Step-by-Step Guide For Beginner Building a First Mobile App

Every entrepreneur wants to improve its business market position!!

And, for that, they follow many tactics and strategies!!

But, there is no guarantee that their approaches give fruitful results. Right?

After the Internet revolution, the era of mobile technology has begun. Right now, it’s time to create new effective tools that literally burst into the world with mobile devices. Here, we are talking about mobile apps!!

These apps hold the capacity to promote the service or products and to give information to the users instantly. 

Nowadays, every industry (utility, entertainment, gaming,  productivity, lifestyle, and news, etc.) creates a mobile app to stay in contact with the users. Many Mobile App Development companies are there that can assist you to build your first mobile application.

Despite hiring the company, you can carry this out by yourself as well. As, no one knows your business more than you; and of course, you must be having the best app development idea.

We know you are clueless about how to implement and build the app. But, there is no need to worry!!

For your convenience, we are here to give you the best or more precisely, the essential things to consider to develop your mobile app.  So, if you want to enjoy the ride of mobile app development then stay with us and keep on reading!!

Why is Building a Mobile App Necessary?

To understand the reason, it is enough to answer the question: “Where is this audience mainly concentrated?”. Most of the mobile audience is concentrated in the online services of manufacturers of operating systems for smartphones. It allows you to download and buy various applications, such as the Apple App Store, Google Play, and Windows Marketplace from Microsoft. Therefore, application development services for iPhone, iPad, Android-development are so important and in demand.

That is why it makes sense to convey information to mobile consumers through mobile applications. It is because of the reason that it proffers many more marketing opportunities to consumers than mobile websites. 

On top of all, it is worth noting that after its launch it is placed among the new products in online services such as the App Store. This is where the application is most likely to be downloaded to the phone. If the application is interesting or useful, then it can get into the list of hits. Hence, this will make it constantly in demand and accessible to users. All this provides additional advertising for a product or service among smartphone users.

Best Tricks to Build the First Mobile App

Outline the Business Goal

First thing first, set your business goal. There is a need to have a clear picture of your requirements from the iPhone or Android app development company. Know:

  • How will the mobile app influence visitors or customers? 
  • Is the app capable enough to solve real-life issues?
  • Will the app be beneficial for your business?
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Determining the goals in the starting does not allow any issues to occur in the future. Even though, shows you the right path to achieve the goal in less time.

Design the Idea

The next thing is to transform the rough idea into the visual platform by making an abstract on the sheet of the paper. From here, you could have a future interface, also, this way the team members will also understand what your intentions and ideas are.

Market Research is Important

Researching market trends and competitors are essential before proceeding. This way, you can have an idea about the competitors’ mistakes, weaknesses, and strengths they have made in the past. So, what you have to do is not to repeat them.

Find out how your mobile app is different from your competitors’ mobile app- is it Android or iOS? Which marketing strategies are you following? Whom you are considering as the target audience? How are you monetizing the mobile app? 

Following all the above-mentioned, you can have an idea of what works best for you and what not!!

Plan the Flow and Features

Mobile app validation assures you that you have that the users like to use. So, start drafting the product details on the document, or you can even use the wireframing tool (that we will discuss later in this article). 

While writing the outline on the paper, be comprehensive!! Make a flow of how the customer will use the navigation of an app and the features included. This process will make it easy for your developer to know your expectations.

Make a Wireframe

To have a precise picture of the mobile development concept, wireframing is important. This trick makes a protocol or visual mockup on how the app will cope up with the verbal communication struggle.  

The Internet has several online protocols, such as, Mockingbird, Axure, and Balsamiq Mockups, that enables you to drag and drop the graphics and placeholders. These help to make the wireframe easily.

In addition to that, you can also build the storyboard of the mobile app. This would be the guidance for your app scenes so that you can understand the connections among the two individual screens and track the users’ navigation at the same time.

Describe the Backend

According to the storyboard and the wireframe, describe the backend structure. It will show you a clear picture of the database and the server. This abstract plan could be beneficial for the Mobile development company you will hire.

Include Analytics

The sole purpose of analytics is to assist you to track the retention, user engagement, downloads of the mobile application. Assure that you are using the best analytics tools, (either paid or free) to monitor every activity of an app.

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Include a Feedback System

Allow your family, friends, and proficients to provide app feedback. Let them give you honest reviews and know where they got stuck.  Fix the issues while developing the app itself.

Hire a Developer/Designer 

Look for the development that holds the outstanding development team and design experts.  Before hiring the team, it is essential to find out the credibility and look after the apps they have built. And, if you felt delighted after checking their created mobile app, then, do not wait much, hire them and tell them your development ideas.

Make Developer Accounts

It is essential to get registered for the developer account with the corresponding app stores. And, sell the app via these platforms. If you have not created an account yet, then, you can either register as a company or as an individual.

Design the Mobile App Now

Here, the app developer will consider the individual screens, known as “Skins” to design. Skins are the high-resolution format of the model or prototype that you have created via wireframe tools. Assure that you have included the feedback provided by the users while prototype testing.  It will give the end-user the best user-interface.

Mobile App Testing

Now, comes the time to test the mobile apps. From here, you can find out the missing crashes, features, and bugs.  These issues get fixed at the subsequent development phase. The testing establishes an environment of how the user reacts and works with your app.

Carry Out Beta Testing

Let the mobile app get tested once again.  Go for beta testing before the app arrives at the app market. Use the user’s comments here and implement them and modify the features if required. Beta testing is the last step in the development of Android or iPhone development.

And Release the App Now!!

Now, your mobile app is all set to release in the app market. It is advised to submit the app prior to 3 to 4 weeks of the launch date because different app stores carry different publishing policies.

Besides, go through all the rules and regulations of the Android and Apple store before setting the launch date.

Now, the goal has been accomplished. However, the process is not completed yet. After the app got listed in the app store, deploy the efficient marketing strategies to make the mobile app visible to the app store.

Do not forget, app development is a dynamic process. You have to improve the features according to the reviews from the users and take advantage of the marketing strategies to download and use the mobile app now!!

We hope this article is helpful for you to create the best mobile app. If you are stuck somewhere then you can ask the question in the comment section below. 

Thanks for reading!!

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