How a Colocation Service Can Make Your Business More Productive

Many business owners aren’t prepared for the fact that business growth will bring many new issues as well. One common issue that growing businesses face in the age of technology is a lack of data server space which can cause website downtimes and lags. Eventually, as your business expands, you will need to find a larger space to store the growing number of data servers, which can be costly if you have to fund the space yourself, which is where data colocation services come in.

How a Colocation Service Can Make Your Business More Productive


A huge part of productivity is figuring out how to allocate your time. Every minute you spend on an aspect of your business that could easily be automated or handed off to someone else is lost money. One of these aspects of your business that can generally be passed onto someone else quite easily is security.

A good colocation service will generally offer some form of protection for your business’ important information, whether it be in the form of security cameras, on-site security guards, or others. To choose the colocation service that is best for you, it is necessary to determine the level of security that is necessary for your specific business, though all businesses need the security of sorts, some require less intense protection than others.

Although a data colocation center that offers security may cost more than one without, that expense is often well spent seeing as security will be one less issue that will take up your and your business’ precious time, therefore allowing your business to be more productive.


Nowadays, every business, especially those which operate mostly or entirely online, requires a lot of energy to upkeep. Although modern computers are able to handle quite a lot of activity, as your business grows you will likely need higher efficiency servers than what your personal computer can offer.

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If you continue to attempt to use your personal computers or even hard drives to contain all of your company’s data as your company gets larger, your business will likely experience online downtime and lags as it tries to keep up with the growing information.

Data colocation centers can usually offer more efficient server rooms with cooling infrastructures in place which will ensure your online business does not lag or have downtime. On top of aiding your business’ online efficiency and reputation, a good colocation service will also be more energy-efficient and therefore save you money on energy consumption.

Generally, colocation services offer various sizes of servers depending on the amount of data you need to store, however, even if your business is small at the moment it is important to find a center that is flexible and will allow you to expand your data servers as your business expands.


The best way to make your business more productive is to automate as many aspects of your business as possible, but assigning security to your colocation service is not the only way to free up your time.

A data colocation center can easily automate many other aspects of your business, for example, IT support, customer support, and more. Although every data colocation center and service plans will have different offers, most colocation services have some form of onsite staff, whether it be a technical staff of engineers, that can help deal with all of those random, internal, technological issues, that you might have otherwise needed to hire a freelance expert to fix.

Assuming your colocation service provides it, the center’s engineers and technical staff may actually be able to solve technical issues without you even having to do anything, meaning less energy and stress on you and your business.

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In general, a good data colocation center should allow you to save money, therefore allowing your money and business to be more productive. Assuming your business grows to a point where your computers can no longer hold the data, you will eventually need to rent out some sort of space to securely contain all of your company’s information.

Although many large corporations have their data on servers in server rooms in the office, this may not be the most practical approach for a comparatively small business. As an alternative to using your office to store your data servers, a data colocation center will allow you to share the cost of the server room with other businesses looking to store their data as well.

If possible, it is best to find a data colocation center that is near your office and home, and that way in case of necessity you can still visit the server rooms, even if the data won’t be in your actual possession.


As your business grows, you will inevitably need to expand your data servers to contain your growing amount of information. Although you can technically rent an office space or use a room in your office to contain the data servers as some large corporations do, this is not the most accessible option for comparatively small businesses. A data colocation service will allow you to split the cost of renting a space to store your data, saving you money, while also ensuring high levels of security and energy efficiency as well as varying levels of automation, therefore making your business more productive.

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