Does Data Center Location Matter?

When it comes to real estate, everyone knows that location is a key factor. But did you know that the location of data centers is just as important? The location where data is stored is a factor that should never be overlooked because, unfortunately, the wrong locations have a tendency to mean reduced reliability and security among other factors. So, why is the location of a data center like DataSite Orlando so important? Let’s get into it.

Why Data Center Location Matters 

Reliability and Power 

First and foremost, data center location matters because it directly correlates to reliability, which is a crucial factor for any business. You need to ensure that you offer reliable service, as even the shortest of power outages can have detrimental effects on your company.

This being said, the location of your server’s data center should be in an area that is abundant in necessary power supplies and a backup unit that is in working order.


Security is one of the number one reasons that the location of your data center matters so much. The physical security of your company’s data is crucial in keeping the internal data that you manage safe and in capable, trust-worthy hands.

Without a secure physical location, sensitive data is left vulnerable to phishing, scams, and hackers who have ulterior motives for accessing it.


The level of connectivity at your data center is important to think about because you need good connectivity to access all your important data, since data comes from all over the world.  Without access to your data, your company won’t be able to function properly and is likely to run into a number of hardships.

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A data center that is located in an area that allows it to utilize various power grids will almost always have better connectivity than those who operate on their own grid and have no access to the power from others..


As a general rule of thumb, when your data center is located far away from those trying to access your data, the process of transferring the requested files can, and often is, very lengthy. Pages will take extra time to load and issues with latency can arise.

As a result, users might leave your site before your page loads, leading to missed opportunities and lower success rates. Keep in mind that most users won’t wait longer than 5 seconds for a page to load before navigating away. When there are much faster options available for internet users to get answers or purchase something, they won’t choose to wait for your website to load.

Don’t miss out on potential customers or lose website visitors just because of longer loading times on your website that hinders their customer experience.

How to Choose A Data Center Location 

Geographic Stability

A big factor to consider when searching for a new data center location is the physical stability of any given place. In other words, whether an area is prone to major seismic activity, weather events, and seasonal problems such as fires and floods.

Ideally, your data center should be located in a place that is free from as many of these risks as possible and that have plans in place for dealing with these occurrences.


Local climate is another factor in data center location. The general climate of the area in which the center stands will impact how much equipment and technology is necessary to keep the center at an appropriate temperature.

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If the center is located in a desert climate, you’ll likely have to pay to equip the building with cooling technology, whereas if it’s in a colder climate, your money will be spent on warming devices. This being said, having a data center located in a particularly scorching climate won’t be the best course of action if you’re someone who wants to try and avoid spending money on extra operating costs.

Proximity to Labor

There are areas of every country that no one really wants to live in. This should be considered heavily before deciding upon a location for your data center. Why? No one wants to live in rural areas where they have to commute hours to and from work at your center and if your center is located away from major cities, employees will have to commute.

This can make it difficult to secure skilled labor without falling victim to a rapid rate of employee turnover. It’s usually better for a data center to be located in a hub near a city or town with a substantial population for this very reason.


As you can see, data center location does matter. There are a number of reasons why this is so, which include the speed of published sites, center security, connectivity, and reliability. With this guide, you now have the necessary information to make an informed decision when it comes to setting up or choosing the right data centers.

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