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Self-Organization of a Children’s Party

A birthday party brings a child a sea of impressions and positive emotions regardless of his age. Even at one year old, the child can enjoy the festive atmosphere in the house, bright balloons, and gifts in a rustling multi-colored package. From 2 to 3 years, children are happy to take part in celebrations with their peers, not just their parents.

Psychologists say that compliance with family rituals, such as celebrating a birthday or New Year’s Eve, gives the child a sense of balance, security, and a positive effect on its harmonious development as an adult.

What should be remembered to make the holiday a success?

  • It is better not to invite more than 3 – 5 children to the day of birth. Otherwise, it will be difficult to communicate and to play.
  • Do not hire an animator for a child’s birthday before the age of 4 years. Children will negatively perceive a stranger, will not be able to enter into contact with him.
  • It is best to arrange a birthday party in the first half of the day so that restless children can calm down and adjust to sleep when the time comes.
  • Until the age of five, the holiday should not last more than one hour, it’s enough to make an impression; if the event is delayed in time, the kids are severely overloaded with emotions.
  • The chosen music should correspond to the age of both the child and the guests.

How do I begin to prepare for the party?

  1. Decide on a location. You can hold the party at home, in a cafe or children’s center, or the summertime – in the park or on a playground, taking food and drinks, blankets, a folding table and music with you.
  2. Consider treats. Make sure there is plenty of juice, fruit, and special foods for children on the table. If you organize a party at home, you can surprise your guests and child with not only delicious but also beautifully decorated food. On the Internet, you will find a lot of options for decorating different dishes for children’s parties. Don’t forget to check with the parents of the invited children to see if any of the guests have food allergies. Think through your holiday table taking into account the contraindications of an allergic child.
  3. Entertainment. The entertainment of the guests can be organized independently, and again the Internet will help you: many websites now offer free-to-use variants of their scripts for children’s events. Especially kids like riddles and quizzes with small prizes, which can be bought in advance.
  4. Decorations. Kids love bright and colorful interior decorations. A huge number of balloons, posters, glowing lights, candles, or even entire compositions ordered in a flower shop online – all this is sure to be a pleasant experience for your child and his invited friends.
  5. Holiday Cake. If you wish, the main delicacy of the holiday can be baked yourself, this you, of course, will please and surprise your guests and child. But if you do not have time or desire, it is advisable to buy a ready-made cake in the confectionery department of the supermarket or order an individual sketch from a professional. Such a cake will not go unnoticed, and the child will long remember how he blew out the candles on the sweet hood of a racing car or the lush skirt of his favorite fairy princess.
  6. Gifts. Not all guests can boast that they know your child’s tastes and preferences as well as their parents. So you shouldn’t be shy about talking about what’s best to give your baby, especially if you’re asked about it. Immediately indicate that the child is found, for example, designers of this or that brand, or dolls of a particular collection, you make it easier for your guests to find a gift and avoid disappointing your son or daughter.
  7. Aqua makeup. All children love to reincarnate into their favorite characters from fairy tales. You can buy a set of aqua makeup and learn the easiest options for its application or stipulate in advance with the animator the possibility of painting the participants of the celebration. If aqua makeup will be present at your party, do not forget to check with the parents of all guests, whether they are allergic to cosmetic substances to avoid unpleasant surprises.
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