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Ontario is a province of Canada and is a beautiful tourist attraction. This place is home to numerous natural sites that includes endless forest and a large number of lakes. People visit this place to explore the beauty and the natural sites of the province. If you are planning to visit this place then check out the recent discounts before doing Air Canada booking

Major tourist attractions of Ontario are as follows:

Ontario is a home for numerous natural attractions that include large forest that is habitat for plants, animals, and birds. Also, there are a number of lakes, rivers, and waterfalls that make the journey of visitors excited. Some of the popular tourist attractions of Ontario are discussed below


  • Niagara Falls


Niagara Falls is a city in Ontario that is located on the bank of the Niagara River. This is a place that attracts millions of visitors. This city has a humid continental climate. Niagara falls in Canada carries the water nine times the amount of water carried by the Niagara falls of New York. You can go to the face of the falls with a boat cruise which is a very amazing experience. Also one can visit the butterfly park in Niagara Falls and there are an amusement park and exhibition center. 


  • Library of parliament 


The library of parliament is the main information repository and source of searches where anyone can enhance their knowledge. The building was established in 1876. This library has become a Canadian icon due to its popularity and can be seen in the currency of Canada. For instance, it can be seen on the coin of ten dollars. This building is a member of the Canadian Association of research libraries. It is the best place to explore much more about Canada. Must visit this place with Air Canada reservations that ensures you a comfortable flight lot of in-flight amenities. 

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  • Bruce Peninsula 


Present between the Georgian way and the Huron lake the Bruse Peninsula is very amazing. This area is home for both the plants and animals as it has the largest area of forest and natural habitat. The water of the bruce peninsula is crystal clear. Apart from various animals, this lake is also a flyway for migrating birds. It is a natural landscape with crystal clear water that one must visit. Just sign up with the official website of Air Canada and book online Air Canada tickets. 


  • Flowerpot island


The flowerpot island is located off the coast of Tobermory. This location is almost 4 hours away from Toronto. Visitors can reach this place on a boat. The island is so beautiful and gives a unique and amazing scenic view to the visitors. One can enjoy the water by walking along with the shores. This island is formed with rocks that look like flower pots. 


  • Sleeping, Giant


If you are out of the Sibley Peninsula then you will find the Sleeping Giant which is a very beautiful place to visit. The place is covered with natural beauty and there many different types of plants that are present here. There are many amazing views here and you can also do hiking. Do visit this place if you are a nature lover and an adventure enthusiast.

Ontario is the most recommended place when a tour to Canada is on your bucket list. Make your trip a worthy trip by booking your tickets with Air Canada airlines. This air provides an easy interface so that passengers can book the Air Canada online ticket in a comfortable manner. Also, they provide an official helpline number where the passenger can call to get rid of any queries and issues. 

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