How Great UX Brings Business Value to your eCommerce Store?

Apart from being a technical head, I am one of those people who are regular eCommerce customers. Even if I don’t shop at times, I halt to get the updates about the products and offers.

You ask, what pulls me?

I say a good UX design!

Be it a website or an application, factors that repeatedly pull the customers to a specific online store are attractive visuals, hassle-free navigation, and a simplified checkout process. Collectively, a good UX design helps a business a lot to enhance its brand value and revenue.

Through the years, people have adapted to eCommerce quite well and rely on them in the majority. And the reason is an interactive UX design and, most importantly, optimization.

What is UX design?

User experience design is a product designing process that offers a valuable experience to the customer with a large number of enterprises offering UX design services,  UX design assures the creation of the entire process of acquiring and integrating the product, including branding, design, usability, and function.

Now that we know what UX design is. Here are a few acumens that we have discussed below to acknowledge the importance of UX designs.

Reasons how great UX adds business value to your eCommerce store

  1. Reduced costs

Designing phase enables the businesses to reduce development costs as they know technical issues during the same process. It is incredibly beneficial when an error is detected during the maintenance stage. It is much cheaper to fix the problem or a product before its launch than fix it after it goes live. Make sure to give UX design its importance it deserves.

  1. Increased revenue

One of the most prominent examples of a good UX design increasing the revenue is that of ESPN’s. They redesigned their homepage and observed a whopping 35% of hike in their income.

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The important part is, they didn’t do it because they wanted to, but they did it because their users demanded it, and their dynamic responsiveness towards the matter led them to such exceptional gains.

  1. User experience

Understanding your customer needs and putting efforts to match them to make them feel satisfied with your product/service is what you call a user experience. Here, let me tell you a few elements that make the users feel excited while browsing your website/app.

  • Reduced wait time
  • Easy navigation
  • Proper product description
  • Attractive visuals
  • Easy access and check-out

These elements enable the eCommerce stores to enhance their brand value and make the customers stay. Performing the best and most effective multipurpose UX practices is ideal for eCommerce stores to succeed.

  1. Effective lead conversions

Potential leads landing on your website is yet another way UX designs add value to your business. As per a recent survey, it is observed that after enterprises approach ux design solutions, conversion rates may reach as higher as 400% if an enterprise practices an intended and strategic UX design. It is also observed that videos are proven to be much more effective in converting leads than any other form of content.

Factors to consider while working on enhancing your brand value

  1. Active lead conversions

Potential leads landing on your website is yet another critical reason behind UX adding value to your business. As per a recent survey, it is observed that conversion rates might reach as higher as 400% if an enterprise practices an intended and strategic UX design. It is also recorded that the videos are much more potent in converting the leads than any other content.

  1. User-friendly design and navigation

Being able to navigate effortlessly throughout is also an important reason to make the customers return habitually. Finding everything quickly on a screen without looking much for it makes them browse more and eventually buy your products.

  1. Informative section

Ensure that the details include a thorough description of all the products on your eCommerce store. Adding certain filters and categories enables customers to have an excellent user experience.

  1. Mobile optimization

A study reveals that 74% of people are likely to return to a website if it is optimized for mobile. However, it is true because it comes to me too; even I prefer browsing a mobile-optimized website. It makes it easy for me to check out the product details, filter my preferences, and navigate effortlessly.

  1. Simplified check-out

A hassle-free process is what makes a user come back to your website/app again. Concerning this, a study reveals that 74% of

  1. Customization

In today’s era, customization is the key to the customer’s hearts. A case study has revealed that Walmart Canada has elevated its on-site revenue by 13% post customizing its UX design. A tailored customer experience helps the eCommerce stores to lead more conversions than a usual one.

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UX indeed plays a significant role in enhancing your business value. As a technocrat, I would be mindful that a good UX enables businesses to build much better and stronger relationships. It helps companies to build brand value and customer loyalty. Implement a good UX design strategy in your business, the outcome would do wonders.

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