Dream Vacations with a Difference

There are so many dream vacations available, and if you are not working to a budget, then the world is truly your oyster. However, if you are working to a financial budget, it is a good idea to do your homework first before you book to make sure that you can afford all that your vacation has to offer.

It is a sad place to be on any vacation to find that you have run out of money halfway through and then have to waste the last half due to not being able to join in and enjoy yourself or, for that matter, admit to your partner that the vacation has peaked and the purse strings are now tightly closed to anything other than necessities.

The Perfect Romantic Vacation

You may say that you can have a perfect romantic vacation just about anywhere due to the fact that you take the romance with you, or you can create the right romantic ambiance, and to a certain extent, this is true. However, there are some locations and venues that will just take your partner’s breath away, and the romance you take with you will be the icing on the cake, so to speak.

Obviously, it all depends on what sort of thing you and your partner find romantic as to which location is truly best for you and will get whatever results it happens to be that you want, whether it is a positive answer to a proposal, a honeymoon or a special birthday or anniversary.

For example, the romance for you and your partner could be in the form of a sun-drenched beach in the Maldives or a villa in the heart of Italy, or even a chocolate box cottage in the English countryside.

On the Water

Many a dream vacation has been lived on the open waves. Even if you do not own a yacht, you can hire one in order to make your perfect dream vacation for you and your partner a reality. If you are looking into this, you will probably require docking. There is a lot of docking available all over the place, especially in prime locations such as in Florida.

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Florida offers some of the best marinas in the world and is a beautiful part of the world in which to take your partner on a well-earned and truly remarkable dream vacation. Being able to make the most of being on your yacht but also being moored at a particularly stunning location will give you the best of both worlds when it comes to your vacation, and with so many variations of marina available, you could feel spoilt for choice.

The Party-goer Vacation

If you are the type of person that doesn’t like to sleep until you just cannot dance anymore, then you are probably thinking more along the lines of a partying vacation filled with dancing and glorious nightlife with music pumping and plenty of drinking to be had too.

For all those party-goers, there are lots of lively locations available worldwide, where the partying seems to go on forever, and there is always something to do.

These are locations such as Vegas, which offer day clubs as well as nightclubs so that you can party until your heart’s content. There are also pool parties and, of course, the casinos, all of which can be sensibly enjoyed.

If you are looking to go across the water, there are other locations such as Ibiza, Spain. With nightclubs bursting at the seams and beach parties, just to mention a few. Ibiza is a well-known partying hot spot.

Adventurous at Heart

Those that are totally adventurous at heart, with loads of energy, and just really want to get out there and do something that either tests them to the extreme or gives them the thrill of a lifetime or just to go exploring, then that is also well catered for.

There are countries dripping in history with historical buildings, monuments, and artifacts just waiting to be discovered by those that will truly appreciate their age and presence. You can find pyramids in Egypt, Mexico, and Peru, to name a few locations. Other historical locations, such as the Great Wall of China, beautiful palaces, and bountiful castles all around the world, plus many more.

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If you are looking to be out in the wild, then there are vacations that offer the exploration of the Rain Forest. However, with the Rain Forest being so large, it is best if you book a tour guide to help you explore and keep you safe at the same time.

There are, obviously, other areas where you will find the excitement of being able to explore, such as the Grand Canyon in the USA or go night volcano trekking in Indonesia.

Final Thoughts

When you are looking to book your dream vacation with a difference, whether it is going to be a surprise or it is a group decision, it is always best to do your research and not only into location but also on what sort of vacation any other party you are going with would like. Taking a party-goer to a relaxing beach resort may not go down too well, and there again, taking somebody that likes only to lounge by the pool to an adventurous vacation could wind you up in hot water.

When choosing the location for your vacation, you will have to take into consideration any differences in currency, the cost of living, and whether you are going self-catering, bed, and breakfast, half board, full board, or all-inclusive. Some countries, you may find, are particularly cheap when it comes to the cost of living, so, therefore, your money could very well go further than you imagine. However, other places can be very expensive, so your money will need to stretch, or you may have to reign in some of your choices should you find that you may have a shortfall.

With this in mind, it is a sensible person that makes sure that they have vacation or travel insurance. Should anything go wrong, and you find yourselves stranded, or you need to come home quickly, you will be able to. Having a contingency plan should you find yourself without money for whatever reason is also a very good idea.

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