Developing Content Strategy – The Complete Guide For 2020

Content is king – and it will still be in 2020. Businesses have realized that their marketing campaigns are incomplete without strong content marketing strategies.

Looking at the last few years, innumerable content writing services have cropped up and morphed into a full scale industry, helping businesses, individuals and all sorts of professionals with their content needs.

A brilliant content strategy can do a lot for a business. It can help increase online visibility about the brand and bolster its popularity. It also helps to establish a bulletproof rapport with customers and leads to brilliant conversion rates.

A great content strategy can also help to manipulate the search engine indices and help your brand rank as an authoritative source in its niche, which can further improve your brand’s ranking on search engine page results.

Developing a Bulletproof Content Strategy For 2020

Developing a bulletproof content strategy for the upcoming year isn’t so hard. In fact, it’s all about number crunching and banking on the surest trends that are appearing in the industry.

So what does the 2020 content strategy consist of? Here are the important factors that go into creating the most bulletproof content strategy in the industry!

Consider the Audience You’re Creating For

It’s extremely important to consider the audience you plan to create content for. Research the demographics of your target audience – this should provide you with a blueprint on what your content should look like.

By researching your audience, you’re able to figure out what visuals, word choice, word length, topics and other factors are popular amongst them. This will help you curate content that will sell well.

Incorporate SEO Tactics in Your Content

A content strategy is a great time to figure out the tools you’re going to use to create bankable content.

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is one of the most powerful ways businesses can create content that improves visibility and revenue.

So consider off-page and on-page factors like page loading time, keywords, word length, call-to-actions, page layout and other SEO components that up your content marketing game.

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Consider Email Marketing

Include email marketing in your content strategy. In the last few years, researchers have observed the compelling effects of emails on customers – and many firms are including it in their content strategy.

Because emails require tons of work and meticulous preparation, make sure to include it in your content strategy to create material that customers won’t overlook!

Prioritize Your Traffic Rates

Traffic rates are extremely important and that’s what brand and businesses aim for. When it comes to content strategies, a great will piece result in equally amazing traffic rates.

So curate a content strategy that’s geared towards increasing traffic rates and drawing in new pools of customers. One of the aims of a powerful content strategy is to expand the brand’s customer base.

Aim For High Conversion Rates

Create a content strategy that aims for high conversion rates. Conversion rates indicate how compelling and powerful your content is, so focus your strategy on ensuring that conversion rates are high.

In fact, conversion rates are an indicator of success – and how well your brand is doing with its public image and customers, so include this in your strategy, too!

Collaborate With Influential People

A great content strategy doesn’t only focus on content and what it should look like; it also incorporates all types of branding and marketing tactics that can facilitate the content’s popularity.

Consider collaborating with influencers and other notable personalities. Include this in your content strategy to give it an edge above your competitors!

Use a Story Telling Narrative

According to research, a storytelling narrative sells very well. In other words, great content has a climax, ups and downs, and a heroic ending, so use storytelling to guide your write up.

Sticking to a narrative will also help guide your content strategy and streamline the process. It adds continuity to your content and also keeps the targeted audience enthralled.

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Create Original Content

A great content strategy will incorporate ideas that are innovative, new and original. In order to produce brilliant content, it’s important to brainstorm original topics your business plans to explore using content marketing.

Original content also ranks better than old, recycled material. It’s important for a sound content strategy to research and explore how the brand’s originality can be used to its advantage.

Have a Posting Schedule

A great content strategy also plans for the posting schedule. A posting schedule is extremely important to keep customers engaged and involved and to drive tons of traffic your way.

In fact, researchers claim that a strong posting schedule improves brand image, makes it look reliable and also establishes a positive rapport between itself and its customers. So consider spending time on deciding the posting schedule, too.

Hire Content Writers

Another component to consider for your content strategy is to see if you’re going to outsource your content needs or not. If you plan on working with content writing services and professional writers, plan for it in your strategy.

Professionally written material is well-received and ranks better on the search engine indices.

So consider including this in your content strategy in order to streamline your content needs and to make the process a very efficient one.


So what are you waiting for? Now that you know what a great content strategy consists of, you know what to do!

However, do know that your content strategy is going to be like any other business plan. It’s supposed to provide your content production with an axis or framework in order to streamline the process.

It should be complete and also incorporate changes that the content industry is very prone to.

A great content strategy is a well-rounded plan that ensures smooth content production and tons of revenue!

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