Can Web Development Be Automated?

The digital world is transforming at a rapid pace. And so are the technologies and practices associated with it. Artificial intelligence for one is the key aspect of this digital revolution that’s increasingly being used by businesses and users for day-to-day activities.

Moreover, it wasn’t long ago that the global coronavirus pandemic brought everything to a halt. Lockdown and other restrictions forced us to find new ways to learn, work, and trade. And that’s where the internet played its part. As more and more people turned up to the internet, online businesses, sites, and apps started witnessing a drastic rise in users like never before. 

Not only did it increase the workload for web developers, but also made way for more opportunities as well as improvement in the web development scene. Entrepreneurs and innovators were quick to imagine the role artificial intelligence can play in web development. We’ll get to that but first, let’s understand what makes AI such a feasible alternative to our friendly human web developers.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Tech giants such as Amazon, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Apple have shown immense confidence in AI due to their unmatched ability of self-learning. But that’s not all! Features such as speech recognition, problem-solving, planning, learning, perception, reasoning, knowledge, decision-making, and the ability to manipulate and move objects are what make AI, machine learning, and other autonomous technologies a reliable alternative to human beings. Or does it? 

Reality suggests that innovations like Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual reality (VR), the internet of things (IoT), and cloud computing platforms have already replaced humans for a variety of tasks. AI-powered solutions are frequently being used in many sectors from finance to health, and media to retail. They’re widely used to carry out a number of business operations and functions such as data analysis, communications, sales & support, robotics, and many more. But while the scope and scale of these technologies may vary, automation remains integral to all of them. After all, who doesn’t like “automatic”? Web developers? 

Well, let’s find out.

Artificial Intelligence in Web Development

AI revolves around one simple concept i.e. making computers think, understand, react and work like humans. Web development, which is the art of programming and coding involves many tasks that can be automated using AI. Let’s take a look:

  1. User Experience is the most important aspect of website design and development. Ultimately it’s your end-users who’ll use, decide and share the feel and functionality of your online store.Therefore it is of utmost importance to provide customers with what they’re looking for in exactly the way they want. With AI, businesses can better understand their client’s behavior and expectations. Qualities such as pattern-recognition and predictive analysis make AI a useful technology to get insights from large chunks of data so as to provide the desired value and experience to users.Chatbots are the perfect example of how companies are using AI to improve customer support and service.

    With websites using AI, users can now have an amazing experience with a personalized store experience. AI-enabled sites and apps can interact with customers just like humans, taking client engagement to a whole new level.

  2. Web design and development is a lengthy process that requires a lot of creativity and customization. AI can be utilized here to replace many physical processes. From blackboard drawings to image processing to its conversion into an HTML structure for further advancement and customization.

    For instance, WIX ADI is an Artificial Design Intelligence tool that can be used to create stunning and unique websites without human intervention. There are several ADI tools that are changing the way developers used to design and develop. These autonomous tools can not only learn and produce beautiful and functional designs, and layouts, but they can also create relevant and personalized website content for a larger target audience.

  3. Coding and programming have always been a major concern for software engineers and developers. Not anymore though! AI is swiftly taking over coding with machine learning, deep learning, and other natural language processing technologies. These advanced technologies are being developed as we speak so as to be capable enough of writing software codes faster and better than our best human developers. 

    Software development needs high-quality coding that must meet the functional requirements. With optimized algorithms, AI can write error-free codes including functions, functions declarations, parameters, variables, loops, correct indents, brackets, and even comments. Clearly, AI can be used to write codes right from scratch which will further help developers create smarter customer-driven apps.

  4. Voice search is perhaps one of the most adopted technological advancements in recent times. Voice-based searches are trending at an unexpected rate. And with the rise of virtual assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Google Home, Cortana, and Echo, the trend of the voice command is about to soar even more. AI will definitely play a key role in improving the voice interaction between customers and sites or apps due to its speech-recognition quality. An effective voice control feature will also enhance the user experience at any given time.

  5. Testing & Quality is yet another critical phase of website design and development that AI can optimize. Smart AI algorithms can be used to carry out tasks such as detecting an error or bug from a code which usually is a repetitive and boring task. AI can quickly learn, detect and solve many errors that a human eye can easily miss. Automated testing will not only improve the speed and performance but will also maintain the data to give you meaningful reports and insights on a regular basis.


Web development is constantly evolving with all kinds of latest tools and technologies. Artificial Intelligence is the most promising with dozens of applications. Although it may not take over web development completely, many AI-powered solutions offer a wide range of benefits to web developers. Clearly, AI is already transforming the way websites are being created. 

Autonomous technologies such as AI and machine learning are being widely used to grow businesses automatically and improve user-experience. With that being said, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that AI is certainly becoming an essential part of web development while playing a major role for both websites and users.

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