Exotic Weapons: How and Where to Find Them in Fortnite

Chapter 2: Season 5 of Fortnite has brought forth a lot of changes—ones that people either love or hate. Some of these changes include the removal of Salty Springs and Tilted Towers and the emergence of the combination of both of these places: Salty Towers. New skins from the Fortnite item shop battle pass have also emerged such as Kratos from God of War, The Child aka Baby Yoda, and The Mandalorian. These are great and all, but perhaps the biggest addition to the game is a new rarity tier for weapons. Getting a higher rarity than normal for weapons can help you inflict more damage to opponents compared to common weapons, so it’s important to scour the map for higher tier Fortnite Weapons if you don’t have them already. The introduction of a new rarity for weapons dubbed as “Exotic” is quite literally a game-changer.

So if you’re interested to know the information, don’t worry, we’ll spill the beans for you. We’ll be talking more about Exotic weapons, what makes them more special than others, and where to find them in detail down below!

How to Find Exotic Weapons in Fortnite

If you’re thinking that you can find Exotic Fortnite Weapons by opening chests, you’re dead wrong. The only way to get Exotic weapons is by trading in your Gold Bars to specific NPCs that constantly appear in certain locations on the map. More often than not, these NPCs can be found in more than one location, so keep your eyes peeled. In order to get Gold Bars, you’ll have to do Bounties or quests in every match. These quests can vary from eliminating players and finding hidden loot in the island down to killing a certain NPC. Once you’ve earned enough of them, then that’s the time where you can exchange the bars for an Exotic weapon. We’re still unsure as to whether these Gold Wars will just be a one-time season thing or a permanent currency in the game, but for now, you’ll have to save up a lot of them if you want to get your hands on an Exotic weapon.

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How Much Do Exotic Weapons Cost?

There is a total of five different Exotic weapons that you can get, each setting you back 1225 Gold Bars—which is a lot! Now’s the best time to save up for these weapons since the season’s still starting, but it’s definitely going to take a while before you try all of the five Exotics. Gold Bars can’t be traded or bought with real money like V-Bucks either; the only way to get them is through sheer hard work.

Types of Exotic Weapons in Fortnite

There are different types of Exotic weapons in Fortnite to choose from. Here are all the weapons and where you can find them:

1. The Dub Shotgun

The Dub Shotgun, true to its name, might just earn you the “dub” that you’re looking for. If you’re not familiar with the term “dub”, it’s a slang word for “win” (we honestly don’t know why it’s called that). The Dub Shotgun can be acquired by meeting up with Dummy, the specific NPC that you can trade 1225 Gold Bars with to get this weapon. Dealing up to 120 damage in close range and 150 should you get a headshot, it’s a weapon that knocks you back upon firing because of how powerful it is. If used correctly, it can immediately down an opponent or completely obliterate their shield and half of their health in one shot.

2. Shadow Tracker Pistol

The Shadow Tracker Pistol can be attained by trading your Gold Bars to Reese who’s usually found at Dirty Rocks. While this may look like a pea shooter, it actually packs a lot of damage despite being just a pistol. The Shadow Tracker Pistol deals 29 to 58 damage and is completely silenced as well, making it great for shooting enemies without them noticing until they’re down.

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3. The Nighthawk Revolver

The Nighthawk Revolver is essentially a pistol that has a scope attached to it. What makes this weapon special is that the scope is black and white you try to scope in. You can get this weapon by visiting Mancake and giving your Gold Bars to him.

4. Boom Sniper Rifle

Acquired by trading with Splode, the Boom Sniper Rifle really puts the “Boom” upfront and center. Besides dealing 10-25 per bullet, it attaches a clinger to your opponent that explodes after a while, making it a rifle worth getting. Say you just managed to hit a single bullet on the enemy, but since the Boom Sniper Rifle automatically attaches what’s essentially a sticky bomb onto the opponent, you deal much more damage than usual.

5. Storm Scout Sniper Rifle

The Storm Scout Sniper Rifle is a weapon made for players who prefer to snipe enemies from a safe distance. By trading your gold to Lexa, you get this Exotic weapon which has the ability to tell you where the next storm is going to happen—making it a great weapon to carry at all times. While it deals only 85 damage, if you have a steady hand, you can get up to 212 should you get a headshot.

Some of the NPCs that you can trade with spawn in different locations, so they’re not always only on a specific part of the map. But if you manage to find them and have more than 1225 Gold Bars to cash in, then you ought to try their Exotic Weapons while you can. As of now, you can’t get these types of Fortnite Weapons in the Fortnite item shop, but there’s no telling what changes will be made in the future. What do you think about Exotic weapons? Have you tried at least one? Tell us your experience by leaving a comment down below!

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