How can you boost sales in 2020 using VoIP?

Nowadays, most of the businesses have already upgraded their businesses from old technologies. Thinking of switching to VoIP Phone System in 2020 for communication is a good idea. VoIP is a method for the delivery of voice and multimedia content over the Internet Protocol. VoIP offers you many benefits in your business. A VoIP number is a real telephone number that assigned to a user, but not a specific phone line. A Virtual Phone Number gets refereed to as access numbers or direct dialing.

Many of the businesses are not switching to new technologies for financial reasons, but we are happy to say you that VoIP phones are not too expensive if you go with the hosted VoIP Phone services. The businesses that are using this VoIP communication method they are taking huge advantage of this technology. VoIP is not only helpful for saving money but with the use of this, you can increase sales and growing the volume of users.

Let’s talk about the ways to use VoIP to boost your sales in 2020.

Open Sales Opportunities

VoIP phones are integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Your customer service executives easily saw the particular customer’s services history and purchases at the time when a customer connects with the call center. This information is useful for the cross-sell other products to the existing customers.

You can remind your existing customers about upcoming and upgraded products and convince them to buy or change it. You can introduce new products to existing customers which will help them.

Offer Outstanding Customer Services

If you want to grow your business and expand your brand by increase customers then the customer’s satisfaction is one of the most important things that help you to archive this goal. To satisfied every customer, you have to provide outstanding customer support services. With the help of this, every customer connects you when they faced the technical and non-technical issues at the time of usage of your product.

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To provide the best customer support services, it must be available for 24*7. Along with this, you can define various methods for customer services like Voice-call, Video-call, Instant messages, etc. The VoIP phone system is able to handle your business to multiple channels via a single platform. This is mean that customers can contact you from various channels and you can solve the issues via the same way at that time.

The ways VoIP provides you for customer support services

  • Affordable and easy to install
  • Call Hunting
  • Ring groups to reduce work-loads
  • Full control with multiple locations
  • More control over your calls

Attract Customers with Big-Brand techniques

You got more and more customers gain for your brand when you act like a big brand. VoIP holds the power of the Interactive Voice Response (IVR), which has owned automated telephonic features like a which automatically interact with the callers. In this feature, the system gathers callers information and then connect their calls with the customer services representative.

As you serve this automated and customized customer support service, the people think about you as a big brand that provides outstanding customer support services like this. And remaining people feel positive and they will keep coming back to your brand.

Multiply Sales

VoIP has integrated the customer’s information, account details and their history from customer relationship management (CRM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This is helpful for your representative to talk with customers when you are talking with them about your newly introduced products and services or any other things. 

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From this information, you can know what products or services purchased by a particular customer in the past and what they want to likely purchase now or in the feature. You can offer the customers about the products which they interested the most based on this information. In this way, you can multiply your sales and also improve your relationship with the existing customers who are already using your products.

Reach Customers on Multiple Channels

By only focusing on the phone calls to reach customers your business might be missing out. Many of the customers prefer either instant messaging or phone calls. The most effective way to boost and increase your sales is by reaching the customers wherever they are.

VoIP system amalgamates multiple channels into a single platform. That is the mean that from voice mail to text messages all things are in a single place. The VoIP phone system helps you a lot by reaching out to your customers.


These are just a few important and helpful ways to using VoIP that can help you to boost your sales and expand your business in 2020. There are many other ways of using VoIP that can help you other ways. Most of the companies are continuously searching for new opportunities with VoIP.

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