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Whenever I hear the word traveling it always gives me a sense of freedom from everyday routine life. When you are on the road you are learning new things every minute, traveling changes you from your core and adds so much positive in your personality that you start to see things differently. So it is highly recommended to go on a road journey at least once in a year to rediscover yourself and to get a whole new perspective in little things around you.

This world is full of many beautiful and mysterious places which are just out there waiting to be discovered. If you are planning for a trip in 2020, let us draw your attention to the seaside Somali capital of Mogadishu that can be a great place to visit for this year. In the world of tourism, Mogadishu is known as the ‘White pearl of the Indian Ocean’ and attracts tourists from all over the world. If you are a person who has a taste in history, Mogadishu is just the place for you to visit because this place owns rich high culture which dates back to the ancient time of the first century and it will be an unforgettable beautiful travel experience for you.

A Land of Culture and History:

Traveling to Mogadishu can be a time-travelling experience for you. This land is associated with different myths, stories from the era of the sultanates, Italian imperialism, republic and civil war. Although this region has remained a battle hub for many years things are changing now and the city is recovering from the destruction of civil war. Somali Diaspora who once left the city are now returning to their homeland and joining hands with the entrepreneurs in rebuilding.

Transforming Mogadishu:

Any person with an interest in heritage and culture must visit Mogadishu as it offers a wonderful experience in this regard. This place has some very exciting tourist destinations that offer a thrilling experience to its visitors. Although this city has a long history of civil war and terrorist militia and most of the countries in the world advised against traveling in this part of the world. But today’s Mogadishu is transforming. It is now governed by a central authority and private investors are coming back. It is pertinent to mention here that now this city is experiencing a boom not only in the real state sector but also in the hospitality, aviation and telecommunication industries.

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Mogadishu aims to provide all the facilities to tourists who are visiting its shores that they can enjoy anywhere in the world. One can now enjoy luxurious poolside, beautiful beaches which are surrounded by the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean. If you take a walk in the street you can witness the magnificent remains of Italian architecture. There are now street cafes which are selling the best Italian bread and cappuccino on the roadside. If this is what you want and make you wonder what it feels like to travel to Somalia then what are you waiting for contact a renowned and professional travel agency to book a cheap flight to Mogadishu and have a lifetime experience which only a few can enjoy.

Tourist attractions in Mogadishu:

Below is the list of few tourist attractions in the city which may grab your attention during your visit and add colorful memories in your trip.

Mogadishu Lighthouse:

This site was destroyed during the civil war but it is a major landmark of the city. Although it is not functional today, it gives an amazing view of the bay if you dare to climb up.

Black hawk down site:

Still today you can see the tanks and machines left by the US Army as they fled the area. Some remains of the US tanks are also present near to the sea and you can see them during the low tides.

Jazeera Beach:

It is just a few kilometers away from the capital city after Lido Beach. Thousands of people gather here on the weekends to relax and indulge in some water activities. Jazeera beach, no doubt one of the most impressive beaches in the world and it’s a must visit destination.

Arab-Rucun Mosque:

It’s also known as the mosque of four pillars. This mosque is one of the few places in the city that has not turned into a ruin. According to the local stories this mosque was built by the direct descendent of last Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).

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Mogadishu Cathedral:

This cathedral was built during the Italian colonial years but its ruins still tell its visitors what a magnificent piece of architecture it was. Recently Somali government has shown interest in building the Cathedral again as a symbol of religious harmony.

Bakara Market:

It is one of the biggest markets in Somalia with a wide range of everyday items. It was built in 1972 during the civil war. The demand for ammunition and weapons went so high that you can easily find pistol to anti-craft weapons here.

This is the brief introduction about a hidden gem in the African continent with improving security situations. There are few tour operators present in the country who can arrange your whole trip. Below is the information of a few tour operators which can help arrange your trip to Mogadishu.

Visit Mogadishu is a licensed and experienced tour company that has been providing its services in Mogadishu and its suburbs since 2012. Their services include visa processing, airport pick up and can find a cheap flight to Mogadishu for you, car rentals, escort accommodations, meals and professional tour guide.

Mogadishu Adventure is another reliable tour operator in Somalia who provides its comprehensive services for travelers in Mogadishu. They provide tourist visa service, five-star hotel accommodations, three meals a day and all the water you needed, free WIFI, English speaking tour guides, vehicles, 24/7 armed guards and securities, all the tolls, taxes, entrance fees and tickets and airport pick up.

Untamed Borders they also have been running trips to Mogadishu frequently for many years. Their tours are detailed, exceptional and they give you first-hand information about the city and try to make your trip a more interactive experience for you. Security is their main concern and they take all the security measures to ensure avoid any kind of unfortunate incident.

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