Freelance Android Developer – How to Get Projects 

Getting a project is a tough job, but if you know the right method and tricks, you can be sure of getting a regular flow of projects. As a android developer, you have to make sure that project should come your way. The following discussion will help you by giving you some ideas about how to get projects.

Make Your Own Freelance Android Developer Identity- 

As a android developer, you need an identity. The identity means your previous work, project handling, and your clientele. Now, the following question is: how do you convince one to get a new project? You need a portfolio. The portfolio is a vital factor, as it depicts your previous experience and skills as well. You can begin by telling your success story as a freelance android developer. Portfolio websites are one of the ways to target projects.

Make Superb Portfolio to Attract the Clients- 

If you don’t have a proper portfolio and you can’t give your clients an idea about your previous projects and work, it will not work. So, first, create a handy portfolio of your work. If you are a beginner and just started your freelance career, you can take help from many online websites that contain the necessary information about how to make a portfolio. You can take the help of any designer who can make a portfolio for you. The choice is yours.

Find Your Own Effective Marketing Strategies

Many reputed technical business houses want to hire freelance android developers for their projects. You need to understand that you have to take care of your marketing. Advertising and marketing are influential factors in getting projects. It helps you to line up with some people who can provide you the work. For this reason, you need to search and research the company’s websites on a daily basis. Make it your practice. There are lots of companies that are associated with android projects. They always need resources like android developers and freelance ios programmers. You can make a list of leads by searching those websites. You just need to note down their email id, social media id, and contact info. After gathering such information you can send a welcome message along with your portfolio. If your profile matches with them you can easily get a revert response.

Communicate with the Leads- 

The next step is very clear and simple. Now, when you have leads you can directly communicate with clients. But, before contacting them make sure that you have seriously studied a few basic things about their previous project and work process. Assure them you have a complete idea about the project you are willing to get. If they understand that you have very little knowledge about the project they are not supposed to give you the venture. So, be clear from your end. Read out each with possible information about the concerned project.  

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Use Social Networking Sites to Get the Projects- 

Social networking is another option to get projects. There are many groups, societies, and organizations that offer people various projects. As a freelance android developer, you can also join these virtual associations. It will help you to understand the modern niche and the work culture. Through meetings and discussions, you can also grow your knowledge about various fields. At the same time, they will help you to get projects. At least they can line up you with many companies which need android developers.

Keep Professional Approaches- 

Make sure to be well versed with the discussion subject while talking to potential clients. Most freelancers have an improper attitude which consists of a useless and informal approach. So make sure when you speak to them, you speak professionally. If you are not a good speaker you can practice to become a good speaker. Note down everything and practice loudly. It will develop your spoken power and you will win the hearts of the clients.

Show Your Clarity on the Subject-

As mentioned, clarity is of utmost significance when discussing tasks with clients. So while discussing, be organized with a thorough timeline, samples, and all different applicable important points. While discussing a subject with a client; make sure you have clarity. They take your ideas on a serious note while discussing the rate of the project; exhibit what you intend to cost and why. When a customer sees you have an expert and crystal clear idea about the project and as a developer, you are imaginative and clear as well, the client tends to believe in the expert and collaborate with you.

Use Referral via Your Old Clients- 

Your pleased and satisfied customers can be incredible sources of new work for you. Make it a point to inform your old clients that you are searching for new clients to work with. Request them to spread your brand and make you join their community to discuss projects or businesses and you may meet some entrepreneurs or organizations that want to make use of your services.

Build Your Brand as Freelance Android Developer

Stay a step ahead of your opponents via investing in brand building. Use Google listings as a device for advertising your brand free of cost. Create superb content and make sure it reaches focus audiences. You can collaborate with different entities which can assist you in advertising your business on the digital platform. Using social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn can broadly be used for branding. 

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Cultivate the Online Platform-

In addition to these, discover an online platform where you can pitch your ideas and work process. You have to exhibit the core area as a developer on this platform. Conversely, you can begin your online blog on any platform, and share your ideas on your posts; you can additionally invite others to write posts on your blog post. As a result, your network will grow fast, and additionally, your platform will become credible. 

Try to catch up on the Big Project- 

If you are thinking about freelancing, then you have to think about large projects. Take your time in getting to know about the discipline that you require to have landed with big projects. Understand the developments and forecasts, so that you are highly prepared for any ups and downs that surely come your way. 

Register with Freelance Job Portal-

There are many platforms available from where you can get your android projects. These job portals help mainly freelance android developers to get their projects. You can register with them very easily and upload your work sample and portfolio. You can get many clients from this platform. There are two types of freelance platforms. One is a free platform and another is a paid version. If you are new to the market and have just started your freelance career you can register with the non-paid platform. But if you are a professional freelancer you should register with the paid version. It will help you get the project very easily.

Use Hiring Job Portals- 

Using hiring job portals can additionally be a wonderful way of discovering work. But the issue is that these portals are competitive places. Thousands of different freelancers like you are in search of a similar job in the same place. Research and do your homework and pick the ones that are unique to your niche. Create exceptionally informative profiles on the chosen ones. Describe all your abilities, experiences and attach examples of your projects.

We can conclude the discussion by saying that the above ideas will help you to get projects as a android developer. But the fact is you have to use it practically.

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