Free Tools & Apps You Can Add To Your Repository amid Coronavirus

The COVID-19 pandemic is consuming everything it sees in its way. From knocking down budding businesses to unemployment rates soaring high and escalating all over the world, defining the crisis as something ‘hopeless’ is probably an understatement.

The burden on the internet is burgeoning in the U.S. as more and more people are staying at home; remote work is the norm and so is remote education. It’s not set in stone that the internet will never collapse. Therefore, amid this growing worldwide crisis, many Fortune 500 companies, software houses, and businesses belonging to varied niche have pitched in and lent a hand.

A prime example is of internet service providers across the U.S. that have waived data caps and some have even introduced internet plans for low-income households and students. Some ISPs like WOW offers already provider affordable internet plans, while some are also waiving their contract terms.

Alternatively, spending money on paid resources for work or study purposes especially during the COVID-19 pandemic isn’t going to help anyone. For that very reason, we have compiled a list of a few free tools that can assist you until the storm passes.


Non-profit organizations that are primarily contributing to the COVID-19 pandemic can subscribe to a free three-month subscription to Dropbox Business and HelloSign Enterprise.


Microsoft is giving a free six-month trial to Office 365 E1, inclusive of Microsoft Teams.


Calling recording will be easier with Rev, a free call recorder app on the Apple Store. Now with Rev, you can record call unlimited times.

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KissFlow is giving a free 14-day trial to the three tiers (Starter, Growing & Enterprise) of its SaaS process management tool.


This one is for all the healthcare workers working in the frontlines of the pandemic. JotForm is giving free HIPAA-compliant free healthcare forms to all sorts of healthcare workers and nonprofit organizations contributing to the cause.


Hootsuite’s professional tier social media management program is available for free until July 1st, 2020.


Digital marketing simply cannot be put at a halt during the current pandemic. Moz has its Moz Academy courses available for free. All you have to do is use the code “wegotthis” to enroll yourself.


Questionnaire templates on SurveyMonkey carefully written and curated by professional researchers can be downloaded for free. Note that all the templates are to be used for feedback extraction regarding COVID-19 from business owners, employees, and customers.


Cloudflare is exclusively giving free Teams tools to small-scale businesses that are operating remotely. Subscribers are given a 6-month time to register themselves.


NVIDIA is generously giving free 90-day access to Parabricks exclusively to researchers fighting on the COVID-19 frontlines.


This one is for the HR and recruitment specialists looking to ease up their recruitment processes during the current circumstances. Harver is offering a free pre-employment assessment tool to HR experts for hiring all those potential candidates affected by the novel pandemic.


All potential Shopify users should rejoice. The platform is giving a free 90-day trial to all new subscribers.


Amazon is offering free access to computer science courses and programs across the U.S. There’s no exclusive selection or entry to access the free online courses. Parents, students, and teachers all can enroll.

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LinkedIn is also offering a range of free 16 online courses belonging to varied categories. Some are on virtual tools for remote workers while some revolve around social issues. There’s a lot to choose from.


Flight tracking will become even easier with TripIt’s 6-month license.


Password management won’t be a hassle anymore. 1Passwrd is giving free business accounts to every new subscriber for 6 months. This offer is specifically targeted to remote businesses.


Adobe, too, has lent a hand and is giving free access to the Creative Cloud app repository to those who subscribe before May 31st, 2020.


The best recommendation for a meditation platform is Headspace. Now the app has added free meditations to its directory.

Now getting tech support for free isn’t hassling. Through, remote workers and students can get their questions catered with the utmost ease.

To conclude

This list can be an endless one. To calm the stress the COVID-19 pandemic has caused, varied companies, both local and worldwide, have brought forward sound and profound solutions. More companies that can potentially contribute to the cause will likely appear soon.

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