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Fun Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Kids and Teens

When being invited to a party, you probably look forward to the wine cocktails that will be served there. I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of holiday party invitations this past year inviting guests to a “non-alcoholic charcoal or mud drink” or some other alcoholic beverage. While these drinks may not be for the faint of heart, you can come up with plenty of inventive non-alcoholic ways to serve drinks at your next celebration and make it easy for your guests to enjoy their favorite concoction without worrying about calories or hangovers. Keep reading to discover how you can create various non-alcoholic drinks to serve your guests at the next holiday party.

1. Iced Tea With a Twist

If you’re looking for an easy way to serve drinks at your next holiday party, consider providing iced tea with a twist. Buy small boxes of flavored ice teas and some small teaspoons and cups. You can see the complete list of our favorite ice teas from Bottoms Up to Starbucks. You can also get cool decorative jars to place your fresh fruit so guests can add as much or as little fruit as they wish into their tea. If you want to mix it up further, you can serve hot and iced tea for those who prefer it warmly.

2. Wine Cocktails

Wine is a crucial ingredient in holiday festivities, and your guests might be curious about the non-alcoholic version of wine. Wine cocktails are easy to make and can be enjoyed without the calories or hangovers of wine. You’ll find plenty of great recipes for drinks like mulled wine, spiced red wine, and other great recipes on our site. Serve your guests some of their favorite cranberry or red wine from the pantry, along with fruit juice or sangria, for a drink that’s at least half non-alcoholic.

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3. Non-Alcoholic Margaritas

Margaritas are another popular drink for parties, and you can make these low-calorie frozen margaritas at home. They’re perfect for holiday parties because the kids can enjoy them, too. You’ll find some great recipes for non-alcoholic margaritas that are ready in minutes, and you can make them a few days in advance so your guests will be prepared when they arrive.

4. Non-Alcoholic Daiquiris

Daiquiris are also well-loved by teens, and you can mix up plenty of non-alcoholic versions of this tropical favorite at home. You’ll find plenty of great recipes for non-alcoholic daiquiris, including some delicious frozen versions you can serve for the holidays.

5. Tasty Mocktails

You can efficiently serve non-alcoholic drinks when you mix up some tasty mocktails. You’ll find tons of great recipes for drinks like the Moscow Mule and Tiki Cocktail on our site, as well as lots of suggestions on how to use these ingredients in some great drinks that will please your guests.

6. Non-Alcoholic Soda for Kids and Teens

You can make sodas for kids and teens that they are going to love. Kids and teens will come back for more. These soda recipes are easy to create and fun to sip at any party. If you’ve got a bunch of kids coming over to a party, consider making some soda as part of the non-alcoholic drinks you serve.

7. Edible Sparkling Apple Cider

If you’re considering serving sparkling cider, why not offer a non-alcoholic version? You’ll find plenty of great recipes for apple cider that your guests will love. You can add soda, syrup, apple juice, or sparkling virgin juice to make the non-alcoholic sparkling cider a refreshing beverage for all ages.

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8. Non-Alcoholic Wine

You can serve non-alcoholic wine at your next holiday or cocktail party. You’ll find some great recipes for non-alcoholic wines, from white to dessert wines, that your guests will surely enjoy. It’s also easy to mix up some sangria for adults and mimosas for kids with this popular recipe in many parts of the world. You’ll find tons of great ideas for other delicious drinks to serve on our site, including some fun drinks that are perfect for parties.

The best way to have a safe party is to have plenty of non-alcoholic drinks on the table and plenty of food. You can see some great tips for party planning on our site, including tips for planning your holiday party and other information for throwing a fun celebration. You’ll find plenty of ideas for serving drinks at your next holiday party so your guests can enjoy their favorite beverage.

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