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IOS And Android App Development, Here Are The Best Techniques!

If you had the idea of ​​designing an app and need practical advice, first of all we welcome you in this article. iOS and Android are today the two most popular operating systems in the world, so having decided to create an app suitable for these two types of operating systems is certainly an excellent idea; however, in order to transform it into a winning idea, it is essential to follow some practical rules.

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with practical tips for creating a successful app!

If you are wondering what are the best techniques to use for developing or create an app like uber iOS and Android app? We recommend that you read this guide carefully. First of all, you will certainly have to arm yourself with a lot of patience because developing an app is far from a simple job: it takes time and patience!

Which technology to adopt?

It depends on many factors, Apps can be developed with native or hybrid technology. The adoption of one or the other technology will depend on the type of project and the budget available.

Native app

The native Apps are developed by adopting native programming languages ​​of the respective operating systems: Swift or Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android the apps thus developed offer the best performance, optimal speed and scalability.

Hybrid or Cross Platform app

Using instead a single code, and then compiling it natively for both platforms, we obtain a hybrid app. An interesting and cheaper choice, which can, however, lead to less brilliant performances. Hybrid apps are developed by adopting one of the following frameworks: Apache Cordova, PhoneGap, Ionic, Xamarin, and React Native.

Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are recently spreading, they are a new way to provide an APP-like experience with web technology. Multiplatform, they offer features that, until now, have only been available for native apps but using the web. With this technology you will not have to make the Apps available on the Stores, therefore they will be accessible from the web via a URL. Url Web url, you will have to use a normal mobile browser. The PWA will be easily recalled with a normal icon.

DIY (the Do it Yourself Apps)

We also include this category of development because they are quite widespread. They are online platforms that allow you to create apps without being particularly experienced. If useful only if you have to develop an App for some very specific sectors such as: organization of Events, Restaurants, and pizzeria. These apps can be an interesting and low cost solution. However, they suffer from major limitations, monthly fees, are not scalable, limited functions. Recommended only for small projects. Apple hates them and may refuse to publish them.

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We remind you that, when you develop an app, it will be necessary to also develop a back-end on the web, where the DB resides the logic of your APP.

Furthermore, it must be said that some of these frameworks are open-source, we remember in this regard that the most important are Ruby on Rails, Laravel, Django, Express, Blackbone, and Vue.

The operating system

Android controls the market in many European countries, with a share of more than 83%, (Data: 2018 Kantar). But if your project isn’t limited to the European market, consider that in North America iOS holds the leadership with 52.28% against 42.27% of Android, it doesn’t make much sense to develop only for Android. Our advice is to develop for both versions.

Legal aspects

Intellectual property

Normally the intellectual property belongs to the customer. Make sure that the delivery of the source code is indicated in the contract. If your App is developed with DIY platforms, forget the source code, it will never be yours.


Apps like websites must respect privacy and indicate the purposes and ways in which user data are used, collected and stored.

Terms and conditions

Terms and conditions must be written point by point for the services you provide. A legal opinion is recommended for this purpose.

Project phases


As far as the various phases that include the development of an app are concerned, let’s remember some of them: First, we remind you that every project is born from the idea: the ideation in fact represents the first step that will lead you to the development of your app; it is good to remember that to create a winning app, it will have to answer the question “ how can it help me solve that problem? ”. In fact, an app must be useful from this point of view to obtain consents and downloads; if your idea is able to answer this question, then you can be sure that your project is going on in the right way.

MVP (minimum viable product)

The term was coined and defined by Frank Robinson, and popularized by Steve Blank and Eric Ries. It is a method used in computer science and / or in product development. It is a strategy aimed at avoiding building products / services that customers do not actually want. An APP developed with the MVP in mind is therefore not a minimal App, but a strategy and a process directed towards the creation and sale of a interesting product for the market. When developing the APP, think about the most important features and do not equip it with unnecessary or unnecessary features.


The design actually deserves a discussion in itself as everything must be studied in detail, starting from the icon. The icon of your app must be simple but effective, it must, therefore, contain little text, the

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image must be simple and above all, depending on the size of the devices, which as we know, can vary, must always be legible; the characters must also be clearly legible. Furthermore, it is essential that your app has the right usability, this means that it is preferable to make the ideas clearer to the user who will download your app, in order to make the browsing experience as simple as possible; this means that there is a need to ” guide ” the user who uses the app; these factors, if respected, will contribute to make your app a real success!

Obviously, if you are not an expert in the sector it is good, after organizing your idea, contact a web agency that has Android and iOS developers, so that they can help you make the best of your project, especially as regards design, which represents one of the most “delicate” phases of the entire development.

Objective of the App

Do you want to create an APP to support the services for your company or do you want to monetize the application?

Based on these main objectives you will define the right strategy.


The most common available options can be summarized as:

  1. Paid app for download
  2. In’App purchase. Purchase of premium services or content within the application
  3. Free app advertising

Publication and Promotion

Uploading to the Store; as for Android, your app will be loaded into the Play Store, while the Apple Store will be used for iOS; for iOS the upload turns out to be much more complex; In fact, Apple does not accept apps that do not meet certain requirements such as the non-originality of the product; the app must, therefore, respond to a need, to a need; a ” swapped ” app won’t get any success.

Obviously this will be possible after the app has been tested. It is necessary to remember that a winning app will not only be if it was created from an original idea, but it is also if all marketing strategies are adopted. In fact, this aspect should never be overlooked because even if your app is perfect, if it is not advertised, no one will be able to see it!

The world of app development is constantly changing, making it almost impossible to keep track of everything that’s going on. Which programming language suits your app? What is the most relevant framework? All these are some of the questions to ask when you decide to make a web app; in conclusion, the advice is always to rely on a web agency that will provide you with an expert developer to develop a successful app!

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