Things to Consider before choosing a Wedding Hall

Every wedding requires careful planning so as to make everything go real smooth. And all the decisions plays a major role in making your big day special. It is done so that your wedding day would have a big impact on every guest who has been invited. However, there is a decision that takes the cake. And that would be planning carefully and selecting a perfect Wedding Hall!

The wedding hall sets the tone of your wedding. Everything that you decide: the theme, the decoration, the lighting, and more. Everything depends on the wedding hall that you choose for your marriage. And that is exactly why you should choose your wedding hall very carefully. Now now, no need to fret. We are here to help you. So, to help you decide the perfect wedding hall, we will give you some essential factors that will assist you in your search.

Before we begin, you should keep in mind the following things:

  1. Begin your search for a wedding hall as early as you can
  2. Choose a hall that reflects you and your spouse
  3. Make sure that the wedding hall comes within your budget. Not that it actually about money management, but if you can get a hall that is cheap as well as perfect. Then, why not.
  4. If the hall allows outside catering service or if it has an in-house catering service
  5. Capacity of the Wedding Hall

So, without further ado, here are some things that you should consider before choosing your Wedding Hall:


It is quite obvious that choosing the hall would be the first thing that comes to the mind. The search for the perfect venue is something that you would want to take off of your planning list as soon as possible. However, at the end of the day, all of it comes down to how you want your hall to be. And you should know that people usually book their halls from one to one and a half years in advance. This is so because the early you are, the best halls you would be able to book. Other than that, you can get a wide range of choices. This way you can choose from the best.

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Everything that you decide about your wedding, comes down to this point: will you set your wedding date first or book the banquet hall first. It actually depends on what is more important, just getting married or getting married at your favorite venue. What you can do here without getting confused is mark 2 dates, one that includes your favorite venue and one that doesn’t include your venue.

In the end, it all depends on the flexibility of the timing. Because you may choose a date that includes your favourite season as well as your venue, or you may choose a date that doesn’t get mixed up in any other event that has been planned in your family. However, what most bride and groom do is, choose and book their favorite venue first, then set the ultimate date to their wedding according to the season they want to get married in.

Different Wedding Halls

There are couples who (in their own way to impress everyone in the family as well as friends) look for two different wedding hall. Two halls in the sense that they would use one for their marriage ceremony while they would use the other venue for their reception event. Usually, it is considered as a saving when couples choose one venue that would be the best and perfect for their wedding as well as reception. This way it would be convenient for your guests too as they don’t have to learn any new route to your venue.

However, if you have the budget and want to impress everyone, then go for it. But, remember that going from one venue to another will take time. So, calculate the distance accordingly because you would be taking along your guests as well. If they get tired on the way to the other venue, then who would dance at your reception or wedding.

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Accessibility of the Wedding Hall

When you are done deciding which venue to select for your fabulous wedding. There are some things that you should keep in mind:

  • You have to know how accessible will the venue be for your invitees as well as your guests.
  • Can the hall be easily reached by your guests or is the location going to take time to reach. This way you can tell them if they have to get out of their house early or not (if they are coming by their car).
  • Can the hall be found easily by guests who are not from around the area?

The accessibility part of the venue becomes extremely important when you have chosen two venues for the wedding as well as the reception. This is so because you have to ensure that guests who are coming by their own vehicle can find the way to these halls easily.

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