The Smartphones Revolution in Online Gaming Industry

Today, you cannot talk about online gaming without mentioning the smartphone revolution. As demand for instant gaming increases, smartphone companies such as Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, and Tecno increase production to counter customers’ needs. Stats published by shows that Android Smartphones take the lion’s share of 85.9% in global smartphone sales. Moreover, North America is the leading consumer of smartphones, with annual sales valued at $84 billion as of 31st March 2021.

How Big Is The Gaming Industry? 

To understand how the smartphone revolution impacts the internet gaming world, a look at the fast-expanding online gambling industry is necessary. A review of the best real money online casino by CasinoHEX further highlights the significance of mobile casinos in today’s gaming world.

Gaming software companies are now developing mobile-friendly games to address the rising demand for hands-on gaming experiences. Because gamers no longer fancy browser-based gambling, smartphones connect developers and players. Moreover, given that the gaming industry is projected to surpass $138 billion by the end of 2021, it is hard to imagine a successful gaming company that does not rely on smartphones. It is all about giving the end-user a top-notch experience, on-the-go.

How Does Smartphone Revolution Impact Online Gaming?

Smartphones have revolutionized the gaming world and not the other way round. From a player’s perspective, the online gaming industry is more advanced today than ten years ago. Fast-paced technological developments and innovations by smartphone manufacturers have reduced an expansive gaming world to the smartphone screen view. Now, let’s quickly explore how the smartphone revolution is impacting the online gaming world.

Interactive and Instant Gaming

Browser-based gaming is less interactive and limited to time and space. However, you dive into a whole new world of gaming with smartphones. In this decade, game developers create products with the end-user in mind. User experience (UX) design is particularly a score point in the development of smartphones for gaming. From HD graphics, background sounds, clickable buttons to appealing themes, interactive online gaming is best realized through powerful smartphones. Note that the best gaming experience is only possible with smartphones that run on powerful memory and graphics chipsets. Instant gaming is equally a big leap into the future as smartphones become the mainstay of online gaming.

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High-Speed Gaming 

We have gone past the days when one would sit in front of a computer waiting for an online game to load. It could take ages. Today, you can quickly launch a casino game with a few quick clicks on your smartphone and start playing almost immediately. Gamers who have powerful smartphones with huge memories and storage capacities get the best experience in this regard.

Even more importantly, advanced IT infrastructure contributes to the faster loading of online games. For example, with 5G taking shape around the globe, internet gamblers will soon enjoy the best view of virtual casinos. With 5G-enabled devices, download speeds of up to 10 gigabytes will make it possible to enjoy lag-free VR and AR gaming. Even more importantly, playing live casino games will feel like sitting right inside a land-based casino house.

Unmatched Convenience 

Apart from speed, every player of internet games loves convenience. In the context of gaming, convenience is getting something you need anytime and anywhere. Smartphones have brought about unmatched convenience in the gaming world. For example, it is easier to log into a gaming account quickly with a smartphone than you would with a personal computer.

Instant access to online gaming sites at your fingertips further highlights the smartphone revolution’s impact on internet gaming. And with a fast-expanding gaming world, smartphones are becoming an integral part of the process. The fact that players can instantly access hundreds of gaming platforms on their smartphones is monumental in the history of game development.

Gaming Apps Are Revolutionizing Online Gaming

The online gaming industry is now a multi-billion dollar industry. However, we wouldn’t be talking about such astronomical figures without considering the role of mobile apps. Most gaming sites now offer players the option of a gaming application. Everywhere, including online app stores, there is a mobile app that brings a whole world of gaming into your palms. You only need to choose a game that meets your interest or needs. Even more importantly, smartphone gaming apps create an instant gaming environment you wouldn’t get on any web browser. It is a fast-evolving way of playing games online.

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Safe and Secure Gaming

Online gaming comes with the risk of data/identity theft. It is because the industry is a prime target for scammers and hackers. Exposure to such risks is higher when players access gaming platforms using personal computers than with smartphones. Notably, smartphone security features, which need to be continuously updated, keep gamers safe and secure. Note that big data, which includes user information, has become commoditized and can easily be accessed on networked computers. However, the risk is minimized on smartphones, which is revolutionary in the quest to protect gamers from internet fraud. In the race against mobile development pitfalls, insecurity of apps is among the issues under scrutiny.


Smartphones are the future of internet gaming. Playing games on smartphones is not only revolutionary but also futuristic. And as newfound technologies such as 5G, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Blockchain take shape, we can only anticipate a bigger and better world of online gaming. Moreover, we should expect gaming-specific powerful smartphones to become available for players soon, just like gaming computers.

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