Health and Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

Since a very long time, the benefits of green tea are impossible to count. It is an eastern herb with western remedies for healthcare, skin, and hair. According to NCBI, green tea is one of the most popular drinks worldwide. It is rich in catechin – a sort of antioxidant belonging to the family of flavonoids and consists of medically proven health benefits.

Green tea is known to be found in China in 3000 BC. It gained popularity later in Japan when Buddhists utilized it for traveling and meditation. Similar to other teas, it is also extracted from the same plant; however, green tea is the least processed herb of all.

Also, Kombucha Tea Benefits the inside and outside of the human body in plenty of ways. You can use it for drinking and stay healthy. Otherwise, it works as an effective skincare remedy. You can find green tea extract in several beauty essentials. It is possible to use online coupon offers for finding green tea at a beverage store or its beauty products on a cosmetic brand.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Here is a list of all the health benefits of green tea. You can intake it and stay strong in plenty of ways.

Helps Fight Certain Cancers

Green tea consists of plenty of antioxidants that help fight cancer and aids the spread of abnormal cells. It has anticancer properties that lower the expression of breast cancer and also keep away from its recurrence. Non-smokers can prevent digestive cancers by adding green tea in their routine.

It reduces the risk of colon cancer and nasopharyngeal cancer by assisting in prevention from cancer cell death, proliferation, and migration. Also, it fights against prostate and lung cancers in humans.

Helps Improve Cardiovascular Health

Green tea is an excellent way to boost up your heart health & beauty. Intake of this tea helps aid against cardiovascular diseases like stroke, arrest, and similar ones. Basically, these conditions occur due to a high cholesterol level, obesity, and high blood pressure.

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Using green tea extracts can lower cholesterol level and also reduce cholesterol absorption. As a result, it helps lowers the amount of blood pressure in the human body and regulates it. Hence, you can prevent any heart diseases by the help of green tea.

Helps Reduce Inflammation and Arthritis

Green tea helps manage inflammation in your body. As an essential human function, inflammation is the prior reaction of your body in response to infection, injury, and autoimmune diseases. Both types of constant or chronic inflammation lead to allergies, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and more.

The eastern herb is rich in antioxidants anti-inflammatory properties, reducing the diseases mentioned above. You may consume approx six cups within a day to heal swollen joints and fight against inflammation.

Helps Prevent Anxiety or Depression

Green tea is the ultimate solution to reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression. These are the two most common conditions occurring in people. The herb is rich in catechins through which one can fight against these two problems. Also, its antioxidants help prevent depression in people who suffered from a stroke.

Depression or anxiety majorly occurs with the release of stress hormones in your body soon as you come across any tension or problem. The catechins and polyphenols in green tea reduce the growth of such hormones.

Beauty Benefits of Green Tea

Aside from healthcare advantages, there are plenty of beauty benefits of green tea that you cannot ignore. The natural plant extract will boost up your appearance quickly.

Helps Fight against Dandruff

Green tea is a trustworthy ingredient for adding against an itchy scalp. You can fight dandruff in your hair and prevent it by using a green tea rich shampoo. It is rich in active compounds that keep your hair away from fungal growth.

Helps Aid against Inflammation

Green tea strongly fights against inflammation, as mentioned above. It is an excellent remedy for healing diseases with its anti-inflammatory properties. Similar to the benefits of green tea on an individual’s health; it also cures skin inflammation leading to several skin disorders. You can prefer adding green tea to skincare products for visible results.

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Helps Cure Oily Skin

Green tea is rich in a compound known as tannins. It helps in shrinking plenty of pores on your skin and lead to less production of sebum – the natural skin oil. As a result, you can find less oil on your skin and keep away from a greasy complexion. Using the green extract can reduce 70% of sebum production in your skin.

Helps Slow Down Aging

Green tea is an excellent solution for slowing down the process of aging. It contains catechins that help protect you from dry cells and reactivate them. As a result, the outermost layer of skin boosts keeps away from wrinkles and fine lines. You can boost up your overall appearance and look beautiful in old age with the help of green tea.

Helps Remove Acne and Blackheads

Green tea is an ideal remedy to fight against several skin conditions. As discussed, it contains antioxidants that help in tightening skin pores. Henceforth, it is easy to avail the benefits of green tea and remove blackheads, whiteheads, and acne. It quickly removes the dirt and grime in your skin and tightens the cleaner pores to prevent any harmful elements from getting in further.

Helps Exfoliate Your Skin

The green tea plant has plenty of skincare recipes for exfoliating the skin. You can make the most of this herb and use it in essential facial masks. Find several scrubs to eliminate dead skin cells from your face and body. It helps cleanse your skin and soften it to remove away harshness. You can use green tea extract and find better skin quickly.

The Bottom Line

There are much more health and beauty benefits of green tea that you can enjoy. Add it in your routine and drink it for staying healthy. The natural herb is beneficial for your inner and outer wellness.

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