How Chatbots Can Lead Business to Boost Sales

Artificial Intelligence has re-invented the world and attains a special place in making advancements every day. 

It is showing its contribution in a sales organization with many opportunities and, most importantly, in generating leads. AI is known for providing definite and fast support while operating at various sales stages.

According to the reports by Gartner, using AI in the sales raises the conversion rate by 30% with more engagement of leads and prospects. AI, when integrated with Sales, can discover various technologies that promote its strategy. Besides, one implementation, particularly, is changing the whole sales process and making it more active, productive, and, overall, smarter, and that is chatbots.

Are you aware of chatbots?? 

Have you ever thought of using them on your website?

As a businessperson, you should know that chatbots are showing tremendous growth in customer service, marketing, and sales. And to be noted, customers like it the most.

Most of the Chatbot developers are known for making businesses more responsive, accessible, and personalized as per the customer’s requirements.  Both sides can get immense benefits from it. These assist the customers efficiently and, therefore, increase the customer satisfaction rate that thus, improve the sales.

The best news is that adding and building the chatbots is a matter of a few minutes without any technical expertise. And above all, it is free!!

What is Chatbot??

A chatbot is a type of AI that permits convertible communication among the human user and the program. It considers the auditory and text-based signals and pre-installed user phases for communicating.  Video game bots, voice assistants and eCommerce bots are some means of Chatbots. 

Precisely, it can be said that the Chatbots are equivalent to the automated assistants while buying.  The concern is how it is executing everything being on the box.  The answer lies in the best and productive measures it is following to respond quickly and rightly.

It is estimated that in 2020, there will be 80% of the companies who will be using chatbots. Thinking all these, it becomes important to know how Chatbots are changing the landscape of generating sales for businesses.  Considering that, here, in this article, we will make you aware of the same.

Let’s get started without any further delay!!

Greet the Leads

The first and foremost thing that chatbots do is that it addresses the leads when they approach and check-outs your websites for the first time.  The best thing is that it does not let the leads to wait for long and assures timely replies.   Leads that show their willingness towards buying the products, ask the chatbots to show whatever they require. 

Chatbots navigate them directly to the related web page. After initiating the conversation, the chatbots take over their queries to expertise management. 

Chatbots resolves the leads queries even if they are taking a lot of time to assure their purchase. It generally fills the gap between the Sales rep logging and questions and always gives an all-inclusive answer.

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Perceive Customers Doubts and Requirements

Chatbots does not let any stone unturned and resolves every single query of the customers whenever asked.  Hence, it is ensured that these assistant systems fulfill every requirement of the customer. Asking questions and getting answers is very easy and manageable.  It allows the company to revert back to the customers automatically for their questions. 

This process is surely saving time and money. Chatbots are an excellent way to integrate customer sales and services.  The more the chatbots communicate with the customers, the more they know the customers.   Also,  the chatbots cater to them more options that enable them to purchase more conveniently and quickly. Hence, meeting all the needs of the customers in one place is possible at one place with chatbots.

Up-selling and Cross-selling Opportunities

It is inevitable that sales only drive new customers. Basically, those that have already been purchased from you or those who are your existing clients are the main reason behind your sales uplifting. And, the other thing that is also the reason behind this is that the right product is delivered to the right customer.  

Customer’s details could result in a smart approach to make intelligent recommendations. That is, giving the products according to their behavior can develop more individualized experience and enable them to purchase from you. With the cross-selling and up-selling methods in the chatbot’s configuration, customer lifetime and the quantity of the orders can be increased. It, therefore, amplifies their relationship with your company. 

For example, if the chatbots grasp that you like some specific type of shirts, then, it will provide you with a similar kind of shirt. Here, the customer engagement rate increases and this will insist them to purchase from you. 

Replace the Forms

Filling the forms is a complicated task- it is neither appealing nor engaging. Chatbots are smart enough to replace them comprehensively and will result in more leads for you.

The assistant asks the details when the conversations carry forward. This way, the data collection method becomes easy, and it also decreases the friction rate. Therefore, it increases the lead generation approach if a customer knows to fill the info. Giving the info in the reply is easy for the customer, and it does not even bother them. Create the chatbot that asks the email, user name, address, phone number, and some other relevant information. With the autofill option, you are enabling the customer to make less effort, and henceforth, accelerating the process of giving details.

Reducing the Sales Cycle

Generally, it takes a lot of time and money to execute the fundamental data entry tasks before addressing the lead to the salesperson. Chatbots are permitting businesses to consume less time on prospecting and more time on selling. From the lead scoring and user data storing information obtained by the smart chatbots, there will be a great reduction in the sales cycle. 

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Chatbots does all the hard work for you- it handles the follow-ups and the prospecting so that the sales team can focus on selling the potential opportunities. It permits them to direct those who are looking for the products or solutions then and convert the process to be more enjoyable for the customer and the salesperson.

Strengthen the Relationships

Trust is the major factor in any business. Chatbots keep that thing intact and build trust by regularly interacting with visitors or customers.

What it does is that- it engages the visitors by offering prompt support and with 24X7 availability. It assures them that there is a brand that they can rely on and trust on. This is also one of the essential factors in generating leads. The main reason that the users trust the chatbots are that it prioritizes their preferences.

The customer support can also be provided with the chatbots, like, whenever there would be any issues or query for their shopping experience then they can use the chatbot for the same and fix them in no time.

Users Segmentation

Segmentation has a significant role to play in making the content more related.  It also refines lead generation methodology. Consider, giving the tour package to the Singapore residents, which is applicable to the Indian, can destroy the customer experience. 

Chatbots segments the users according to the provided data. It also does the same on other factors, such as, on gender, age, interests, and demographics, etc.  This strategy also nurtures the leads.  

While in festivals, you can offer the items that are related to that very festival.  It is totally a win-win situation as it targets the potential users with the solution that fits into their needs.

Concluding Remarks

Chatbots are the present and future for the business. Every day, more and more users are inclining towards it. Chatbots hold the ability to generate sales in less time.  In the end, only the sales count. 

Keep only those practices in your business that are mostly liked by the customers, and they like regular nurturing. Chatbots are the best way to do so. This is the reason that the conversion rate of the chatbots is higher.  As of now, you have the reasons that show how chatbots have become a necessity in today’s scenario.

Be a part of this now and boost your sales.

We hope you liked this article. If you have queries and suggestions, then you can ask in the comment section below. 

Thanks for reading!! 

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