufoo, and many more.

– Activity management.

– Visual sales reports, sales analytics, revenue reports, goal tracking.

– Sales forecasting.

 2. Pipedrive


Pipedrive is a wonderful option for any category of organization. With more than 100 combinations, Pipedrive makes things easier for all size of teams. With a great deal of exciting functions in the suite, pipeline management is a clear USP of Pipedrive. Why do not we take a look at some other important functions of this CRM?

 Pipedrive functions

– Pipeline management.

– Email integration.

– Activity and goal tracking.

– Sales reporting and sales forecasting.

– CRM apps for Android and iOS.

– Integrations with Plecto, Pipechimp, GetAccept, Toky, and many more.

– Workflow automation.

– Multilingual and multicurrency system.

 3. Insightly


Insightly is an user-friendly CRM for multilevel organizations with a great deal of interesting functions This CRM includes integrated project management and delivery system that can help you manage your tasks and tasks better. Let’s take a look at a rare of the essential features used by Insightly.

 Insightly features.

– Lead tracking and routing.

– Workflow automation.

– Email tracking.

– Project management and delivery.

– Build and release customized apps.

– Mobile app for Android and iOS.

– Integrations with more than 25 tools.

 4. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is developed for each kind of organization. It is one of the most famous CRM among Indian businesses. The CRM is developed in India to generate more leads, get more conversions, and grow your business. Zoho can be a terrific option for your business. Take a look at some of its functions

 Zoho features.

– Bring all your channels in one place and create an orderly environment.

– Connect social media accounts and create leads.

– Connect with website guests through live chat.

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– Zia AI from Zoho provides insights on trends, conversions, and deal closings.

– Smart analytics and forecasting.

– Customization capabilities to work with the CRM the way you desire.

 5. Freshsales


Similar to Salesmate, Freshsales also has built-in telephone systems (freshcaller) to connect with customers directly. Freshsales deals lead scoring, activity tracking, sales pipeline, and other exciting functions. Regardless of having restricted integrations, Freshsales can be a great choice for small companies and startups. Let’s take a look at a occasional  features of Freshsales.

Freshsales functions:

– Built-in calling and texting (through Freshcaller).

– Lead scoring and lead project.

– Contact management with jobs, notes, and files.

– Visuals sales pipeline and offer management.

– Real-time tracking of visitors.

– Email sync and tracking.

– Smart analytics and forecasting.

6. HubSpot


HubSpot is one of the earliest CRM software for small organization. Although, a few of the HubSpot strategies might seem overpriced for small companies. However HubSpot’s concept is this: Pay according to your needs. Let’s check out some of its features. Also check Wiki software for linux

 HubSpot Features

– Marketing automation.

– Team e-mail.

– Email tracking.

– Blog and material optimization.

– Social media and SEO technique tools.

– Gmail and Outlook combinations.

– Email signature.

– Predictive lead scoring.

– Recurring earnings tracking.

– Live chat.

– A/B screening.

 7. Close


Close is a sales focused CRM for within sales groups. The purpose of Close CRM is to help sales groups close more deals by optimizing their sales cycle. Simply like Salesmate, Close CRM is one of the first corporations to supply a built-in calling feature. Let’s take a look at some other components provided by Close CRM:

 Close features

– Email syncing and tracking with insights.

– Bulk emailing with personalized templates.

– Sales goals tracking.

– Sales employee efficiency.

– Integrations with Zapier, Zendesk, Wufoo, and others.

– Built-in calling with SMS.

– Predictive dialer to make numerous calls simultaneously.

 8. Copper


Copper CRM is committed to reducing human efforts in repeated jobs like information entry. Encouraged by G Suite apps, this CRM is developed in a method that lets users comprehend the system extremely rapidly. Let’s have a glance at its functions

Copper features.

– Auto information fetching that conserves data entry.

– Lead management.

– Contact management system.

– Visual pipeline management.

– Task management & notifies.

– G Suite combinations.

– Sales forecasting reports and insights.

– Workflow automation.

– Integrations with Zendesk, Xero, RingCentral, Slack, and much more.

 9. Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell

Zendesk Sell is a Sales mechanization software that assists sales teams improve presence of their pipelines. Sell also concentrates on lead prioritization, so groups can close more clients. Let’s have a peek at some of the parts and prices plans of Zendesk Sell.

 Zendesk features

– Built-in calling and SMS.

– Email tracking.

– Integrations with Slack, Dropbox, Google Suite, MailChimp, and more.

– Contact management system.

 10. Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft has scooped its hands in the CRM ocean again. Supplying an all-in-one solution for sales and marketing teams, Dynamics 365 can assist businesses with marketing automation, list building & tracking, enhancing sales processes. Obviously, 365 permits users to get in touch with other Microsoft apps like Outlook, Lync, Word, Excel, and others.

Let’s take a look at a rare of the essential functions by Dynamics 365.

 Microsoft Dynamics 365 functions

– Sales insights and forecasting.

– AI-driven sales insights to enhance sales.

– Integrations with LinkedIn Sales Navigator and other Microsoft apps.

– Sales efficiency tools.

 11. Salesforce


Salesforce is the captain in the CRM game, although it is designed mainly for larger businesses and enterprises. This CRM has different modules like Sales, Service, Marketing, Commerce, and Engagement. Let’s have a stare at some of the crucial function of Salesforce.

 Salesforce features

– Contact management system.

– Opportunity management to close more deals.

– Lead management.

– Sales insights and forecasting.

– Email integrations.

– Workflow automation.

