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How to Build Hype Around your Upcoming Food Delivery App?

build hype around your upcoming food delivery app?

Your food delivery or ordering startup can grow rapidly through an on-demand app. The food delivery industry has begun to pick up steam in recent years. Food delivery app development has fueled the growth of this industry. Giants like UberEats, GrubHub, and Postmates have set new milestones with the help of seamlessly-performing and user-friendly mobile apps.

But then, do you think that your food delivery app will also do the same in the market? In today’s challenging and competitive scenario, you can make it possible by creating enough hype around your new food delivery app. You may wonder- how can I promote my application after launch? Well, here we give you eight important tips to make your food delivery app successful.

Top Eight Tips to Promote Your Food Delivery App

The food delivery app development services are designed to build an awesome and feature-rich mobile ordering app for your business. While addressing your business needs, the customized food delivery app can meet the market trends. But, you need to make every effort to make it reach the target audience. It is fair to mention that you should plan a strategy in the early stage of development.

Here are the top eight tips that will help your app capture the market and grow your business.

Let’s start from scratch.

  1. Start before launch

The pre-launch phase is very important for creating hype for your upcoming app. During this phase, you need to focus on visibility, brand recognition, and user experience. It is beneficial to spend at least 10% of the app marketing budget on the pre-launch phase. You can implement the strategy and ask for feedback from selected early users to come up with a better app.

  1. Conduct market research
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This is another crucial step to make a strategy for promoting your food delivery app. You need to understand your market. The pre-launch campaign is based on proper market research. Just identify your target audience and find out the ways to address them online. You can also define key players in your app category during the app development phase.

  1. Do competitor analysis

You can start by making a list of your 5 biggest competitor apps. You can study their pricing structure, ranking, pros, and shortcomings that you can resolve in your app. It is better to know what they are offering and what not so that you can come up with a proper app. Also, you need to ensure that your app does not give any poorly built or irrelevant features.

  1. Define UVP

A solid Unique Value Proposition (UVP) is necessary for better user acquisition.  It is because consumers can immediately know how the app will solve their problem, and as a result, they will spread a positive word for the app. All you need to come up with a unique and feature-rich food delivery app for your business.

  1. Identify position of your brand

It is of utmost importance that your brand connects emotionally with your target audience. You need to give your brand a voice and spread awareness while touching the pain point of the target audience. In other words, you should give your brand or app a human touch and position it in a way that people can connect with it easily.

  1. Create style guide

A style guide ensures uniformity of design styles across all the marketing channels. It enables you to keep track of color, logo, and font choices. If you work with a larger team, the style guide can help you a lot. You can keep the branding consistent across various channels and make the most of marketing.

  1. Build media list and go for PR outreach
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Your upcoming food delivery app deserves proper media attention. You can make a list of publications, bloggers, influencers, and channels when the app is in the development stage. All these ways collaboratively help you create hype for your app before launch. You can also opt for a  PR (Press Release) to reach a maximum audience.

  1. Go for SEO and Email marketing campaigns

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing ways. You can collect the list of emails of prospective customers and send them personalized emails containing special offers, promotions, and coupons. Another useful way is SEO (Search Engine Optimization) campaign. You can boost SEO efforts by creating a website, a landing page, or a blog.

Other useful tips are ASO (App Store Optimization), monetization strategy, video-based marketing, and localization of your app.

Whether you develop an Android or iOS app, you need to think of its promotion in the first phase or even earlier stage of development. You can choose the best ways to promote your food delivery app by keeping your target audience in mind. You can also take assistance from the food delivery app development company for creating a marketing strategy and selecting proper communication channels.


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