– Create a client journey and touchpoints.

– Data management platform.

– Google marketing platform.

 12. Capsule


Pill CRM is more focused on bringing all client data to one place, so sales teams can close deals mindfully. This CRM is also focused on lead task and group management. Pill provides a contact supervisor where you can check out all the information of your clients and likewise track the development of offers.

Let’s have a eye at some of the functions of Capsule CRM.

 Pill CRM functions

– Track history, documents, tasks, and information of contacts at one location.

– Search center to collect results throughout the system.

– Task management.

– Sales pipeline management.

– Insightful reports.

– Track sales performance.

– Sales forecasting.

– Track group efficiency.

 13. AgileCRM


In the checklist of best CRM for small business, here we have a solid option. AgileCRM is an inexpensive CRM for small and medium-sized companies with a great deal of reasonable features Agile has protected every tiny feature that a company can utilize starting from file signing to trade automation. The major problem with Agile CRM is its frustrating variety of features. Not all companies require whatever. When a small company goes with Agile, it has to spend for loads of unneeded features. Plus, the extra features make the entire system unpleasant to deal with. Also check Proposal software

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Let’s take a look at Agile’s features.

Agile features.

– 360-degree client view.

– Contact management software.

– Track offers and set milestones.

– Appointment scheduling.

– Project management tool.

– Built-in telephony.

– Workflow automation.

– Landing page builder.

– Connect with social channels.

– Email marketing & Tracking.

 14. AmoCRM


AmoCRM has a various approach compared to the tools listed here. Amo enables you to incorporate very important channels to a single platform where you can manage all the messages. Amo’s approach makes it various from other CRM tools and makes it perfect for services with social queries. Let’s have a watch at some other features of AmoCRM.

 AmoCRM features

– Check sales development.

– Lead tracking and nurturing.

– Display targeted advertisements.

– Task and alerts.

– Smart sales analytics.

– VoIP integration for calling.

– Mobile CRM.

 15. SugarCRM


SugarCRM provides a large range of features that covers sales and marketing procedures. It’s an all-in-one solution. Let’s take a closer bring a look at a few of the functions of Sugar.

 SugarCRM functions

– Quotes management.

– Sales and marketing insights and analytics.

– Sales forecasting.

– Workflow automation

– Easy modification.

– Mobile CRM apps.

– Create, perform, and track marketing campaigns.

– Project management

– Sales lead management.

– Connect social channels.

 16. PipelineDeals


Following on the list of best CRM for small businesses is PipelineDeals. This CRM is concentrated on improving sales pipelines for groups. PipelineDeals features customization capabilities, so you can develop the CRM the way you desire. Examining at the pricing, this CRM can be an excellent alternative for small and medium-scale organizations.

 PipelineDeals functions

– Sales pipeline management.

– Real-time status updates on recent activities.

– Powerful reporting and analytics.

– Lead management and nurturing.

– Lead sourcing.

– Contact management system.

– Team management insights.

– Activity and goal tracking.

 17. Nimble


Nimble is an inexpensive CRM with only one prices plan that covers the majority of the important functions that a small company needs. Active CRM also provides expert system that helps you find emails, phone numbers, and other information for your potential customers.

 Active features

– Personalized group messaging.

– Email design templates.

– Deal pipeline management.

– Unified message inbox.

– Sales forecasting and reporting.

– Contact management software.

– Email sync and tracking.

– Activity and task management.

 18. Act CRM


Act CRM is designed to offer marketing abilities to small and midsize services. Though some of the goals of Act might be frustrating for small companies, many strategies cover what is essential. Act rates prepares start from $35/User/Month up to $399/Account/Month, using different marketing automation features

Let’s have a glimpse at a few of the functions of Act CRM

 Act CRM features.

– Contact management.

– Create, run, and track marketing campaigns with automation.

– Activity tracking and signals.

– Lead management.

– Workflow automation.

– Pipeline management and automation.

– Interactive dashboard with insights and reports.

– Mobile CRM.

 19. Spot CRM.

Spot CRM.


Spot CRM desires you to manage leads, tasks, support, and everything from Gmail. The process of Streak CRM is to keep you knowledgeable about the environment, hence Gmail. Let’s assume a peek at some of the intriguing functions from Streak. Also check Free accounting software

 Streak CRM features

– Deal management from Gmail.

– Task management and tips.

– Contact management.

– Email tracking.

– Data with interactive visuals.

– Bulk emailing.

– Mobile CRM.

 20. Bitrix24


The last one on the list of finest CRM software for small company in 2019 is a multipurpose tool that covers communication, task managing, CRM, and support features with an excellent interface. Bitrix24 likewise provides features that can assist you construct landing pages for your business.

Let’s take a look at a few of the crucial features used by Bitrix24.

 Bitrix24 functions

– Chat and video interaction platform.

– Task and job management.

– Document management system.

– Sales funnel and pipeline management.

– 360-degree client view.

– Sales automation.

– Multichannel marketing from a single platform.

– Customer assistance.

– Send out quotes and billings.

– Built-in telephone system.

 Bottom line on CRM software

There are multiple choices readily available in the market, however there’s one perfect CRM that satisfies the majority of your service requirements. As a small business, you have to precisely identify your needs so you can choose the best CRM for you. Every CRM in this list brings a distinct selling proposal. For instance, Salesmate offers built-in telephone systems, shared team inbox and workflow automation at affordable rates. Or Pipedrive is superb in pipeline managing. If your requirement matches with the USP of any of these CRM software, that’s your pick.

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